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Why Should I Take A TOEFL Practice Test?

Weaknesses? Fix ‘Em!

Find out where (and why!) you lose points with in-depth analytics. Convert weaknesses to strengths.

Know the TOEFL Test

Before you start your TOEFL practice, get familiar with the sections and question types.

Timing Is Everything

A TOEFL sample test helps you train for the strenuous exam ahead of you. Popeye, get your spinach!

TOEFL practice test

Practice, Analyze And Improve.

Taking a TOEFL practice test online before you start preparing puts you miles ahead of your competition. It highlights areas of improvement while giving you the “test day experience.” What more could your heart desire?

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What makes this TOEFL Practice Test Unique?

Shockingly Similar

Galvanize’s TOEFL mock test is the closest you’ll get to the real TOEFL exam. No jokes.

TOEFL Questions

Get first-hand exposure to all the questions you’ll encounter on the real TOEFL test.

Detailed Results

A detailed report for each section is provided to help guide you improve your performance.

Expert Answers

Get detailed and clear explanations for each question when you attempt this TOEFL sample paper.

Time Break-Up

Find out how much time you’ve spent on each question and how you performed!

Competitor Analysis

Find out how you stack up compared to other users who’ve taken this very TOEFL test online.

Who Can Take This TOEFL Sample Test?

You. Your friends. Your family. Your cat. Anybody with a dream.. and stable internet connection can take this TOEFL practice test! We made this free TOEFL sample test available to all because we know how handy having a baseline/diagnostic score is.

TOEFL sample test

✋ FAQs on TOEFL Practice Test

Why are TOEFL practice tests so important to getting high scores?

Taking TOEFL practice tests is an important step in your overall prep because it will help boost your confidence. These ‘mock tests’ having practice questions of different difficulty levels will give you first-hand exposure to the types of questions you’ll face on the actual TOEFL test.

A perfect TOEFL practice test will help you figure out your weaknesses so you can can start turning them into strengths. How else can you hope to improve your score?

How many TOEFL practice tests should I take?

This is a good question! Generally, most learners need 1-3 months of preparation for the TOEFL exam. Regardless of the amount of time you spend preparing, experts recommend you take 4 TOEFL practice tests. Take one sample test at the beginning of your preparation to figure out where there’s room for improvement and later, take at least one towards the end of your preparation.

Note : The more time you have to prepare, the more TOEFL mock tests you can take until you feel ready enough to take the TOEFL test!

How can I improve my score with this TOEFL practice test?

When you take the Galvanize TOEFL sample test you’ll be provided with a detailed score report. This will cover how much time you’ve spent on each question individually and also in comparison to other test takers. This is an important metric for any time based test like the TOEFL. With this comparison data you can understand where you need to focus and practice thoroughly to increase your score.

You will also get detailed explanations for every question on the TOEFL practice test. This is a major advantage to taking the mock tests before taking the actual TOEFL test. Check the answers to see where you’ve gone wrong, if there’s a pattern to your mistakes and then use these insights to perform better next time.

Are the TOEFL practice test scores an indication of my actual TOEFL score?

The scores you get on this TOEFL practice test ARE a great indication of your actual TOEFL scores. At Galvanize, we put in the time to expose test-takers challenging TOEFL practice questions to ensure you fully understand what to expect. This can be gleaned from our students feedback. In fact these sample questions were prepared by Top TOEFL experts and alumni of universities including Stanford University!
All you need to do is to take this practice test giving it your utmost attention – as though it were your real TOEFL exam. The analysis you get from this TOEFL mock test is a great resource for you to work on your weak areas. Take full advantage of this feedback to better yourself!

Where can I get more TOEFL practice tests?

You can master yourself in the exam by taking more TOEFL practice tests. Galvanize has the best team of experts to design TOEFL mock tests to make you feel confident in the right way. With affordable cost you can get access to these practice tests. To start your practice tests click here.

What is the duration of the actual TOEFL test?

The actual TOEFL iBT test is conducted for 3 hours with our sections in it. They are Reading, Listening, Speaking and Writing sections. The score range of TOEFL test will be from 0-120.

Should I take the TOEFL practice test at the beginning of my preparation?

It is always recommended to take the a TOEFL practice test at the beginning of your preparation in order to assess your skills and plan you preparation accordingly. This also helps you in setting the target for each section and holistically allot time from your TOEFL preparation.

How to use Galvanize TOEFL practice test?

When you register for our TOEFL practice test you will be taken to an instruction page where you will find set of instructions before you start your sample test.

You need to have a proper microphone to take the speaking test, so you need to test your microphone. Once it is done you will be taken to the TOEFL mock test starting with the reading section. Before the start of every section you’ll be shown the instructions to follow for that particular section.

Once you complete the test you will be shown analytics of you performance for the TOEFL practice test. If you like the practice test you could start your preparation from there by enrolling to our TOEFL plan.

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