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TOEFL (1 months validity)


Admissions Counselling (3 Universities)

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TOEFL (1 months validity)


Admissions Counselling (6 Universities)

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*Includes our TOEFL and AC 6 Universities Standard Features

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Receive in-depth guidance on how to improve your performance, mistakes to avoid and score high.

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TOEFL-style tests

Take our series of 4 full-length TOEFL Tests. By the end of your course, you’ll feel completely prepared.


You’ll have a dedicated Course Manager tracking your progress and giving you an extra push at every step.

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Galvanize Admissions Counselling Features

Graduate and Doctoral Degrees

In depth analysis

Shortlisting of 12 universities

Statement of Purpose (SOP)

Letter of Recommendation (LOR)

Dedicated admissions counselors

Application review

Visa Counseling

Top Admits of some of our Students!

College admission counselling

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