Webinar on Getting a Global Undergraduate Degree

Learn about Why studying abroad is the best choice to make

Sunday, 6th December 2020 at 9 PM (IST)

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Presenting Your Hosts for the Webinar!

Pavitra Srinivasan | Founder Galvanize Test Prep
  • Master’s in Electrical Engineering from Stanford with 100% Fellowship
  • Lived in Silicon Valley for 6+ years, worked at top hardware & software companies
  • SAT Verbal instructor at Kaplan, San Francisco
  • Founded Galvanize Test Prep to help students secure admits at the best universities worldwide
  • M.A. in Journalism from the University of Missouri – ranked top #10 nationwide for Journalism
  • Doctorate in Communications & Journalism from the University of New Mexico
  • 25+ years of experience in SAT Verbal Prep & Admissions Counselling, helping several students get admitted to Ivy League universities

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Why studying abroad is the best choice to make.

Admit Cheat-Sheet: What do colleges expect from you?

Get all your study-abroad queries answered by our experts!

Who will benefit from this webinar?

Students from 9th, 10th, 11th & 12th Grade across all boards.
Students planning to pursue Undergraduate studies abroad
Parents of students looking to pursue a Bachelor’s degree abroad are also welcome!
SAT-takers in need of Scholarships on personalized SAT Courses.


What is the process to apply for studying abroad?

Most applications are online, and require students to submit their profile data online. Other documents required include: Transcripts, test scores reporeted directly through your testing agency, teacher recommendations, HS counselor recommendation, essays, resume, and financial documents. The documentation requirements and mode of submission vary depending on the destination and the university.

Is it possible to get a Scholarship for undergrad studies?

This depends on the funding available at the university, and is usually merit-based. If the universities have the funds and find that the student has an exceptional talent to contribute to the campus community, they will make scholarship offers to students they wish to recruit.

What will happen if my son/daughter starts study abroad preparation after 12th?

There are students who take a gap year before applying for studies abroad. You should have a plan to produce professional or academic results during the gap year to justify a gap in your studies.

What is the possibility of securing jobs before completing the degree?

The university career services typically conduct career fairs each year on campus where companies actively recruit students.

I got low score in my 10th grade. Is it possible for me to study abroad?

Typically, universities abroad look at your performance all through high school, that is 9th – 12th grades to determine your eligibility for higher studies. Additionally, some may require other standadrized tests.

Will there be any difference in evaluation based on high-school curriculum (State board, CBSE, etc.,)?

There is a difference between Indian curriculum schools and international curriculum schools like Cambridge or IB. While both are equally accepted at all schools, they are evaluated differently since international curriculum is more geared towards college readiness and even eligible for credit transfer at some universities.

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