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Sayeed Alvi, Aligarh India

GRE Score- 319 Verbal- 154 Quant- 165

Score Improvement- 6

Aligarh Muslim University

Texas A&M University

All I would say is that the quant practise problem set was very helpful in my preparation. And the full length test did simulate the actual GRE.The question bank quality was great and bolstered my preparation level considerably, especially in the quant section.

Rahul Shankar, Coimbatore India

GRE Score- 317 Verbal- 152 Quant- 165

Score Improvement- 18

Amrita School of Engineering

Galvanize’s personalized day-by-day study plan was well-organized and took the planning on my part out of the test-prep work. The easily accessible online software platform and Mobile App are a boon for busy students like meThe study material was detailed and thorough. The vocabulary lists were exhaustive and the Math Review slides were useful in brushing up all the basics. The 5 full length Mock tests were excellent and helped me face the real test with confidence. The course manager was just a text message away and responded to my questions and doubts promptly, sometimes even after office hours and on holidays.

Kavin Malar, Chennai India

GRE Score- 309 Verbal- 152 Quant- 157

Score Improvement- 14

Anna University

Galvanize GRE prep provided for all my needs at a reasonable price. The study material was good, starting every topic from the basics and giving tips then and there about the actual GRE.I had literally forgotten the basics of many topics in mathematics and the Galvanize study material brushed up every topic in a way that I could understand them easily.I didn’t feel like I was taking an online course because it was so simplified that I felt as if there was a tutor near me, teaching me. Verbal word lists were designed like a game and was fun to learn.After each test, the data analytics report showed how well I’d done and what I needed to improve on. It also kept track of my progress, showing me how much I had to study more to realize my goal. The Study plan provided by the Course Manager was really helpful. It was spread properly based on the time I had and helped me get the confidence that I could do well if I stuck to the study plan.

Amit Chahar, Bengaluru India

GRE Score- 324 Verbal- 157 Quant- 167

Score Improvement- 17

Army Institute of Technology

Wispero Networks Inc

My experience with Galvanize was awesome. I was able to score 324 only because of Galvanize’s Study plan and constant motivation from their Course Managers.After every mock test I took, I gained more and more confidence.Galvanize was the right choice I made for my GRE Prep.

Vivek, Pilani India

GRE Score- 308 Verbal- 150 Quant- 158

Score Improvement- 15


I found Galvanize to be very useful for GRE preparation. The app was also good to practice quant questions on the move. I also bought the vocab app and found it very useful. The verbal tutorials on RCs and TCs was very well explained. I also found the test analytics to be very accurate and helpful.

Sanjana Suresh, Chennai India

University of Texas – Arlington, USA

Illinois Institute of Technology, USA

Temple University, USA

BNM Institute of Technology

One of the nice things about Galvanize is that their price is so affordable! Moreover, the GRE faculty teach the video lessons with such simplicity that even a novice like me could understand the concepts. I liked the GRE program at Galvanize, which is why I enrolled with Galvanize for Admission Counseling. As per my request, my Admission Counsellors shortlisted 6 universities based on my scores. They explained the procedure via a Google Hangouts call. I must say that the best thing is that Galvanize helps us help ourselves. I wrote all my SOPs, essays, etc and the Galvanize team reviewed it and gave their valuable suggestions. They helped me fine-tune my essays. The team also reviewed my application forms! I am still in the process of submitting my applications, and help from Galvanize is always extended. I have received admits from 2 reputed universities (Stevens Institute of Technology, New Jersey, and Illinois Institute of Technology, Chicago) – thank you, Galvanize!

Gitanjali Suresh, Bengaluru India

GRE Score- 317 Verbal- 153 Quant- 164

Score Improvement- 23

CMR Institute of Technology

I was a bit hesitant about how well the online course would be, but it turned out to be really easy as well as helpful. It was flexible to my inconsistent schedules.The material provided on the platform was more than sufficient for the exam.The best part about the software platform is the analytics given for each and every question.The Course Managers kept a check on me as to whether I was completing the tasks regularly or if I was facing any difficulties on the platform. All of them were very friendly and helpful, and most importantly, available all the time.

Dnyanada Joshi, Pune India

GRE Score- 326 Verbal- 161 Quant- 165

Score Improvement- 25

College of Engineering, Pune

The best thing I liked about Galvanize is how it tailors the preparation material and provide a schedule to your needs so that you can make the most of your time and energy. The online platform provided a flexible way of preparation. I was able to learn at my own pace and make the most of the resources at hand without overworking myself. The real-time score predictor and preparation level indicator motivated me to practice more questions.The course managers maintained a friendly relationship with me and I could freely ask all my doubts to them, any time of the day and they would answer as soon as possible.Moreover, the mobile app made sure that my preparation did not suffer even when I didn’t have a computer around.

Hrudya, Chennai India

GRE Score- 311 Verbal- 155 Quant- 156

Score Improvement- 24

Ethiraj College for Women


The learning material for the Quants section was very useful as it had all the concepts in a nutshell. The daily list of words to be studied, the suggested articles for improving one’s reading skills, and the hand-picked vocabulary lists were immensely helpful in boosting my score in the Verbal section. The full-length Mock tests and Section tests were precisely modelled on the actual GRE test pattern. The Analytics Reports sent after each mock test clearly highlighted my strengths and areas that needed improvement. The course manager was regularly in touch with me throughout the preparation period, being available for help through Whatsapp at any time of the day.I also found the Galvanize app very useful and user-friendly.

Harshit Sethi, Lucknow India

GRE Score- 315 Verbal- 152 Quant- 163

Score Improvement- 7

Galgotias university

The biggest hurdle is the beginning of preparation when students are often lost as where to start. This is where the day-wise study plan motivates you to begin from day 1 slowly and steadily.The online portal is neatly divided into sections so that you can follow everything carefully. Both the Quant and Verbal sections have a good variety of questions. The personalized feedback after each mock test is another advantage in the test prep with Galvanize. It helps you realize where you are actually going wrong.The detailed analytics given after each test can help you narrow down your focus on specific topics. The best part of Galvanize Prep was the personal mentor who is just a message away. You can text them anytime you have a confusion and they are always ready to help you out.

S. Pravin Kumar, Coimbatore India

GRE Score- 316 Verbal- 150 Quant- 166

Score Improvement- 19

Government College of Technology

I enrolled for the Galvanize Test series and also used the mobile app. I found the test series highly useful. The test series provided the feel of the actual GRE. Galvanize if one of the few sources that provide analytical writing section and experimental section. The difficulty level matched that of the GRE and the app was highly useful. The quants section was really helpful and the word list provided was more than sufficient. I’ve been overwhelmed with the response from Galvanize academy and I am really thankful to them.

Divitha Kusupati, Chennai India

GRE Score- 303 Verbal- 141 Quant- 162

Score Improvement- 14

IIITDM, Kancheepuram

Galvanize has been a very good platform for the GRE. The material provided by them was really good and have given a hope that I could crack the GRE. Once you follow the study plan seriously then it would be much easier to crack it. And the mock tests provided gave me an experience close to the actual GRE. Their personalized feedback really helped me find my weak areas and learn from them.

Mukundhan kumar, Chennai India

GRE Score-  Verbal-  Quant-

Score Improvement-

IIITDM, Kancheepuram

I really feel great to be a part of Galvanize academy. Daily exercises helped me to pinpoint my weak areas/skills in Verbal and Quant.The student assistance service is excellent. They provide online support 24*7 and clear my doubts within minutes of my asking it, either via whatsapp or by calling me personally. I felt very comfortable while I was practicing on their platform.With the help of the Mock Tests, I came to know about my level of preparation. I enjoyed my classes and daily exercises very much.The best thing I like in the online class is the progress bar which helps me know where I stand by giving a predicted GRE score, which helped me boost my confidence.

Aishwary Chawda, Mumbai India

GRE Score- 317 Verbal- 153 Quant- 164

Score Improvement- 1

IIT Bombay

Actually, I have already taken the GRE once, but I was not at all satisfied with my score. So, I needed some guidance to improve my score. I heard about Galvanize app through my friends which I really liked. Finally I decided to opt for 45 days course of Galvanize. The verbal sections in the actual GRE tests seemed somewhat easier as compared to Galvanize tests, which was definitely good for me.The role of the analytical reports was an indispensable factor which helped me to analyze my weaker areas.

Sourya Varenya, Chennai India

GRE Score- 324 Verbal- 154 Quant- 170

Score Improvement- 14

IIT Madras

I enrolled in the Galvanize crash course plan primarily for the verbal section and I truly believe that my investment has paid off.The comprehensive study plan served as a preparation timeline and helped me monitor my progress.The crash course also offers word lists from which I found to be extremely useful while preparing for vocabulary. Also, a detailed feedback on tests from a personalized coach helped me reallocate my time efficiently.

Yashwanth Duvvuru, Bengaluru India

GRE Score- 321 Verbal- 152 Quant- 169

IIT Patna

Tricon Infotech

I am Yashwanth Duvvuru, alumnus of IIT – Patna. The tests are really good and very similar to the actual GRE. The learning material is also very helpfulAs a working professional, it is not possible for me to attend the classroom training program. For this reason, I found the online training program very helpful.As soon as I completed my mock test, I was eagerly waiting for my PFR to overcome my negatives. The report also helped me get my exam strategy ready.The most important person in my whole GRE preparation is the course manager. First and foremost, I personally thank her for being part of my successful GRE journey.She paid attention to every minute detail and helped me to overcome my weaknesses easily.

Harnav Preet, Chennai India

GRE Score- 324 Verbal- 156 Quant- 168

Score Improvement- 26

IIT Patna

Mahindra Research Valley

I am Harnav Preet, alumnus of IIT – Patna.The difficulty level of all the tests was a notch higher than that of the actual GRE. Especially if one aims to get 170 in quant, the test series helps by exposing to advanced quant concepts. Overall, the Galvanize platform was user friendly and easy to use. I had no problems whatever. The post-test analytics and comments sections give a hawk eye view of the areas to be focused on, thus streamlining the learning process. Galvanize was the right choice for my GRE prep. It gave me the right amount and nature of practice to crack the exam.

Amit Somani, Ahmedabad India

GRE Score- 330 Verbal- 160 Quant- 170

Score Improvement- 15

IIT Patna

ezDI, Inc

I am Amit Somani, alumnus of IIT – Patna. One of my friends introduced me to Galvanize and their instructors made a study plan based on the diagnostic test with an emphasis on my weak areas. The question bank mimics exactly the type of question there are on actual GRE . One of the things that I like the most about Galvanize is that instructors are amicable and they cared as much as I cared about my score.By religiously following Galvanize’s GRE one month study plan, I increased my score by 19 points within a month and got 330/340. Thank you Team Galvanize!

Dolly Taneja, Mumbai India

GRE Score- 308 Verbal- 146 Quant- 162

Score Improvement- 19

Indira Gandhi National Open University


Galvanize Test Prep was a blessing in disguise for me.Right from the time of enrollment, I got constant help and support from the Galvanize team.The material, practice assessments, mock tests, detailed analytics of those mock tests and value-added tips provided by Galvanize were of great value, and helped me immensely. The Personalized Study Plan which suited my needs and my schedule was also very helpful.

Ram Bharath, Telangana India

GRE Score- 305 Verbal- 142 Quant- 163

Score Improvement- 16

Kakatiya Institute of Technology and Science

Galvanize was really a very supportive tool in enhancing my GRE Score. Though it is a virtual teacher, the responses/explanations to student queries were very transparent.Also, the performance analytics were really impressive.

Benjamin Jeffree, Chennai India

Yet to take the GRE

Loyala College of Engineering and Technology(LICET)

I have taken the online GRE course. The material they have provided is very useful and the concepts being discussed are brief and to the point. Looking forward to a 325+ score. Thanks to Galvanize!

Ashwin Ganesh, Chennai India

GRE Score- 300 Verbal- 150 Quant- 150

Score Improvement- 26

Loyala College of Engineering and Technology(LICET)


The faculty at Galvanize were really helpful for me to conceptually understand everything. The online platform and the mobile application helped me to keep track of my progress, enabling me to access the content whenever possible. The wide collection of tests inside them was so extravagant and the report for every test that I took helped me a lot, to concentrate on the areas that I was not doing well. The 30-day personalised time-table before my exam propelled me to attain the confidence for taking the exam. You guys rock!!

Alvin Mark Windsor, Bengaluru India

GRE Score- 320 Verbal- 154 Quant- 166

Score Improvement- 11

M. S. Ramaiah Institute of Technology

Toyota Kirloskar

Having preparation material available 24×7 on a user-friendly platform contributes to the flexibility in planning your study schedule.Subscribing to Galvanize Test Prep gives you access to additional resources that can help you improve certain aspects of your Verbal reasoning skills.The course content is on par with some of the best sources available outside. There are no concerns with respect to the quality of content delivered to the student. Each student is assigned a Course Manager to help the student keep abreast of the study schedule. The course is competitively priced and justified. I encourage anyone planning to take the GRE to try out the free mobile app and decide if the investment is worth it.

Venugopal Hegde, Mumbai India

GRE Score- 324 Verbal- 159 Quant- 165

Score Improvement- 12

Manipal Institute of Technology


My experience on the Galvanize online platform was pretty good.The analytics on the mock tests helped me identify my weak areas and helped me manage time as well.I feel I made the right decision in taking the mock test series from Galvanize as it helped me in improving on my weak areas in the Verbal section. I would definitely recommend Galvanize to my friends.

Nithin, Kochi India

GRE Score- 310 Verbal- 151 Quant- 159

Score Improvement- 27

Mar Athanasius College Of Engineering


The coaching provided by Galvanise is absolutely fantastic.If one goes through the vocab App words by Galvanize, it will help a lot. The predicted score feature in the app and website, provide a fairly accurate insight into the probable score we can achieve.Galvanize considers each student as a family member and helps us to connect with peers.Moreover, the teachers are helpful and they make the test-prep process compatible to our requirements.

Shakthi Yeshodharan, Chennai India

Yet to take the GRE

MGR University

The platform provides several GRE-level practice tests, where I can clearly see my level of preparation.All my doubts in the Verbal and Quant sections were cleared on the platform pretty quickly.From my experience, all the services provided by Galvanize Test Prep are best-suited for a student to score well in their GRE.

Akhilesh Halageri, Bengaluru India

GRE Score- 328 Verbal- 163 Quant- 165

Score Improvement- 12

National Institute Of Engineering


Overall it was a good experience. The mock tests helped me learn what I was doing wrong.I did not have enough time to go through all the study material but they seemed good and comprehensive.I liked how they have structured the course.

Rohit Poduri, New Delhi India

GRE Score- 326 Verbal- 156 Quant- 170

Score Improvement- 14

Netaji Subhas Institute of Technology (NSIT)

KritiKal Solutions

Columbia University

When I first took my GRE, I was very unhappy with my Verbal score of 149 (41st percentile). I looked for GRE mobile apps on Google Playstore and found the Galvanize GRE app. After spending some time on the app, I decided that their online GRE course would be perfect for me. As it turned out, the online course was indeed very suitable for me as I was a working professional and couldn’t give a lot of time for my GRE preparation. The daily schedule they gave was great as I could take my preparation “one day at a time”. The video lessons were crystal clear and I was finally able to understand how to approach the questions. The mock tests were also really helpful in preparing me for the actual GRE exam and I was able to find out the areas where I made the most mistakes. In the end I was able to get a Verbal score of 156 (71st percentile) – a huge 31 percentile point jump when compared to my previous attempt. I am extremely satisfied with Galvanize Test Prep! Thanks to you guys, I’m now doing my Masters in Computer Science at Columbia University, New York – an Ivy League school! 🙂

Kaushik Raam, Tiruchirapalli India

GRE Score- 322 Verbal- 155 Quant- 167

Score Improvement- 26

NIT Trichy

The Personalized Study Plan caters your needs according to the date on which we are writing the GRE. The Personalized Feedback Report after every mock test was very useful in improving my score and it ensured that I did not repeat the same mistake in my subsequent mock test. It also helped me focus on my weakness by keeping track of the mistakes that i made in the previous mock tests.The online classes are very flexible in that I could study whenever I wanted and revise whenever I was not clear with some concept. I could go back to the videos and watch them all over again anytime I wanted to revise a concept.I would certainly recommend others to enroll with Galvanize Test Prep.

Natesh Raina, Bengaluru India

GRE Score- 327 Verbal- 158 Quant- 169

Score Improvement- 14

Pune Institute Of Computer Technology

Ittiam Systems Pvt. Ltd.

The full-length tests were so helpful that I got the knack for solving quant problems and also realized where I was lacking in the Quant section. The online software platform was user-friendly. It showed how I progressed during the whole time. The data analytics and feedback that I got after every test was very important in my preparation. Most importantly, the time table that was provided to me proved to be extremely beneficial as I am a working professional.

Akshaya Sundar, Chennai India

University of Massachusetts Lowell, USA

Rajalakshmi Engineering College

I first signed up for Galvanize’s online GRE prep course. I was more than satisfied with my GRE prep experience, so it was a no-brainer to enroll for their Admissions Counseling services too! It turned out to be a great experience from start to finish as they explained everything to me and laid out a clear plan for each step of the application process. My Admission Counselor at Galvanize helped me shortlist suitable universities in the United States and Canada based on my profile. Further, there was tremendous help from her when it came to drafting my Statement of Purpose. They also guided me with how I should approach my professors for the Letters of Recommendation. Because of Galvanize Test Prep, what seemed impossible is now accomplished!

Suganya Ramalingam, Chennai India

State University of New York at Buffalo, USA

University of Illinois Chicago, USA

University of Texas Dallas, USA

Rajalakshmi Engineering College

I have to say that Galvanize Admission Counsellors guided me in my graduate admission process in such an expert manner. It was clear that they had a lot of experience helping students get good admits. I was provided with multiple application templates and valuable feedback at each step of the process. These were all very beneficial to me as these helped me in securing multiple admits. I am really happy that such an important step of my future – my M.S university – was secured in such a professional and stress-free way!

Joel M Abraham, Chennai India

GRE Score- 305 Verbal- 146 Quant- 159

Score Improvement- 16

RMD Engineering College

The entire course is scheduled well, and the quality of the course is good too. The scores predicted by the app is also pretty accurate. The online software platform was useful and it saved a lot of time The Data Analytics report helps us to identify our flaws and makes us take extra care the next time around. The Course Managers send reminders to take the Mock tests, which is an added advantage because most people do things only when you have someone to push you to do them.

Kishore H, Chennai India

GRE Score- 302 Verbal- 144 Quant- 158

Score Improvement- 20

RMK Engineering College

The Galvanize GRE-prep course was extremely useful. Throughout my course period, I had consistent supervision of my progress. I felt that the questions in the Mock Tests provided on the Galvanize platform were tougher than those on the actual GRE, which left me prepared in advance for the questions on the exam day! The study material was good, which covered the basics concepts as well as some hard questions. The Feedback Report given by the experts after the Mock tests I took were very accurate and helped me to improve a lot.

Satish Jai, Pune India

GRE Score- 312 Verbal- 146 Quant- 166

Score Improvement- 33

RNS Institute of Technology


The course is designed in a very descriptive manner and helps a lot for self-study. Techniques and methods explained in the course are really of great help in overcoming weak areas.The Test series creates a realistic simulation of the GREThe complete feedback for every Mock test helps in improving and analyzing our weak/strong areas.

Ramoji Lingamaneni, Telangana India

GRE Score- 311 Verbal- 154 Quant- 157

Score Improvement- 16


Heplina Technologies

I had tried all the available free resources and even one from The Economist. Fortunately, my search ended with a call from the Galvanize team.The learning experience was great. I could zero-in on the areas in which I wasn’t performing up to the mark and put in more efforts on that part. On top of that, I got the help of the tutors who clearly explained the approach and solution to problems I had doubts in.The platform experience was great. I was amazed to find the analytic breakdown of scores and timing after every test I took.The timing charts helped me in managing time in the real exam and it felt like any mock test I had taken on the Galvanize platform. It drives away the fear factor during the actual exam.

Akhil Reddy, Chennai India

GRE Score- 290 Verbal- 134 Quant- 156

Score Improvement- 22

Sathyabama University

The quant classes helped me improve especially with Data Interpretation and Probability.The course helped me in preparing for the GRE in a short period of time.The online platform was very nice; I was able to practice a lot while travelling.Mainly, the Study Plan you are provided with is so nice. I suggest this as the best way to prepare for the GRE.

Valerine Rajathi, Chennai India

GRE Score- 313 Verbal- 162 Quant- 151

Score Improvement- 11

Sathyabama University

Sovit Agarwal, New Delhi India

GRE Score- 328 Verbal- 160 Quant- 168

Score Improvement- 24

Sikkim Manipal Institute Of Technology


First of all, kudos to the entire team of Galvanize Test Prep for the relentless support and help that they have provided me over my entire course duration. Also, as I work in an IT firm and can manage time only in the weekends, the test plan was perfect for me, as it was prepared in such a way that the majority of the tasks and sessions were kept for the weekend while the weekdays had relaxing sessions of short duration. This helped me manage my studies along with work. For every doubt/concern raised by a student, the guides and experts are ever ready to respond with answers on the portal itself. I have scored 328 in my second attempt and they totally deserve the credit for this. I would recommend every GRE aspirant to go for Galvanize Test Prep as you would be assured of a higher, “Galvanized” score.

Sharanya Srini, Chennai India

GRE Score- 306 Verbal- 152 Quant- 154

Score Improvement- 29

Sri Venkateswara College of Engineering

The teaching method incorporated for Verbal is excellent, so, I never found it difficult. I must say, the verbal and quantitative trainers are very quick in answering any queries. The home page of galvanize itself is pretty good as it shows your percentile and readiness level for the GRE. The portal has enough practice tests that one doesn’t have to look for any other source.The feedback report that comes after every mock test is very precise that they even mention the question numbers and tell you what kind of mistake you have made and what steps you need to take to correct them.My course managers were doing a wonderful follow-up of my schedule. They are really quick in solving any kind of issues and are very amiable.

Akshara Prasad, Calicut India

GRE Score- 326 Verbal- 156 Quant- 170

National Institute of Technology, Calicut

I took my GRE general test on 14th of August 2019. I just received my scorecard few days ago and I scored 326/340 in total, and 170/170 in quants and 156/170 in verbal. And a 5.5/6 in AWA i.e. the essays.

Before studying for the test, I considered several online coaching classes such as GRE Edge, Magoosh and Galvanize. While Magoosh did have several solved questions and detailed solutions, I did not find it that useful since I would not be in contact with anybody from Magoosh and any problem I face will take a lot of time to be resolved. GRE Edge just wasn’t as appealing.

After carefully going through the details of the course offered by Galvanize, I decided to give it a chance.

I took a 45-days GRE prep course and the first thing I liked about Galvanize was how neatly my study plan was made. There were tasks from Verbal, Quants and AWA that were laid out categorically and a recommended day to complete it. In the diagnostic test that I took, the solutions to each question was explained neatly and informative statistics were given about my overall performance which helped me analyse my strong and weak areas.

The study plan did not start me off with the difficult tasks. This helped me get adjusted to the course. The tasks’ difficulty increased gradually and I faced no problem keeping up with the expected pace. In case I lagged behind my schedule by a few days, my course manager would remind me to keep up with the study plan. This helped with the procrastination bit.

I was also asked to take 5 mock tests, dispersed across my study plan. After each test, I got a personalised email noting my strong and weak areas and where I fell short. On top of all this, my course manager would keep track of my progress, my score in each test and would guide me to study better. My essays were also graded and I received important personalised tips that helped me improve my essay writing from a 3/6 in first mock test to a 5.5/6 in the actual GRE test.

At the end I scored 170/170 in Quants which was expected and 156/170 in verbal which was somewhere around the expected score. I was amazed to know that I scored 5.5/6 in AWA. The Galvanize team congratulated me at the end and assured that they would assist me if I require their help later on, which was endearing.

All in all, I would definitely recommend Galvanize for GRE preparation.

All the best for your exams. 🙂

Santhosh Ramesh, Bengaluru India

GRE Score- 311 Verbal- 150 Quant- 161

Score Improvement- 9

Sri Venkateswara College of Engineering

Soliton Technologies

Initially, I started using the free Galvanize app to prepare for my GRE. I found it extremely useful that I enrolled for the GRE course. Though I had only less than a month to prepare for my exam, I did well in the exam, scoring 311 (Quant: 161, Verbal: 150). The online material, and the tests for Quant and Verbal were very much on par with the level of GRE questions. The section-level analysis given after each mock test helped me to focus on the specific areas where I needed to improve.

Arjun Krishnakumar, Chennai India

GRE Score- 290 Verbal- 140 Quant- 150

Score Improvement- 2

SRM University, Kattankulathur

The faculty is well-trained and they keep emphasizing the importance of the GRE.The online platform helps us to assess our strengths and our weakness by providing immediate results and analytics. The day-to-day schedule given to me helped a lot in allotting the time required for my preparation.To sum up, Galvanize Test Prep makes sure that one faces their exams with confidence and clears it with flying colours.

Alok Pandey, Chennai India

GRE Score- 310 Verbal- 151 Quant- 159

Score Improvement- 26

SRM University

The diagnostic test was a huge eye-opener for me.You can ask the instructors your doubts any time you want. Personally, I never looked at the time before posting my doubts to the instructors. The mobile application comes in real handy. The study plan for each individual is very specific to their strengths and weaknesses.Learning with Galvanize is easy and fun, with all the tips and tricks, and methods to improve vocabulary that is suited to each individual.

Sailesh Dhulipala, Chennai India

GRE Score- 312 Verbal- 147 Quant- 165

Score Improvement- 25

SRM University, Kattankulathur

They were very good and the material was almost of the same standard as the GRE exam both for Quant and Verbal. The lectures were also very good. For Quant they are of even higher standard, which is actually useful. The online platform is so flexible and I was able to use it whenever I was free. The data analytics report that comes after each test is actually the best part which I found so useful during the last few days before the exam. The Course Managers were very good to me, actually very patient with me because I have been asking a lot of doubts from the beginning. Sometimes I raised my doubts even at odd hours, but even then they responded quickly. They were highly attentive. If I had a series of doubts regarding anything, they immediately called me.

Surya Shankar, Chennai India

GRE Score-  Verbal-  Quant- 

Score Improvement- 

SRM University, Kattankulathur

Galvanize, I must say, has taken the arena of preparation to a whole new level for students.I can’t thank the faculty enough for helping me prepare for the GRE, letting me realise my potential, preparing a well-organized schedule for me to study, and boosting my confidence.I don’t think any other institute would be able help the students keep track of their progress throughout their preparation.

Arun Krishna, Chennai India

GRE Score- 309 Verbal- 147 Quant- 162

Score Improvement- 21

SSN College of Engineering

I really like the way they presented themselves. The learning material was good. I used the Verbal material more. For Quant, I just took the tests. I really like the RC videos.The online platform was very useful.The data analytics report that comes after each test was again very useful. That helped for Quant – I could see where I was making silly mistakes.The Course Manager was my motivation. She also helped me freeze my account during my semester exams. I would recommend Galvanize to your friends who want to write the GRE.

Dhayananth Santhamoorthy, Chennai India

GRE Score- 317 Verbal- 156 Quant- 161

Score Improvement- 19

SSN College of Engineering


Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology, Australia

Thanks to Galvanize and their team, I was able to score 317 in the GRE (Q-161, V-156).The lessons were structured very well and included a sufficient number of section tests to gain confidence in every single topic related to the exam. The most impressive thing is their feedback for our performance in the mock tests. Their responses are very detailed and help us to know which topics need more focus and where we spend more time. This analysis helped me utilize my test time efficiently. The progress bar which tracks our performances also gives us a realistic expected score which helps us know where we stand currently.I feel I made the right choice in choosing Galvanize GRE preparation and my decision was vindicated as I was able to improve by 10-15 marks in a very short span of 30-35 days.

Simran Modi, Chennai India

GRE Score- 320 Verbal- 155 Quant- 165

SSN College of Engineering

It would have to be Galvanize, for me. I booked my GRE date as a motivation to study but found myself under-prepared as the test date approached. Galvanize crash course seemed like a good option for my situation. Question-type(Verbal) and section-wise(both) tests were extremely helpful. The difficulty level was on par with most GRE guides. They promptly reminded me of upcoming mock tests and gave helpful pointers to improve my score based on my last mock test performance. All in all, these factors enabled me to focus and give a good GRE performance.

Ebenezer Ajay Williams, Chennai India

GRE Score- 321 Verbal- 155 Quant- 166

Score Improvement- 26

SSN College of Engineering

Galvanize is not just any other commercial coaching centre, but one that truly wants students to achieve better marks. Frankly, that’s why I joined.The software platform was very interactive and had a good UI that made the platform less boring.The Course Manager was easily the best part of the course. For lazy people like me, it is necessary for someone to be on our backs reminding us of our Mock Tests and course schedule.

Gayatri Gopal, Chennai India

GRE Score- 322 Verbal- 160 Quant- 162

Score Improvement- 12

SSN College of Engineering

I was generally skeptical about GRE coaching classes as I felt that they do not provide personal attention. But Galvanize changed my preconceived notion. Their analytics and feedback after every Mock Test were extremely useful and ensured that I didn’t make the same mistakes and also it threw light on my weaknesses and helped me prepare better. I believe I made the right choice as the Course Manager used to constantly remind me about the series of tests and helped stay right on track when I used to deviate from the plan. I would definitely recommend Galvanize as they genuinely take the effort to help students understand where their pitfalls are and how to overcome them.

Elakhya N, Chennai India

GRE Score- 323 Verbal- 159 Quant- 164

SSN College of Engineering

The test material was really helpful. The quality of the learning material was high. The content provided was quite similar to the questions I faced in the GRE. The mock tests were challenging and helped me gain a very good perspective about my preparedness level. The online platform is highly useful. The preparedness status displayed on the homepage was what pushed me towards completing the everyday assignments and tasks of the online study plan. The analytics reports were interactive and visually pleasing. Also, the comprehensive feedback reports provided at the end of the mock tests helped me rectify my mistakes. I regularly used the both the GRE and Vocab mobile apps. Both helped me practice on the go. The course managers played a crucial role in keeping me motivated . They were highly accommodating of my demands and really pushed me towards the end goal. I am indebted to them.

Shiv Rekhi, Chennai India

GRE Score- 323 Verbal- 155 Quant- 168

Score Improvement- 24

SSN College of Engineering

From the day I signed up for the Galvanize program I knew I was taking steps in the right direction in terms of my GRE preparation. The personalized study plan, the availability of a course manager and the wealth of material available for practice and study on the portal just makes the whole process of studying for the test highly systematic and streamlined. The feature that motivated me most however was the projected score feature. Just watching the projected score go up by one or two points would push me to work harder and get closer to my target score.

Sahitya Sridhar, Chennai India

GRE Score- 325 Verbal- 157 Quant- 168

Score Improvement- 26

SSN College of Engineering

I found the course to be extremely engaging and interactive. In the online lecture videos, the teachers discuss the syllabus and the different ways to approach the questions in detail.The Study Plan generated was apt, not very strenuous, and, at the same time, engaging and challenging. The highlight of the study plan was the importance given to additional reading material which is missing in most other coaching institutes.The analytics on the mock tests were detailed and extremely critical. It gave me much insight on the topics to focus on, and the responses from the instructors were quick and prompt too.Galvanize test prep is a GAME CHANGER. I made the right choice and it is a MUST for every GRE test taker.

Mukund Bharadwaj, Chennai India

GRE Score- 331 Verbal- 163 Quant- 168

SSN College of Engineering

The entire structure of the course was very well planned. There was nothing that I found not clear or not confident about.I got a personalized study plan, that was created well according to my needs.The mock tests were difficult compared to the actual GRE.The web interface was very clean and intuitive.I just finished my GRE. I am glad to say I had a fantastic experience with Galvanize. I got a personalized study plan, that was created well according to my needs.I just finished my GRE. I am glad to say I had a fantastic experience with Galvanize.

C.Sekkappan, Chennai India

GRE Score-  Verbal-  Quant- 

Score Improvement- 

SSN College of Engineering

I thoroughly enjoyed the classes. The one-to-one teaching method was good. Excellent portal facilities with timed tests! The best place for GRE preparation.

Suraj Ravi, Chennai India

GRE Score-  Verbal-  Quant- 

Score Improvement- 

SSN College of Engineering

I was given a personalised study plan which was based on the scores taken in the diagnostic test. That plan was really awesome and one who sticks to that plan can get a good score in the GRE. The platform has pre-recorded videos and the timed tests for all the topics covered in the GRE and it has platforms for discussion where you can clarify your doubts with both classmates and teachers. The most fascinating thing about Galvanize is that a Course Manager will be allotted who gives personal guidance and constant motivation.Finally, enrolling for a GRE course at Galvanize is worth it and one can get a good score if one sticks to the Study Plan and studies persistently without giving up.

Suyog Ghungrad, Surat India

GRE Score- 320 Verbal- 150 Quant- 170

Score Improvement- 13


I was searching for online practice tests and I found that Galvanize was giving me more tests and that too within the budget.So I enrolled with Galvanize. My experience was very good. The practice tests helped with managing time in both the sections.The analysis of my mock tests really helped to improve my score. I used the topic-wise distribution and then focused on my weaker topics.

Reupha Philips, Bengaluru India

GRE Score- 293 Verbal- 146 Quant- 147

Score Improvement- 22

University of Madras


Thank you for the professional service and coaching from Galvanize. It has been a pleasant experience to attempt my GRE exam.Both the trainers had given their best to make learning a joyful experience.

Paras Gulati, New Delhi India

GRE Score- 321 Verbal- 156 Quant- 165

Score Improvement- 19

USICT, Guru Gobind Singh Indraprastha University


I gave my GRE without coaching for the first time and scored a total of 307. Not a good score, I know, but I was hugely disappointed because I had tried a lot of questions in Verbal, particularly RC, and almost all the RCs in Manhattan 5 Lb, but that was not helping and the results were bad. Then I downloaded some apps on the phone to practice on the phone as well. One such app was the Galvanize GRE app. They offered me an online course that would best suit my job with flexibility to practice. Moreover, I had 5 full-length GRE mock tests at hand to practice. These tests were analyzed by the Verbal and Quant experts to give a detailed feedback where I was lagging and where I was strong. They also prepared a full study plan for Verbal and Quant till the last day of my preparation. This study plan was particularly important as it helped me keep up with the pace, and kept me going even when it got boring or frustrating at times. The lectures and practice tests, segregated by topics, both in verbal and quant, really helped in understanding the concept, and the tips and tricks provided helped to solve questions faster. As a result, when I took the GRE the second time after a month, I scored 321 (165+156).

Aravind Asokan, Chennai India

GRE Score-  Verbal-  Quant- 

Score Improvement- 

Velammal Institute Of Technology

I had wonderful days at Galvanize GRE classes, awesome techniques were taught by experts to handle some of the toughest challenges of GRE like the 3 blank text completion questions.The Quant expert Mr. Sriram went into every atom of math, teaching advanced, complex and strange problems of math, improving students’ confidence and the speed in solving questions. The web platform provided everything required, and being accessible through mobile application saved a lot of time, especially since it helped look at and work out problems even during commute.On the whole I had an awesome experience at Galvanize.

Rishabh Yadav, Chennai India

GRE Score- 317 Verbal- 152 Quant- 165

Score Improvement- 26

VIT University

I chose Galvanize Test Prep for my preparation and it was the right choice for a number of reasons. Firstly, the similarity between the questions on the platform and the real test was really helpful for my preparation. The timed and untimed tests are pretty effective along with the atomic analysis of the correct and incorrect questions.Secondly, the vocabulary lists provided were quite sufficient to tackle the Verbal section questions.The Mock Tests were strictly in accordance with the real test’s timings.My experience on the portal was really good and I enjoyed learning the concepts and tricks which helped me during the test.

Vignesh R, Chennai India

University of Michigan at Ann Arbor, USA

Delft University of Technology, Netherlands

German Institute of Science and Technology, TUM Asia

VIT Chennai

At first, I thought I didn’t need any help applying to universities, because I was confident that this was something I could do by myself. However, once I understood the huge amount of competition out there, the gravity of the situation sunk in. I turned to Galvanize for help with my application process and it was the best decision I’ve ever made! My Admission Counsellor at Galvanize was extremely knowledgeable and dispelled all my concerns.
Right from my shortlisting universities to crafting my Resume and my Statement of Purpose, and discussing with my profs for my Letters of Recommendation, I was given a lot of support. The Galvanize Team also responded quickly to all my questions and made the entire apping experience a stress-free one! Thanks to Galvanize, I got accepted at the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor – my dream school! Thank you, guys, you’re awesome 😀

Richa Bhuyan, Vellore India

GRE Score- 286 Verbal- 144 Quant- 142

Score Improvement- 12

VIT Vellore

Deakin University, Australia

The material is prepared with such care. I found some videos touch base and explain the topics using examples and encourage asking queries.The practice tests, untimed tests, timed tests, even the slides are tailor-made for working professionals.With Galvanize, their encouragement and tiny pushes made me want to keep going.I would recommend Galvanize to anyone who wants to attempt the GRE.

Ayush Dua, Vellore India

GRE Score- 316 Verbal- 150 Quant- 166

Score Improvement- 18

VIT Vellore

The analytics provided after the mock tests were excellent. The once place where I always lacked was in identifying my mistakes. One thing which I liked about Galvanize Test Prep was the in-depth feedback provided after each mock test and the atomic analysis on my performance on each question.The study schedule which they provided was very easy to implement and very flexible. I was able to manage my studies and at the same time prepare for the GRE.

Kunwar Kshivam Srivastav, Vellore India

GRE Score- 320 Verbal- 157 Quant- 163

Score Improvement- 15

VIT Vellore

I scored 305 in the first free mock test from Galvanize. I wasn’t willing to take a risk knowing that was where I stood. So I enrolled with Galvanize Test Prep and found it to be very useful. There is a very good set of mock tests and hundreds of video lectures. In the end, I scored 320 (Q-163, V-157) on the test day.I owe it all to the Galvanize team!

Akhil Gannu, Hyderabad India

GRE Score- 316 Verbal- 146 Quant- 170

Score Improvement- 19

VNR Vignana Jyothi Institute of Engineering and Technology

I wanted a one-month course to brush up my knowledge in Math and Verbal and to have some practice tests. For this, I chose the 45-day online course. Every individual is allotted with a course manager who takes care of our progress and always reminds us about the deadlines. The Mock Tests provided were actually similar to the actual GRE test. The feedback given after taking the mock tests was really useful to know the mistakes we commonly make. The course managers are always ready to solve my problems. They even gave some suggestions to increase my score, by analyzing my performance. I would suggest Galvanize to anybody that asks.

Nakul Gawande, Pune India

GRE Score-  Verbal-  Quant- 

Score Improvement- 

The app is good – it has a variety of questions of different difficulty levels. The faculty has been responsive and helpful.The personalized deal for me was very helpful at critical times.

Trupti Joshi, Bengaluru India

GRE Score- 305 Verbal- 144 Quant- 161

Score Improvement- 12

Sap Labs

The schedule was nearly perfect.I followed the schedule without fail and day by day I was getting better.The feedback for mock tests and thorough explanations for my doubts were very helpful.The Quant and Verbal materials and resources are very good.The practice test questions match the real GRE standard.

Udhaykumar Sundaresan, Chennai India

GRE Score- 305 Verbal- 146 Quant- 159

Score Improvement- 38

Prathyusha Institute of Technology and Management


The study material and the guidance, which addressed my weakness and gave me in-depth strategy to tackle different questions types, were very helpfulThe mock-test and practise test is where i applied and practised what I learnt, and the feedback from the instructors helped me to correct my mistakes.The online version of platform perfectly gave me the feeling of a physical classroomThe mobile app, with its predicted score feature, gave me the sense of where i stood with respect to the actual GRE standard at that moment

Rajorshi Sengupta, Mumbai India

GRE Score- 307 Verbal- 148 Quant- 159

Score Improvement- 22

XL Dinamics

The app interface and design is really innovative and motivated to push forward.I loved the fact that one could practice anywhere anytime.Their personalized feedback on each practice test is really remarkable.I would encourage more students to go for it.In a nutshell it was a great experience and a great effort from team Galvanize.

Shikha Tarware, Bengaluru India

GRE Score- 311 Verbal- 153 Quant- 158

Score Improvement- 23


University of Arizona, Tuscon

Galvanize was my choice for GRE Preparation based on online research, and well, it stood up to my expectations! I have studied via the GRE Online course of Galvanize Test Prep, took the package mainly for their Personalized Study Plan & feedback.Under the guidance of the expert instructors of Galvanize, I studied dedicatedly for about 1 month & achieved a decent score.The mock tests are close to the real GRE exam, and the feedback given was extremely valuable.

Vachaspathi M, Hyderabad India

GRE Score- 313 Verbal- 150 Quant- 163

Score Improvement- 4

Mahatma Gandhi Institute of Technology

The mock tests were very beneficial and very accurate.The standard of the questions was of the actual GRE level.Overall, I benefitted from the mock tests. I scored 313, with 163 in Quant and 150 in Verbal. My AWA score was 3.

Ketaki Natekar, Pune India

GRE Score- 313 Verbal- 156 Quant- 157

Score Improvement- 9

Tata Institute of Social Sciences

Podar International School

The detailed modules and personal involvement of the mentors in my learning experience convinced me to enroll with Galvanize.The Mock tests were pretty good, almost on par with the actual GRE.The online platform was really good.The analytics on the mock tests were extremely helpful and aided in making focused effort. The mentors and the user friendliness of the platform makes Galvanize different.The mock tests were helpful, and guidance was provided at every step.

Dr.Mala Manickam, Kuala Lumpur

GRE Score- 315 Verbal- 155 Quant- 160


I am a medical doctor working in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. When I started my GRE Prep, I was very weak in many areas as it had been many years since I was a student. But thanks to the dedicated online preparation from Galvanize, I got a score of 315 on the GRE (Quant – 160 and Verbal – 155). I am happy and so relieved that I can now move on to the other parts of my application, especially my papers and research. Once again, thank you team, you have done great for me… you guys should see me right now – I’m so happy & smiling!

Sai Swaroop, Bengaluru India

GRE Score- 316 Verbal- 149 Quant- 167

Score Improvement- 1

NITK Surathkal

GE Healthcare

Texas A&M University

I was fortunate to have one application which helped me participate in discussions and get additional inputs from peers.The course expert’s feedback for every mock test had a great impact on my performance in the following mock tests. The lectures are of paramount value, with the strategies and approaches for all types of Verbal questions.Overall, I give a confident thumbs-up to the efforts vested by both technical and management team as it reaches the intended audience effectively.

Zanga Williams, France

GRE Score- 317 Verbal- 157 Quant- 160

Score Improvement- 19

École nationale supérieure de l’aéronautique et de l’espace

I strongly recommend Galvanize Test Prep if you want a high score on the GRE.The online course helped me a lot, especially in Verbal Reasoning, which was my weak area.The video lessons on the website cover all the topics needed for the real GRE, including some tips and strategies for the test. The Personalized Study Plan was very helpful in helping me allocating my time across different topics. Make sure you take all the Mock Tests as per your plan and that you incorporate the feedback given to you by Galvanize – for me this feedback was so accurate that I felt like sometimes the instructor knew what was going on in my head while I was taking the test!!! :-DOn the whole, I very satisfied with my Galvanize experience – it was the best decision I’ve taken with respect to my GRE prep, because it got me the score that I needed to apply. So I will tell you this: If you enroll with Galvanize and follow their advice then I am sure you will get a high GRE score!

Gautam Balachandran, Chennai India

GRE Score- 319 Verbal- 162 Quant- 157

Score Improvement- 13


The Galvanize training program was presented to me as if by a stroke of fortune.My initial apprehensiveness vanished with the friendly and persistent interaction by Galvanize professionals.I was also sorely tempted by the low prices (nearly half compared to the classroom programs).All in all, the swift responses from the experts and the detailed study program, coupled with flexible timings enabled me to take my own time in addressing areas of weakness.

Sindhuja Balaji, Chennai India

GRE Score- 322 Verbal- 157 Quant- 165

Score Improvement- 11


KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Sweden

Galvanize has a plethora of questions on both Verbal and Quant sections with brilliant quality. They start right from the fundamentals of any concept and encompass all the strategies and techniques, which can make a very difficult question seem easy. The mock tests are the remarkable feature of Galvanize, they are exactly of the GRE standard and predicted my score spot on. The insights you would find on each and every test and the personalized feedback you would receive on your mock tests are invaluable and undeniably helped me.

Rahul MK, Bengaluru India

GRE Score- 322 Verbal- 155 Quant- 167

Score Improvement- 18


My preparation was very well-structured, thanks to the experts at Galvanize. GRE preparation requires not just the material and structure, but also a constant monitoring as to where the student is facing a problem.There have been several techniques recommended which boosted my score by 5 points at least.You guys are already doing a great job!

Rajnish Yadav, India

GRE Score- 329 Verbal- 159 Quant- 170

Mock tests are crucial for any exam as they simulate the actual exam experience and provide feedback for improvement. Although there are quite a few test prep institutes offering these mock tests, I really liked the way the detailed test results, analysis and areas requiring improvement were presented after Galvanize mock tests.The difficulty level of Galvanize mock tests was comparable to that of the official ETS mock tests.The platform is certainly elegant.The analytics were superior in their detail and representation of test performance.

Satyam Kapil, New Delhi India

GRE Score- 316 Verbal- 156 Quant- 160

Score Improvement- 22

Noida Power Company Ltd.

Tampere University of Technology, Finland

I couldn’t be more thrilled with how Galvanize amalgamated the PPT and video concept to help student get a better understanding of their material.The app is one of its kind where you can track your overall progress and practice the various questions.My mentor used to ping me once a day and helped me to complete my practice schedule within the stipulated time.

Parshi Srinidhi, Hyderabad India

GRE Score- 319 Verbal- 158 Quant- 161

Score Improvement- 24

Mahindra École Centrale

As my college is situated at the edge of the city, I couldn’t take part in a coaching regimen where my physical presence was required. As such, I turned to internet-based coaching centers. I think Galvanize is perfect for anyone wishing for a personalised coaching that is flexible to their schedule.Oftentimes, my schedule changed sporadically and with Galvanize, I had the flexibility of adjusting my preparations for GRE.I found it a very helpful and useful tool that also has great feedback insights.The lessons included made the concepts clear and the mock tests helped polish my preparation. I certainly would recommend it to anyone having difficulty adjusting their schedule and preparing for GRE. Galvanize is perfect for it.

Shahnaz Shariff, Chennai India

Queens University, Canada

College of Engineering, Guindy
Entrayn Education Technologies

I am Shahnaz Shariff, alumna of Anna University, Chennai. I am very grateful to Galvanize because they helped me secure admission for a Masters program in Computer Science at my dream university – Queens University, Canada! The Admission Counsellor at Galvanize took my consideration into account and went through my profile several times to shortlist the right set of universities for my profile. They also gave me valuable recommendations on my resume, SOP, and all other documents. They supported me through multiple iterations and the final product I saw was really perfect. Thank you, Galvanize

Jiffy George, New Delhi India

GRE Score- 301 Verbal- 146 Quant- 155

Score Improvement- 16

Lingaya’s University

Uniparts India Ltd.

Using Galvanize for my GRE test prep was a wonderful and innovative learning experience. This helped me in the most important aspects required for tackling the GRE.All key concepts are brushed up, doubts are clarified, and most importantly, the whole team supported when the exam pressure started building up.Getting to learn while being at home, and sitting in my comfort zone helped me save a lot of travelling time, which helped increase my study time :-)The best part was the video recordings of each class which helped me go through them as many times as I needed, and of course, the fast doubt-clearance system.Thank you, Team Galvanize, for the support and facility provided… I hope many more GRE aspirants will benefit through your system.

Shyam Ravishankar, Chennai India

GRE Score- 332 Verbal- 165 Quant- 167

Score Improvement- 26

Sri Venkateswara College of Engineering

I want to say a big thank you to Galvanize for my GRE Prep! The Personalized Study Plan and top notch study material helped me understand and focus on my strengths and weaknesses. I was able to achieve my dream score of 330+ thanks to your fantastic GRE Course! I want to say a big thank you to Galvanize for my GRE Prep! “I was able to achieve my dream score of 330+ thanks to your fantastic GRE Course!”

Yen-ting Chen, China China

GRE Score- 323 Verbal- 158 Quant- 165

Score Improvement- 25

Chi Mei Medical Center

I first came to know about Galvanize Test Prep after downloading their mobile app. The questions and explanations on the app were good, and I had only a few weeks left for my GRE, so I decided to purchase their Online GRE Crash Course.I found the online course helpful, because after doing the course, I scored 323 on my GRE (158 in Verbal, 165 in Quant) and this is a 25 point improvement over my Diagnostic Test. So I’m happy with the material and the platform – thanks, Galvanize!

Brandi Sparling, Canada

Yet to take the GRE

University of Guelph

The Galvanize iOS app for GRE prep was pretty neat. After trying out this free app, I decided to upgrade to the paid online programs offered at The online platform provided me a lot of material that wasn’t available on the free app, for example, high-quality GRE style mock tests. Thanks in part to my Galvanize experience, I got admitted to the University of Georgia, where I’m currently doing my Ph.D.!

Mohamed shahudh, Maldives

Yet to take the GRE

My name is Mohamed and I am from Maldives. I searched on the Playstore for an Android app for GRE prep and downloaded Galvanize app. Based on my experience on the mobile app, I was comfortable purchasing the Online GRE Crash course from Galvanize website. I got many video lessons and practice tests. I also took 5 full-length GRE mock tests. These helped me with my GRE preparation.

Ly Nguyen, USA

GRE Score- 318

California state university

I’m Ly Nguyen and I live in the USA. I came across Galvanize Test Prep on the AppStore. I liked the app, so I decided to enroll for online GRE prep. I should say that I attempted all the 5 full-length GRE Mock Tests and this gave me a lot of practice for the GRE. Thank you!

Varsha Krishnan, Chennai India

GRE Score-  Verbal-  Quant- 

Score Improvement- 

Sri Venkateswara College of Engineering

I joined Galvanize’s online program shortly after the workshop they conducted at SVCE. I started my GRE preparation mid-June.The faculty are both knowledgeable and dedicated, and the preparation material is excellent.The real USP of the Galvanize system is the personalised coaching and the use of multiple teaching methods.This removes all uncertainty from preparation and turns an ambiguous syllabus into a series of well-defined steps to be followed in order to reach a specific goal.I’m convinced that my choice of Galvanize for my GRE preparation was the right one!

Kevin Immanuel Gubbi, Chennai India

GRE Score- 306 Verbal- 151 Quant- 155

Score Improvement- 16

Sri Venkateswara College of Engineering

First of all, I had many choices when it comes to GRE test prep coaching institutes.But I was looking for an institute which provides personalized coaching experience rather than just sitting in a classroom.Galvanize provides that personal touch.The Course Manager who reminds us and pushes us to do the assignments was really helpful.

Arjun Ahluwalia, Goa India

GRE Score- 319 Verbal- 154 Quant- 165

Score Improvement- 21


The online portal was really helpful and up-to-date.The verbal part of the course was pretty good, and it helped me a lot and resulted in a huge leap in my verbal score – from 134 in the Diagnostic test to 154 in the actual GRE.The analytics I received after each mock test was really useful in identifying the mistakes I repeated.The Galvanize Course Managers were very helpful. Once, when I reported to them on my access issue they responded in few minutes and resolved it quickly.They also pushed me to review the detailed feedback reports for mock tests every time so that I would not repeat the same mistakes in the future.

Sreenand Sreedevi, India

GRE Score- 319 Verbal- 152 Quant- 167

Score Improvement-

BITS, Pilani

Sagnik sinha Roy, New Delhi India

GRE Score- 325 Verbal- 161 Quant- 164

Delhi Technological University


Surabhi Tomar, Bengaluru India

GRE Score- 313 Verbal- 152 Quant- 161

Score Improvement- 37

Visvesvaraya Technological University

Prasanna Padmanaban, Irvine, CA USA

GRE Score- 304 Verbal- 144 Quant- 160

Score Improvement- 20

Panasonic Avionics Corporation

Galvanize Test Prep really helped in improving my confidence and score. I like the platform, questions, and especially Mock Tests.

Sharmila.G, Chennai India

GRE Score- 310 Verbal- 151 Quant- 159

Score Improvement- 11

Anand Institute of Higher Technology

Prashanth T, Chennai India

GRE Score- 303 Verbal- 150 Quant- 153

Score Improvement- 21

KCG College of Technology

Tushar Telmasre, Bengaluru India

GRE Score- 324 Verbal- 162 Quant- 162

Score Improvement- 21

IIT Kanpur


Asef Ishraq Sadaf, Dhaka Bangladesh

GRE Score- 324 Verbal- 157 Quant- 167

Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology

Galvanize test prep is definitely the way to go. I scored a 324 (167 on Quant) with the help of their 45-day crash course. They gave me good guidance, helping me improve in my weaker areas and that went a long way.

Sayan Chakraborty, West Bengal India

GRE Score- 324 Verbal- 159 Quant- 165

West Bengal State University

I found Galvanize to be better than the rest of the GRE test prep programs. I’ve used Magoosh and given the increased competition on the GRE ,I believe it is not as equipped for people who need good study plan and mentorship to ace the test. Galvanize provides a great study-schedule based learning platform and has enough questions which are similar to the actual test.

Ria Gupta, Gurgaon India

GRE Score- 320 Verbal- 155 Quant- 165

Score Improvement- 25

Northcap University(Formerly ITM, Gurgaon)

Galvanize offers a platform thats fully GRE prone. The content, personalized study plan, and 24*7 support from faculty makes it a perfect platform to study for Gre. I scored a 320 on 340 in just two months preparation.Your weaknesses and strengths are pointed out by faculty after every mock test. Nice platform for gre preparation.

Ramyaa RathnaManjula, Chennai India

GRE Score- 317 Verbal- 155 Quant- 162

Score Improvement- 26

SSN College of Engineering

Murlidhar Sharma, Mumbai India

GRE Score- 320 Verbal- 150 Quant- 170

Score Improvement- 15

Vivekanand Education Society’s Institute of Technology

I tried the Galvanize vocabulary app on the Play Store, after which I was impressed and decided to enroll. The Galvanize apps are tailor-made for GRE preparation and very interactive. If your vocabulary is not that great, you should definitely spend a lot of time on it learning new words. The customised study plan helps a lot as it removes the burden of “What to study next?” The tests help a lot in analysing your performance and simulating the exam environment. The analytics focus on your mistakes and help you take a mental note of them to avoid them in future.

Anindya Das, Mumbai India

GRE Score- 311 Verbal- 153 Quant- 158

Score Improvement- 22

National Institute of Technology


Sai Gowtham Reddy Yeddula, Hyderabad India

GRE Score- 314 Verbal- 148 Quant- 166

Score Improvement- 26

College of Vetenary Science,Tirupati

Shubham Sendre, Noida India

GRE Score-  Verbal-  Quant- 

Score Improvement- 

University of Delhi

Tarun Kundrapu, Chennai India

GRE Score- 306 Verbal- 146 Quant- 160

Score Improvement- 18

SRM University

Swaminathan Sambasivam, Chennai India

GRE Score- 306 Verbal- 146 Quant- 160

Score Improvement- 

Sri Sairam Engineering College


Naveen Mangalakumar, Chennai India

GRE Score- 306 Verbal- 150 Quant- 156

Score Improvement- 

SKR Engineering College

UST Global

Gopikrishnan Rajbahadur, Chennai India

GRE Score- 315 Verbal- 159 Quant- 156

Score Improvement- 

Anna University

Innominds Software Pvt Ltd

Mayank Malik, New Delhi India

GRE Score- 332 Verbal- 162 Quant- 170

Score Improvement- 7

Thapar university,patiala

American Express

Veenadhari, Hyderabad India

GRE Score- 322 Verbal- 152 Quant- 170

Score Improvement- 20

BITS, Hyderabad

Debashis Karmakar, New Delhi India

GRE Score- 318 Verbal- 157 Quant- 161

Score Improvement- 10

VIT Vellore

Sandeep reddy, Chennai India

GRE Score- 310 Verbal- 150 Quant- 160

Score Improvement- 27

SASTRA University


Priyanka Dani, Vellore India

GRE Score- 323 Verbal- 159 Quant- 164

Score Improvement- 15

VIT Vellore

I had enrolled for the 3 month GRE program offered by Galvanize Test Prep. The program was well planned and suited to my needs. It ensured that I studied regularly which is needed and often the biggest challenge faced by students. The study plan was flexible and could be changed if needed. I got enough support from the team of experts and coordinators. I would highly recommend Galvanize.

Naveena Kurma, Chennai India

GRE Score- 307 Verbal- 146 Quant- 161

Score Improvement- 6

Veltech Rangarajan Sagunthala Research and Development University

I highly recommend Galvanize Test Prep.I began using the vocabulary mobile application and later chose the Verbal Crash Course that Galvanize offers. Word learning was made more enjoyable thanks to the corresponding synonyms and visual representation provided alongside each word. The Crash Course was conducted on a whole other level. Each day was scheduled to be better than the last. The video lessons, practice questions, mock exams and vocabulary lists were incredible. I would highly recommend Galvanize, not only for the aforementioned reasons, but also, for the wonderful experience I had with the course managers. The rapport we developed far exceeded my expectations.

Justine ayroor, Mumbai India

GRE Score- 307 Verbal- 150 Quant- 157

Score Improvement- 18

Don Bosco Institute of Technology

Galvanize test prep, according to me, is the best GRE online program out there and will prove very effective for people struggling with both Quant and Verbal. Here are a few of my favourite things about Galvanize:It’s affordable without compromising on quality. The Verbal,Quant and AWA material provided is top-notch.Personal trainers are allotted to each student to clear their doubts about anything GRE-related. The trainers are very responsive and will help you the entire way!The Galvanize portal includes many videos and documents to help you build your confidence. As you practice, understand the concepts you’re studying with the materials provided and attempt practice tests, the software will measure your readiness level for the GRE.Along with the practice tests, Galvanize offers their students 5 free mock tests! A detailed analysis of the mistakes you make while solving the paper, tricks to avoid such mistakes and time management techniques are provided which proved very useful when I finally attempted the GRE.Considering the points mentioned above, I would conclude that Galvanize test prep is the best online-GRE program available.

Rajashekar Reddy, Coimbatore India

GRE Score- 314 Verbal- 151 Quant- 163

Score Improvement- 19

PSG College of Technology

Harsh Gondaliya, Chennai India

GRE Score- 330 Verbal- 161 Quant- 169

Score Improvement- 33

SRM University

Nikhil Kurugod Shettar, Bengaluru India

GRE Score- 326 Verbal- 160 Quant- 166

Score Improvement- 14

St Josephs College of Commerce

Pragya, Pune India

GRE Score- 314 Verbal- 152 Quant- 162

Score Improvement- 19

IMDR, Pune

Markets and Markets

Nikhil Aditya Eti, Chennai India

GRE Score- 328 Verbal- 158 Quant- 170

IIT Madras

The full-length tests were so helpful that I got the knack for solving quant problems and also realized where I was lacking in the Quant section. The online software platform was user-friendly. It showed how I progressed during the whole time. The data analytics and feedback that I got after every test was very important in my preparation. Most importantly, the time table that was provided to me proved to be extremely beneficial as I am a working professional.

Shyam Vishnu, Bengaluru India

GRE Score- 319 Verbal- 157 Quant- 162

Score Improvement- 20

Bangalore Institute of Technology

Dataval analytics

Sarvesh Prabhakar, Chennai India

University of Toronto, Canada

University of Texas at Arlington, USA

University of Cincinnati, USA

SRM Institute of Science and Technology.

Hi, my name is Sarvesh Prabhakar and I am currently in the final year of my undergraduation ( B.Tech) in mechanical engineering from SRM Institute of Science and Technology.I wanted to do my Masters in Aerospace Engineering because it has always an area of interest for me, ever since my childhood.After I was done with my GRE, I began to think about the application process. I had heard some very positive feedback from several of my friends about Galvanize’s admission process. So I signed up for the admission counseling. The thing that sets apart Galvanize from others is the systematic step by step approach to each stage of the admission process with a huge amount of individual focus given to every student.The shortlisting of universities, in my opinion, is the most important thing in this whole process and it was very carefully done, on my behalf, based on my profile.Yes, its true that a very appealing & strong intent of interest is to be displayed in your SOP/LOR which is the key criteria in bagging the admission from the reputed university. This is where Galvanize was a life saver for me, they ensured my SOP was a reflection of my thoughts & Skills and they in fact made 3 iterations of my SOP. So when I saw my final SOP it was so convincing for me that I submitted that with 100% confidence.A BIG YES, very much I got admit from University which I intended. This is where Galvanize stands a notch above anyone , they made me go inside the university which I intended, they didn’t push me into some affiliate university.

Amal Sony, Telangana India

North Carolina State University, USA

Arizona State University, USA

University of Colorado Boulder, USA

BITS, Pilani
CA Technologies

I was not too confident of my chances of getting an admit in Computer Science. That’s when I decided to take the help of Galvanize’s Admissions Counseling. It was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. They helped me shortlist universities, helped me streamline my SOP and other essays. They saw my SOP through multiple iterations, helping me play my strong suit in each of those essays.  One of the things I liked most were the quick replies. Having a personal advisor really paid off!  Finally, I got multiple admits including one from my dream university!
It goes without saying that Galvanize played an important role in getting me into the university I most desired.

Nabhanshul Satra, Raipur India

GRE Score- 318 Verbal- 148 Quant- 170

Score Improvement- 16

Bhilai Institute of Technology, Durg

Bharadwaj V R, Coimbatore India

GRE Score- 314 Verbal- 151 Quant- 163

Score Improvement- 16

Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham

Raghuram Venkateshwar, Chennai India

GRE Score- 312 Verbal- 152 Quant- 160

Score Improvement- 29

Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham

Zihad Azad, Bangladesh

GRE Score- 336 Verbal- 169 Quant- 167

Bangladesh University of engineering and technology

I’m a recent graduate of Electronic Engineering from Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology. I recently took the GRE exam and scored a 336 in total (169 in Verbal & 167 in Quant). I was looking for quality GRE vocab apps when I came across the Galvanize vocab app and I really liked it. I then did some research and found their free GRE diagnostic test on their website. I took the test and I really loved it. That’s why I chose to sign up for their services. One of the things I really loved about Galvanize is that they give you a fixed study schedule based on your performance in the diagnostic test. It was amazing because it gave me daily activities for each of the 45 days that I’d signed up for. My experience was very intensive.

This I felt was in sharp contrast to other GRE prep service providers who only give you access to the question pool and leave you to it.  The Quant questions were constantly being updated and I thought they were really good. There is a very interactive discussion section where you can discuss and get your doubts cleared by the Verbal & Quant expert. I really liked the practice tests and the mock tests as well. I took 5 mock tests which were amazing because they really did simulate the real GRE test. They’ve done a really good job of having their mock tests be as close as possible to the real GRE. They also assign a personal coach (“course manager”) to every student. My course manager followed up with me every few days to ensure I was on track. This interactive experience I had was amazing. I do not know which other service providers can claim to provide such a level of personalization. I highly recommend Galvanize to anybody looking for that personalized touch to their GRE preparation.

Subham Banerjee, Chennai India

GRE Score- 327 Verbal- 160 Quant- 167

Score Improvement- 21

IIT Madras

Siddartha Shankar, Bengaluru India

GRE Score- 320 Verbal- 153 Quant- 167

Score Improvement- 18

BMS College of Engineering

Harsh Mishra, Bengaluru India

GRE Score- 329 Verbal- 162 Quant- 167

Score Improvement- 13


Sonal Joshi, Mumbai India

GRE Score- 324 Verbal- 160 Quant- 164

Score Improvement- 11

IIT Jodhpur


Sulthana Shams, Chennai India

GRE Score- 317 Verbal- 159 Quant- 158

Score Improvement- 27

IIITDM, Kancheepuram

Vittal Patil, Pune India

GRE Score- 309 Verbal- 155 Quant- 154

Score Improvement- 15

N.M.A.M. Institute of Technology, Nitte


Surbhi Srivastava, Mumbai India

GRE Score- 330 Verbal- 164 Quant- 166

Tata Institute of Social Sciences

I recently took the GRE after having enrolled with Galvanize for their 45-day crash course. I scored 164 in Verbal and 166 in Quant on my first attempt. Reasons for why Galvanize was helpful are as follows-

  1. Galvanize suited me because they had a plan which fit within my time-limit and was affordable for me. I also felt that with my basic knowledge I did not need more than 45 days as that would only lead to burn-out. But for those who need more time, Galvanize has longer packages which I felt were more economical than the ones in the market.
  2. I liked the general layout of the Galvanize platform as it made doing tasks systematic. I’m a check-box type of person so I like to set short goals and check them off my list. For that, Galvanize provided short tasks on a daily basis that I just had to finish without worrying about what to do next.
  3. Both the Verbal and Quant sections of Galvanize were comprehensive and focused on getting basics right to solve every question. I also preferred to understand general strategies rather than learning how to do every sum. For that, the Galvanize instructors were very helpful as they did not hesitate to digress during the lesson if some helpful strategy or concept needed to be discussed.

My experience was that you need to be smart about how you spend your time preparing. Know your strengths and know your weaknesses. Move within the sections as that turned out to be the biggest lesson that Galvanize taught me !

Indranil Chakraborty, Delhi India

GRE Score- 332 Verbal- 166 Quant- 166

Delhi Technological University

Qualcomm, New Delhi

I found the course I’d enrolled for appealing and comprehensive. The platform was evenly split between Verbal and Quant. I found a course appealing  and comprehensive. And also had adequate material for analytical writing! I mostly relied on the mock tests and the feedback that was delivered to me at the end of that.

The feedback was very insightful and it really pinpointed my weak points and that gives you a good insight into what exactly are your weaknesses and what you really read to improve on.

Apart from that, what I believe really helped me achieve my target score of GRE  was the GRE vocabulary app that Galvanized has on the Playstore.

Galvanize Test Prep course I think is a one-stop solution – you really don’t need to refer to any other material out there in the market. You should just follow your GRE study plan that is outlined in your course, keep in touch with your course manager and pay attention to the constant feedback you get. Thanks a lot again Galvanize.

Sarang Adalja, Gujarat India

GRE Score- 332 Verbal- 163 Quant- 169

VGEC, Chandkheda

I would strongly recommend Galvanize Test Prep for the GRE. I prepared for 2.5 months, averaging 3-4 hrs/day

For the Quant Section – The tests on the online platform of Galvanize have a plethora of questions for each topic with different difficulty levels which would be the perfect preparation for test day.

By practising on the Galvanize platform as well as additionally on Readtheory, the tricks to solve the RC’s can easily be mastered. Galvanize will also personally guide you if you are finding it difficult to understand on your own. I also found that the Galvanize Vocab builder was very helpful when it came to learning GRE words.

That being said how you prepare is very important – Focus on your mistakes and why you made it. That is the most important thing which will increase your marks drastically. Thank you Galvanize!

Prakhar Maini, USA

GRE Score- 331 Verbal- 163 Quant- 168

California, USA

Galvanize on its own is a good program. Some of the features I liked most were:

  1. The Vocab Prep App is a user friendly application that actually helps drives results. One of the most effective learning tools that I have experienced so far.
  2. The mock tests are of good quality and very close in difficulty with the actual exam.
  3. The Galvanize GRE prep App helps with learning on-the-go. Again a very smooth experience just as in the case with vocab app.
  4. The Essay type question templates are very good.

Overall, my experience with Galvanize has been productive and fruitful. I was engaged with the whole experience and was able to score good with it’s help (331/340).

Shyam Sundhar R, Kanpur

GRE Score- 330 Verbal- 160 Quant- 170

IIT Kanpur, India

Galvanize coaching has a pretty decent online program. They cover all the question types in the Verbal section thoroughly and provide with proper tips and techniques. I used to have a notion that the Verbal section is purely based on vocabulary and not much thinking goes into it. They helped me change that notion and made me attack each question in a logical and iterative manner. Their exercises and tests helped me a lot.

Also, they had a decent amount of practice for the AWA section, in which I was least confident. Their exercises and tests made me improve a lot. And their personalized feedback regarding the AWA part in the third mock test was helpful.

The Mock tests were very useful and were fairly accurate in predicting your actual GRE score. In every mock test, AWA was graded which helped me a lot in understanding where I stand.

The Galvanize preparation was sufficient but in the end, it all comes down to how well you understood the concepts you’re learning.

Karthik Sriram, Chennai, India

New York University, USA

Northeastern University, USA

Temple University, USA

SRM University, Vadapalani

The support Galvanize’s admissions counselling provided me was comprehensive. They explained to me what it would take for me to get admits to the universities I desired. The university shortlist was drafted on the basis of my overall profile- scores, academic profile, resume, even potential recommenders!- and my inputs as well. The highlight of the counselling process was the help they provided me with my SOP. Writing a strong SOP is absolutely essential if you’re looking to get an admit to a good university. The help they gave me with constructing exactly the kind of SOP I was looking for went a long way towards getting me my admit, I’m sure.

My admissions counsellor was crucial to the entire process- she briefed me on everything I needed to know about the application process. If I had to summarize my entire experience with Galvanize Test Prep, I would say it’s one of the best decisions I’ve ever made in my life.

Sahil Gupta, Chennai, India

ETH Zurich, Switzerland

University of California – San Diego, USA

University of Pennsylvania, USA

IIT Madras

The application process to foreign universities is daunting in terms of the quantity of documents required. Galvanize admission counselling helped streamline the entire process.
The team clearly laid down the plan for the months leading up to my university deadlines.
The universities were shortlisted based on several factors including an initial review conducted at the beginning of the counselling process. The list was extensive and well researched which helped me filter out universities based on my interests.
The drafting process for my SOP and LOR was exhausting and extremely time consuming. The admissions counselor at Galvanize helped me at every step with fast and reliable reviews on my SOP and diversity essays.
They also kept me motivated all this time with weekly reminders.
Ultimately, I would definitely say Galvanize AC helped me in achieving an exciting admit. Galvanize AC was definitely a crucial piece of my journey in applying for a Master’s abroad.

Sandeep Bhaskar, Bengaluru, India

University of Cincinnati, USA

Illinois Institute of Technology, USA

Syracuse University, USA

DXC Technology

I strongly recommend Galvanize admissions counselling!  It exceeded my expectations- especially when it came to my SoP & LORs. The university shortlisting process went very smoothly. The entire process, I would say was very interactive- That was what I liked most about my experience.

That, and the level of personalization and care they provide at each stage of the application process. Given that I received admits to several of my target universities, I have to say, enrolling with Galvanize was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.

Niranjan Kadam, Chennai, India

University of Southern California, USA

Northeastern University, USA

University of Warwick, England

Case Western Reserve University, USA

SRM University, Kattankulathur

I received admits from five universities and have decided upon University of Southern California. I also received a 15% scholarship from Case Western Reserve University. Galvanize played a pivotal role in the process right from the beginning where I was taught by highly qualified teachers who had been abroad and thus had a greater impact because they had also experienced the same process.

Coming to the counselling services, the application journey was a smooth one under the guidance of the Galvanize team- especially Ms. Biruda. They scheduled timely telephonic conversations and told me about the actual process and how I would have to give my very best. The university shortlisting was done in a seamless manner wherein the colleges I wanted to apply to were taken into consideration and assessed. Furthermore, additional recommendations were made by Biruda and the team. The universities shortlisted were perfect for me.

The counselling team helped me draft a well thought SOP and ensured my final SOP had exactly the sort of information the universities were looking for. One important highlight of this whole process was that I received a timetable which mentioned the deadlines by which I needed the SOPs and LORs drafted. This helped me keep a timely check and also kept me on track so I wouldn’t miss my deadlines. Galvanize indeed helped me get an admit from my dream university and I would like to thank the whole team for making it possible!

Pushpika Srikanth, Chennai, India

Drexel University, USA

New Jersey Institute of Technology, USA

SSN College of Engineering

I enrolled with Galvanize for my GRE prep. That turned out to be a really pleasant experience so I decided to enlist their admissions counselling services as well. University shortlisting was made so much easier with Galvanize’s help. The first thing they did was understand my preferences, ask for my inputs and then they scrutinized my profile to determine which universities would be good options for me.

With regards to my SOP, they took the time to understand what I was trying to convey through my SOP and they provided me with extremely valuable feedback. This feedback was really helpful to me and if it weren’t for my personal course managers and my admissions counsellor, I doubt my SOP would’ve turned out the way it did ultimately. My admissions counsellor broke down all of the intricate details relating to the admissions process- they motivated me when I most needed it. I would definitely recommend Galvanize’s Admissions Counselling service to anybody looking for a hassle-free experience!

Priyanka Bulla, Karnataka, India

Illinois Institute of Technology, USA

Georgia State University, USA

Stevens Institute of Technology, USA

B V Bhoomaraddi College of Engineering and Technology, Hubli ; B.E. Instrumentation Technology

Galvanize Test Prep did play a vital role throughout the application process for my Master’s.  The admission counselling team jotted down the best universities according to my area of interest and profile. Right from the shortlisting of universities, to the submission of University applications and the preparation of SOP’s, LORs & Resume – they helped me at every step and replied to my every query ( however silly it might have seemed! ). I sent in my application to 5 universities and got admitted into 4 of them with two of them even providing me with scholarships! So, they did indeed choose the best ones for me.

About SOP’s, LOR, I didn’t really know how to go about writing these essays. That’s where the counselling team made it easy. The team helped me give my essays the required edge and polish. The Galvanize Team, totally, helped me get an admit to my target University – Illinois Institute of Technology, Chicago. And to get a scholarship, was the cherry on top. I wouldn’t go anywhere else but here if I had to do this all over again. Thank you to the whole team of Galvanize Admission Counselling.

Nupur Thakur, Pune, India

Recent Admits

Arizona State University, USA

Pune Institute of Computer Technology

I wanted to pursue a PhD in Computer Engineering (Image Processing and Computer Vision) as it is aligned with my research interests. Galvanize helped me immensely with my preparation for the GRE examination which is very important to make a strong profile. The admissions counselling at Galvanize is also awesome!

The universities shortlisted for me were perfect; The shortlist was prepared based on my profile. Galvanize also made drafting an SOP and the LORs an easy process. The final draft of my SOP and LOR gave me a satisfactory feeling and these drafts played an important role in getting me through the admission process and finally, getting me an admit. Galvanize has always been available to me! Right from my GRE preparation to the shortlisting of universities to drafting my SOP and LOR, Galvanize has helped me immensely. Their guidance has been instrumental in getting me an admit!

Neil Rodrigues, Kerala, India

University of Pennsylvania, USA

Purdue University, USA

NIT Calicut

I required some assistance in framing my resume, SOP etc, given the semester workload I had. My experience with Galvanize was beyond expectations, they helped with numerous iterations of my Resume. Moreover they helped me tailor my SOP with the requirements of each university.
The best thing about Galvanize is they are very approachable. There were times when I forwarded my SOP the previous night and they proofread it within 24 hours.

Niranjana Prasannakumar, Chennai, India

University of Michigan at Ann Arbor, USA

University of Maryland – College Park, USA

Texas A&M University – College Station, USA

IIT Madras

The Galvanize team helped me choose universities that fit my profile – with my dream schools and safe schools included to guarantee admits. Drafting an SOP is always tedious. Galvanize guided me through the making of my Statement of Purpose pointing out mistakes and indicating areas of improvement to make my SOP winning.
I thank Galvanize for the incessant support and guidance that was offered me throughout the process. Galvanize has helped me immensely. What better than getting an admit from an Ivy-League university for a program its known for?

Abhinivesh Palusa, Noida, India

Recent Admits

The University of Texas at Dallas, USA

University of Colorado Boulder, USA

SVNIT, Surat

I was not confident in my ability to draft all the documents like SoP and LORs well enough to receive admits from universities. I believed in Galvanize’s material and guidance and so I enrolled with their admission counselling services.

When it came to shortlisting universities – The team tried to understand all the factors that mattered to me while shortlisting and did provide me a list of 12 universities (apart from 6 universities of my choice). Even after, they helped me further shorten this list to 6 universities which would’ve consumed a huge amount of time if I had to do it for myself.

The support provided by the team with my SoP and LORs was the best of the entire admission counseling experience. The responses were really very quick and even my doubts were resolved within hours. The quality of suggestions provided by the team after every iteration of my SOP, LOR drafts were really helpful.

I am completely satisfied with my decision to enrol with Galvanize for both my GRE prep as well as my admission counselling and would gladly recommend it to anybody looking for assistance!

Abhishek Devasya, Karnataka, India

University of Florida, USA

Arizona State University, USA

NIT Surathkal

University selection based on your profile is a tedious task and requires proper guidance. I also wanted someone I could rely on for SOP and LOR reviews. That is why I enrolled with Galvanize.
I’m glad I did because Galvanize made the admission process easier, providing me with all the required resources.

Though many resources are available over the internet, being a working professional, I did not have enough time to search for the resources myself and then work on the process. I felt very at ease knowing that I could rely on Galvanize to address my queries and help me out with the admission process.

What impressed me most about Galvanize were the timely response for each and and every query during the admissions process. I would say to anybody who is busy and has no proper idea about the admissions process to definitely enroll with Galvanize Admissions.

Rashmi Lalwani, New Delhi, India

Ohio State University, USA

Arizona State University, USA

SUNY Stony Brook, USA

Manipal University, Jaipur

Applying to universities is a risky and expensive process, so I was sure guidance was needed. I enrolled with Galvanize admissions counselling, which turned out to be a great decision.

Before Galvanize, I was confused about which universities would be best for me to apply to.  Galvanize evaluated my profile, enquired about all other factors like my preferred location, cost, and courses before giving me a final list of universities, which were suitable to my needs. My biggest fear was the SOP but Galvanize helped me personalize SOP’s for all of the universities I applied to.

What I liked most about Galvanize was the timely schedule for all the tasks in the application process. I will surely recommend Galvanize to my friends for its excellent team editing team, university selection and ensuring that the entire process moved in a timely manner. Thank you Galvanize for providing the best counselling! 

Varad Deshpande, Vellore, India

Fall 2020

Arizona State University, USA

Ohio State University, USA

University of Groningen, Netherlands

VIT Vellore

Writing your Statement Of Purpose and getting Letter’s Of Recommendation is a tedious task and I needed help with it. I chose Galvanize on the recommendation of my friends. The universities which were shortlisted for me were very well thought of based on my overall academic profile. They were categorised under Ambitious, Practical and Safe based on the chances of my getting admitted into them. The documentation process was very easy to follow and Galvanize was always ready to help whenever I needed it. In order to secure admissions, your SOP, Resume and LOR’s need to be impactful and up to the point. Galvanize editors help with all of them and it’s really helpful.

The Galvanize Admission Counsellors were very professional and helpful. The webinars and live Video Conferences from counsellors gave me all the basic information I needed. They make sure they answer all your queries! Counsellors are very professional and helpful. The website UI is also well designed. College websites links, application deadlines are all mentioned on the front page which make things easier to follow and navigate through.

I’m really happy that I chose to enroll for the Admission Counselling. I managed to secure admits from multiple universities from the US!

Rituja Pardhi, Pune, India

Fall 2020

University of Southern California, USA

University of Texas Dallas, USA

Sinhgad College of Engineering, Pune

I’m excited to be going to University of Southern California to pursue my Master’s in Machine Learning. If I were asked to go through the admissions process again, I would still choose Galvanize!
I enrolled with Galvanize for my GRE and TOEFL prep. I was very happy with their service. Therefore, I decided to enroll for Admissions Counselling too.

Throughout the process, the Galvanize team was was very supportive and polite. In fact my favourite things about Galvanize were that it was very convenient, having the entire process online and of course, working with their experienced professionals.

My advice to everyone considering studying abroad is to trust the system and follow the timeline!

Akhil Patnam, Chennai, India

Fall 2020

University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign, USA

New York University, USA

Northeastern University, USA

University of Houston, USA

IIIT-D&M, Kancheepuram

Galvanize AC team has helped me during every phase of the application process. They’ve carefully evaluated my profile and suggested to me with a list of universities to apply for and I received admits from most of the universities in the list.

Though the drafting of SOP was a tedious process, they had been very patient and helpful. They showed the same dedication and patience throughout the process.
With the help of the Galvanize AC team, I could finish the application process much before the deadlines. They constantly reminded me of the upcoming application deadlines.

I am very thankful to Galvanize for helping me in getting an admits from reputed universities like the University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign, New York University, Northeastern University and the University of Houston.

Federico Orrego, UK

Fall 2020

University of Michigan, USA

I chose Galvanize Test Prep for Admissions Counseling because I had already enrolled in the GRE preparation course before and the Admissions Counselling seemed like it could help me enter in the Universities I wanted.

I already knew three Universities I wanted to apply to so it was the documentation process that was most helpful to me. In terms of Personal Statements, I think the counselor really helped me. I would have been very lost writing one of those letters completely on my own. Especially since I am very busy working on my final year dissertation.

Galvanize was a bit expensive but really helpful overall! 

My advice to everyone considering studying abroad is to focus on your GRE test score and the other important thing is to have as much extracurricular experience as possible.

Raman Mohan, Noida

Fall 2020

Arizona State University, USA

Trident Group

I want to pursue my Master’s in Finance so that I can integrate the knowledge of engineering and finance to improve business efficiency & profitability and I’m so happy to have gotten admission to Arizona State University!

The Admissions Counselling offered by Galvanize was trouble-free and streamlined. The team was very polite and supportive through the process providing all the relevant resources to complete admission process.

Typically, SOP and LOR drafting can be tedious but with expert advise and resources it can be pretty easy and simple. Galvanize’s service does exactly that.

Overall a very nice experience, experienced professionals from Galvanize helped me get admitted to ASU.

Yagnika Avancha, Hyderabad

Fall 2020

University of Central Missouri, USA

California State University – San Marcos, USA

IVY Comptech

The Admissions Counselling offered by Galvanize is awesome. Right from my GRE preparation to the shortlisting of universities to drafting my Statement of Purpose (SoP) and Letters of Recommendation (LoR), Galvanize helped me a lot.

The universities shortlisted for me were perfect. The shortlist was prepared based on my profile and they sorted the universities into 3 categories: ambitious, practical and safe which made it easier for me to decide what to apply to and what not to.

In order to secure admissions, your SoP, Resume and LoR’s need to be impact-ful and up to the mark. Galvanize made drafting an SoP and the LORs an easy process. The final draft of my SoP and LoR’s gave me a satisfactory feeling and I think, helped me secure admits

The entire Galvanize AC team was very helpful during each phase of the application process. I was assigned to Raguvir Krishna (Service Manager) and he was very patient, dedicated and provided me with valuable insights during the time. 

I can honestly say Galvanize has been really good to me!

Jennifer Carvalho, Florida, USA

GRE Score- 313

I personally used Galvanize’s 45 crash courses as I only had 2 months to study before taking the exam. For my Verbal prep, I relied on Galvanize and the Official Verbal Reasoning Practice Qs from ETS. The Galvanize vocab app is fantastic. It provides pictures that help your retention. The program has several timed sections and mock tests. Unlike the Powerprep and Manhattan mock tests, they include an additional Quant/Verbal section in order to mimic the experimental section seen on the GRE. In the last couple of weeks, I took as many mock tests as possible. Galvanize also provides feedback after you complete each test so you can note your weaknesses. They even score your AWA in each mock test! Good luck to everyone taking the GRE!

Jayaram Prabhu Durairaj, USA

I ‘m thoroughly amazed at the consistency with which communication is maintained with the student! Makes me feel well looked after.

Joy Namunoga, Uganda

Good information. slide and video format are quicker to download 

Rajitha De Silva, Sri Lanka

Thanks to Galvanize, I find myself motivated to learn for the GRE!

Isuru Kumarasiri, Sri Lanka

The Galvanize platform is excellent for those determined to do well on the GRE test.

Alhagie lamin Drammeh, South Africa

I like how the Galvanize program is both efficient and adaptive.

Jusuf Merukh, Singapore

I’m enjoying my experience with Galvanize. It is far better than relying on prep books!

Imosemi Sunday M, Nigeria

What I like most so far is the quality of the study material – the video lessons and practice tests!

Tola Adebambo, Nigeria

Very good use of my time, the program prepares candidates to excel on the GRE, if when followed methodically.

Ogunsanya fuhad, Nigeria

Galvanize is good for GRE prep, I am enjoying using the platform to prepare for the test!

Umeshprasad Awasthi, Nepal

In just a month with Galvanize Test Prep, I’ve been able to identify my weaknesses and where I need to improve. Also, it is exciting and challenging, giving you ample opportunity to grow under guidance and discussion.

Farnaz,Teheran, Iran

I always thought that I most fully study to take a mock GRE Test but with Galvanize, I had to take the mock test at the time that experts suggested and I am really happy that I realized my weak points. otherwise with just studying, I would not saw my mistakes.

Nadila Rahmariana, Indonesia

I’ve forget almost all the basics and i’m pretty much enjoyed how the lessons are delivered and they are easy to understand

Anik Mondol, Bangladesh

Galvanize best suits for people like me who starts preparing for GRE from scratch and have very tight schedule. The daily tasks keep one motivated to a goal

Farha Diba, Bangladesh

I really like the way of teaching of Galvanize especially the verbal reading comprehension part

Janhavi Pawaskar, USA

I most like the study plan, the way concepts are tested and the fact that we’re given an estimated score so that we know where we stand at any given point

Hany Ibrahim, Dubai

Excellent, easy-to-understand explanations for each question! Really makes learning that much quicker.

Federico Orrego, UK

The whatsapp group is a great idea, although at times it felt like I was speaking in a different language, as I had to explain simple questions up to 5 times or repeat the date of my GRE exam up to 9 times.

Milan, Japan

Till now its helping me out quite well

Enuma Anyanwu, Nigeria

I just started using galvanize but, so far its been a really good journey, the videos are very explanatory and easy to understand.

Boontigan Kuhasubpasin, Thailand

GRE Score- 319

Once I made up my mind to take the GRE test, I searched many applications via Google Play and App Store to improve my skills. Then, I found your application and I liked it. But, I found myself constantly slacking off so when a GRE counsellor from Galvanize contacted me and recommended a plan, I found having a dedicated study plan would help me greatly.

I was initially weak in the Verbal Section, but I found the Verbal content provided in the pack to be very useful. It provided me with strategies to answer the questions. The content taught how to tackle each type of GRE question and also provided me with time management techniques which were very useful.

The personalized feedback I received after every mock test helped me identify my weaknesses and focus my attention there. Moreover, the mock tests helped me get familiar with the feel of the real test.

I also enjoyed learning words using Galvanize’s app! AWA was another part that I was very worried about but Galvanize’s content helped me improve my skills. The examples of each essay helped me a lot and it gave me an idea on how to write the essays.

Dania Javaid, Islamabad, Pakistan

With organized lectures that help you understand everything from the basics of concepts, Galvanize Test Prep provides more than just online lessons. The personalized attention I got from the mentors, their moral support, and their timely responses for my queries showed they were really concerned about my progress.

Onyeagba Kosisochukwu, Nigeria

The study plan may seem a little scary at first, but you can trust Galvanize to get you on the right track.

Rahil Shajahan, India

College: Indian Institute of Technology Madras 
Admits from  University of California – Santa Barbara
Karlsruhe Institute of Technology
University of Jena
University of Colorado – Boulder

Hi, this is  Rahil Shajahan from the Indian Institute of Technology Madras. I did my graduation in Engineering Physics. I am glad to share that I got admit from Karlsruhe Institute of Technology majoring in  Optics and Photonics.

I needed help writing and structuring my SOP. I also couldn’t narrow down the universities I wanted to apply to, with which Galvanize was a great help

The university shortlisting process went on smoothly. Since I got admitted to all the universities I applied to. The first iteration itself was amazing. The questions asked were pitch-perfect. I would say the SOP creation was the highlight of my Galvanize experience. Mrs. Divya admissions head at Galvanize Test Prep was of great help to me. She was straightforward with the questions I asked and I wasn’t left confused with bogus answers. The experience, on the whole, was good.

Dream big. Don’t be scared to apply to higher-ranked universities.

Aishwarya Magesh, India

College: Vellore Institute of Technology 
Admit to University of California – Irvine
Johns Hopkins University
Pennsylvania State University – University Park
Wageningen University & Research

I had opted for GRE coaching services with Galvanize first and then opted for their admission counselling services as well. My experience at Galvanize with respect to GRE was wonderful

The prep resources helped me quite a lot, especially for the verbal component of the examination. The essays and the questions were quite tough and this helped me prepare very well. The analytical writing material and questions were quite informative and useful as well. 

The material and questions for Quants were challenging, instructive and thorough as well. I actually enjoyed answering the Quants questions, since I really like Math!I’d also downloaded the Galvanize vocabulary app to improve my vocabulary, the latter of which is very important while attending the Verbal section of GRE. I had five mock tests available, and I received personalized feedback for all of them, which was really helpful. I really enjoyed my experience with Galvanize, with respect to GRE prep, in terms of the user interface, feedback, resources, material and so on. Everything was well thought-out and smooth.

Ananya Bonjyotsna, Assam

College: Tezpur University 
Admit to New York University

I am very happy about my journey with Galvanize. I enjoyed my GRE preparation with Galvanise’s applications, modules and tasks which were customized according to my target. The Galvanize support is awesome too. The course fee is also reasonable and convenient to opt for such online courses. I came to know about Galvanize through the Mobile app referred by a friend of mine. And then a person from Galvanise contacted me.

Galvanize really helped me in the shortlisting and also included my preferences for the same. The iteration process was very professional. I was particularly impressed with the preparation involved in the SOP Process. The support was very good from counsellors . I received regular and prompt responses. On whole  it was a very good experience on my part. The GRE preparation module was particularly well designed and one could practice the problems and sums very well according to the module at home. It was as good as face-to-face coaching! Please try to complete the given tasks in the module on time to get the maximum benefit from your preparation. Galvanize syllabus is prepared very well and customized according to one’s unique needs and targets. 

Akil Reddy, India

 College:  GITAM University 
 University of Southern California (BTech – GITAM University),Arizona State University

I chose Galvanize for GRE, TOEFL preparation and for the Admission Counselling. Initially, I was checking for better GRE prep courses. I tried Magoosh and Princeton GRE prep courses, but couldn’t score well in the 1st attempt of GRE. While checking out some GRE vocabulary courses, I found Galvanize. The prep course is affordable and the video explanations and the practice questions were very near to the exam level. The feedback for the AWA helped me score a 5 out of 6. Both  the GRE and TOEFL courses were very helpful and enabled me to score good marks. I chose Galvanize for Admissions Counselling as well, where they helped me prepare SOPs, LORs, my resume, and shortlisted my prospective Universities. They also helped me prepare for the US Visa interview.

I had given my academic details and GRE/TOEFL scores to Galvanize. They provided me with a list of 12 universities ranging from dream universities to safe ones. I had given my curated list as well and they reviewed the same and provided me with feedback as to whether my list of universities was feasible based on my academic details. This helped me refine my list and apply for universities. I applied to 10 universities, and ended up getting admits from 8 universities! 

I was provided with a questionnaire and I gave my answers with a lot of elaboration. They provided me with an initial draft based on my answers. Then, I gave my inputs and suggested some changes. They reviewed my changes and helped me in framing statements which would be more formal and well-structured. I didn’t have much time to apply, but they have helped me finish up my SOPs and LORs very quickly, which was immensely helpful.

Counselors responded to my questions everytime and gave me insightful guidelines during the application process. They reviewed my applications before I submitted them. Also, they helped me out with the VISA process. (Thanks to Raghu sir!) He helped me overcome my fear of facing the interview and gave so many tips which enabled me to answer the questions clearly and briefly. We did a good number of mock sessions which also helped me to lose my fear. All the guidance and suggestions provided by Galvanise  helped me to get the VISA.

I was given proper guidance and this helped me complete the process before the VISA interview. They helped me in every situation and clarified my doubts at any point of time. My experience with Galvanise has been really great!

Galvanize is the one-stop solution for GRE, TOEFL and Admission counselling, and they are better than many of the institutes. They provide very good GRE and TOEFL prep courses and the practice tests are very good. The feedback after the tests helped me to understand my weak points as well, which was crucial. 


I would suggest everyone to choose Galvanize if you are planning for masters. 🙂
They are very happy that I am getting into my dream university and have supported me throughout. 

I chose Galvanize for GRE, TOEFL preparation and for the Admission Counselling. Initially, I was checking for better GRE prep courses. I tried Magoosh and Princeton GRE prep courses, but couldn’t score well in the 1st attempt of GRE. While checking out some GRE vocabulary courses, I found Galvanize. The prep course is affordable and the video explanations and the practice questions were very near to the exam level. The feedback for the AWA helped me score a 5 out of 6. Both  the GRE and TOEFL courses were very helpful and enabled me to score good marks. I chose Galvanize for Admissions Counselling as well, where they helped me prepare SOPs, LORs, my resume, and shortlisted my prospective Universities. They also helped me prepare for the US Visa interview.

I had given my academic details and GRE/TOEFL scores to Galvanize. They provided me with a list of 12 universities ranging from dream universities to safe ones. I had given my curated list as well and they reviewed the same and provided me with feedback as to whether my list of universities was feasible based on my academic details. This helped me refine my list and apply for universities. I applied to 10 universities, and ended up getting admits from 8 universities! 

I was provided with a questionnaire and I gave my answers with a lot of elaboration. They provided me with an initial draft based on my answers. Then, I gave my inputs and suggested some changes. They reviewed my changes and helped me in framing statements which would be more formal and well-structured. I didn’t have much time to apply, but they have helped me finish up my SOPs and LORs very quickly, which was immensely helpful.

Counselors responded to my questions everytime and gave me insightful guidelines during the application process. They reviewed my applications before I submitted them. Also, they helped me out with the VISA process. (Thanks to Raghu sir!) He helped me overcome my fear of facing the interview and gave so many tips which enabled me to answer the questions clearly and briefly. We did a good number of mock sessions which also helped me to lose my fear. All the guidance and suggestions provided by Galvanise  helped me to get the VISA.

I was given proper guidance and this helped me complete the process before the VISA interview. They helped me in every situation and clarified my doubts at any point of time. My experience with Galvanise has been really great!

Galvanize is the one-stop solution for GRE, TOEFL and Admission counselling, and they are better than many of the institutes. They provide very good GRE and TOEFL prep courses and the practice tests are very good. The feedback after the tests helped me to understand my weak points as well, which was crucial. 

I would suggest everyone to choose Galvanize if you are planning for masters. 🙂
They are very happy that I am getting into my dream university and have supported me throughout. 

Neelmani Garg, India

Admit from  SUNY Buffalo, New York

My Name is Neelmani Garg. I plan to pursue my masters in Industrial Engineering and I have also received an admit from SUNY Buffalo University at New York. I am sharing my experience with Galvanize Test prep, which was instrumental in helping me procure the aforementioned admit.

I got to know about Galvanize from a friend. Later, I spoke to one of the counselors at Galvanize Test prep and enrolled for their admissions service.

The shortlisting process went well. My counselor’s name was Padma and she was quite genuine. After carefully considering my major and budget, she shortlisted prospective  universities for me.

I filled out the forms for the SOP and LOR and got the drafts. It took a lot of time to receive those drafts, but they were extremely helpful. The kind of support that I received from the Admissions counsellors was excellent. 

I also took the GRE preparation platform. The math portion in Galvanise’s platform is quite good.

One tip I would like to give to the aspirants is that it requires a lot of practice before attempting to take the GRE. So, one must practice thoroughly and review their mistakes as well. 

My parents feel great about my journey. They understand that it will help in my career growth immensely.

Mayank Jha, India

I enrolled with Galvanize to improve upon my GRE score. 

I took the GRE preparation service offered by Galvanise, which helped me boost my GRE Score and secure excellent admits. 

The mentors are really knowledgeable and they know the nature of the exam really well. They guided me according to my weaknesses and helped me  improve. The syllabus and the questions involved in the mocks were more difficult than the actual GRE questions, which eventually honed my skill in solving difficult problems in a time-constrained environment.

To all fellow aspirants I urge you to get done with GRE and TOEFL as early as possible so that you will get enough time to craft a winning SOP and procure your LORs. 

I still remember when I was really struggling with Verbal during my GRE Preparation. I was confused, and filled with doubts, but got them clarified promptly by mentors from Galvanise. Infact, my mentors used to arrange calls with GRE Verbal experts who gave me personalized guidance and tips to attempt the GRE verbal section. Eventually all of these practices and efforts helped me achieve my desired score. 

My family is extremely happy because I got into one of my dream universities!

Trishala, India

College: CMR Institute of Technology 
Admits from UC Berkeley, Georgia Tech, NYU, Northwestern University, Drexel University, University of Maryland Global Campus

I was not aware of the process of applying to a university abroad. Since I was working, it was taking up too much of my time to search for and shortlist universities. I had spent a month and shortlisted only 2 universities before I enrolled with Galvanize.

Overall it was not the best of lists but I had a call with Aarthi where I explained my major and also that I wanted to pursue the MS program online. Then, I received a list of 12 universities which had a mix of different majors- Computer Science, CyberSecurity, Cyber Technology. All these courses were in-person rather than online programs. Then I spoke to Aarthi again and she prepared a new list of around 8 universities with online programs but it didn’t have any of the universities I had personally shortlisted so I asked Aarthi to add UC Berkeley and Georgia Tech to the list as well. After that I did my research and shortlisted my choice of 6 universities.

I liked the overall process of drafting my SOP. The questions asked demanded complete details of college and work. Even after finalizing my SOP it went through another round. Then the SOP was fine tuned and looked excellent after that. 

There was a lot of support provided when I had any questions. If Aarthi didn’t know something, she would find out and tell me, which was helpful. Overall, I would say it could have been better but this was good enough. 

I liked it a lot. I was totally new to studying abroad and the details involved in the process. I asked my friends who are studying there but nobody was able to give me answers to all the questions I had, but Galvanize did. I didn’t know how an SOP should be and they helped me prepare an amazing SOP describing myself. They also helped me make my resume, including everything about myself in 3 pages in a very professional way.

Overall Experience was good. GRE and TOEFL preparation was great. Quants tests and questions were very helpful. I had already prepared one round of Quant before enrolling into Galvanize. Galvanize provided me with the edge needed for the exam which helped me get a 160. 

In the mock tests, AWA is also there but it is never reviewed by anyone. Even the Verbal topic wise tests are never reviewed. The Resume and SOP process was the best part of the whole process. The University shortlisting was not up to my expectations. I requested to check into universities from US and Canada in the google form sent but the admission counsellor insisted on selecting one country. My major was selected, mode of study was selected and plus I also had work experience. I figured it would be really easy for her to shortlist some top universities for me. A lot of time was wasted on that which could have been saved. 

Anyways, my end outcome was really good since I got into all the 6 universities I applied to. I got rejected for cybersecurity for 1 university but was offered MS Computer Science instead. 

I am happy that my resume and SOP were prepared in a way that helped me get admits into all universities I chose.

I would say that instead of concentrating 50-50 on both Quant and Verbal, pick one which you are better at and make sure you are prepared to get 170. Then even if you get 150+ or 155+ in the other, the overall combined score will be 320+ and is really good to get you into your choice of colleges. For shortlisting do your own research as well, do not rely completely on the shortlisting process as your resume might have something greater which might help you get into a better college. 

Galvanize will help you curate the perfect resume and SOP which will describe you in the best way possible. 

Madhurima Chatterjee, India

Admit from : Northeastern University
Graduation :  Amrita University

Hello this is Madhurima Chatterjee, Since I used to work full-time, I barely had time to prepare for my GRE exams, let alone do my research on universities I would like to apply to.
I was left with about 3 months before my GRE exam and had not been studying quite seriously until then. It was when I was looking for mobile apps to help me with my quants and verbal that I stumbled upon the free Galvanize App. Soon after registering myself on that app, I received a call from someone at Galvanize asking me about my future plans and so on. Upon a good long discussion with them, I decided to move ahead with the Galvanize test prep service.

There was a very long and detailed questionnaire provided to us on Google Forms which took into consideration almost everything that should matter when considering universities. I remember taking 40-45 mins to finally finish it. The process was quite long, however I did not let my laziness get the best of me and answered each question with due diligence. 

After about 7-10 days, I received an update from the Team and was quite satisfied with my university list as it had most of the universities that I actually wanted to apply for.

The efforts that the writing team had put into each of my applications to handcraft them differently according to the university and its specialization was not something I would have had the skills or the motivation to do on my own. Due to their vast experience and insight from working with previous applicants, they have a very clear idea of what the universities are looking out for in particular.

The counselling team was very patient in dealing with my queries and had adequate knowledge on the required domains to provide me with support and advice. 

I had a great experience in working with the entire team and I am glad that I went ahead with Galvanize for my admissions process. It was one of the smartest and most economic decisions I ever made!

The GRE test prep provided was very useful, the UI for the same is super intuitive and the periodic mock tests really keep you on your toes. The intensity of the mocks is at par with the GRE exam level.

 Have trust in the process. Provide your information to Galvanise, be open and honest. Definitely  practice a lot. : )

Aadarsh Kumar, India

My Name is Aadarsh. I completed my Undergraduate Degree in Computer Science in 2019  from Raja Ram University in Maharashtra.

When my VISA got rejected for the first time, I felt like I could do better with some professional help. I googled a bunch of consultancy services, and subsequently received an email from Galvanize Test Prep. 

I enrolled for their Admissions Counselling Services, and was assigned a counsellor whose name was Raghu. Raghu helped me organise my existing documents in a much more effective way. He was extremely supportive throughout the entire process, right from embellishing my documents to conducting my VISA mock interviews. I felt like he was with me through every step of the way, and that was the best thing I liked about Galvanize’s Counselling.

Raghu even shared his real experiences with me, and provided me with constant support and feedback on a timely basis. His experiences definitely motivated me a lot!

I chose Galvanize because of their budget-friendly prices, and I do not regret my decision. Their customized plan for me was exactly what I needed. 

Given the fact that I did not get my VISA the first time around, I will say this – Please take your VISA Interview very seriously. It isn’t going to be a walk in the park without adequate preparation and rest. Enroll yourself for Counselling Services if need be, as it will help smoothen the entire process and provide you with a lot more confidence. Also, don’t restrict yourself to just one university. Keep a few backups, and apply diligently. 

Finally, I would like to thank Galvanize for their wonderful support and guidance. I couldn’t have done it without them!

Utsav Patel, India

My overall experience with Galvanize was great. They provided me with insight and support in all aspects of my applications, which included profile evaluation, university selection, drafting SOPs for 6 different universities, arranging finances, and conducting the valuable mock VISA interview. It certainly catalyzed my study abroad journey! 

The support system was very good. We were added to a WhatsApp group, where we could pose our doubts and questions. If there were a lot of questions to be asked, I would contact the counselors directly, and get them resolved. 

I do not have any cons to share. My preparation for the GRE and TOEFL was really good, and I achieved the scores I aimed for. 

Veeral Jain, India

In my opinion, my interactions with my counselor Mr. Raghu was the highlight of my higher studies preparation. Mr. Raghu was and continues to be extremely helpful, polite and professional in his interactions with me. He was really very patient and understanding regarding the slightest of my doubts especially during university shortlisting and VISA preparation. Mr.Raghu is someone who I could rely upon to tackle the toughest of situations during the master’s application process.

The overall experience I had with galvanize was extremely professional and enriching

Sarah, India

Name: Sarah Ebby Chacko George
College: St. Joseph’s College of Engineering and Technology

Branch: Civil Engineering

City: Kottyam, Kerala

Received Admits from : University of Liverpool, Brunel University, Coventry University, Keele University

Accepted Admit : University of Liverpool 

Major: Sustainable Civil and Structural engineering


I found from the reviews that students had a wide variety of options to choose their admits from. Unlike regular agencies that have tie-ups with only certain universities and no room for much choice, I found that Galvanize allows us to choose from a wide variety of options depending on our financial ability and academic merit. So, I felt that if I chose Galvanize, I could get an admit at a university with excellent rankings and teaching facilities.

The academic staff and those on the whatsapp group were very helpful as they pushed me to put more effort into the exam. 


Ritvik Chebolu, India

Name: Ritvik Chebolu
College: Indian Institute of Technology Dharwad

Branch: Mechanical Engineering

City: Dharwad, Karnataka

Received Admits from : Rochester Institute of Technology, Stevens Institute of Technology, New York Institute of Technology, University of Massachusetts Dartmouth, Rowan University

Accepted Admit : Rochester Institute of Technology

Major: Data Science

My admission counselor was Raghuvir sir and he was really supportive from the very beginning. He was probably one of my best mentors and we used to talk for 1-1.5 hrs straight, not just about the admissions and academics, but also about some other interesting things. 

On the whole How was your experience with Galvanize admission counseling service?

I have been recommending Galvanize to all of my friends who’re interested in a master’s degree abroad. I really liked the experience and it felt like a cake walk all  because of my admission counselor. 


Rishika Sankaran, India

Name: Rishika Sankaran

College: BMSIT, Bangalore

Branch: Computer Science Engineering
City: Bangalore

Got admitted to: University of California, Irvine
Major: Computer Science

 What made you enroll with Galvanize for your GRE/ Admissions?

I realised I needed help with the formulation, editing and enhancement of my essays for university applications. After reading a bunch of reviews, I decided to enroll with Galvanize.

Can you tell us how the shortlisting of the university process went?

My counselor, who was extremely supportive throughout the entire process, took the time to understand my needs and priorities. She then came up with a list of universities according to my interests, took note of my suggestions and we finalized a set of safe, ambitious and practical universities. 


Aashrita Roy Potla, India

Received Admits from : Hochschule Bremen, Hochschule Anhalt, Deggendorf institute of technology.

I would say this is the most wonderful part in the whole process. They have given me the very best in very little time, and I am so thankful to all the editors who worked on my SOPs and LORs.

Overall, This is an excellent place to start your journey of pursuing masters. However, one must not rely completely on the service but also do some self research for best results.

Marcy MHA,Paris

Product Enrolled: GRE Crash Course-45

GRE Score : 316 

I am very grateful to the entire Galvanize team for their assistance during my preparation for the GRE. I was drawn to their site while looking for applications that would allow me to improve my vocabulary and practice exercises from my smartphone. Subsequently, I received emails offering access to free webinars in Quant and Verbal. A bit skeptical at first, I was quickly won over by the quality of the teaching during these sessions. I was learning a lot of tips to improve my performance. At the end of the free sessions and considering the little time I had to prepare for my GRE (2 months), I took the plunge and subscribed to the Crash Course.

In 45 days, I was able to brush up on a lot of math and linguistic concepts that I hadn’t seen since my high school days (almost 20 years ago). I especially appreciated the videos, the application exercises and the sample exams that helped me to evaluate myself in real conditions. All of this allowed me to get a decent score, which could have been higher if I had had more preparation time.

Thanks again to Galvanize! I wish many other candidates to benefit from their precious help.

ANAMIKA JATI, Northeastern University, Boston


Received Admits from : NEU, MS PROJECT MANAGEMENT

Galvanize has been a super experience for me. I don’t think I could have asked for anything else or anything better in terms of the quality of SOPs, resumes and LORs they made for me. They were available at all points in time to help me. As soon as I used to send my input, I received their comments and feedback within a few hours which made the process very smooth and time-saving as well! I must say, they are truly professionals!

How was the VISA assistance process?

I would like to highlight my admissions consultant Raghuvir sir here. I think I am extremely lucky that I got the opportunity to work with him and be his student. I still remember and would never forget this anecdote: the day before my visa interview, I was getting a little nervous and jittery and Raghuvir sir went out of his way to make me feel comfortable and confident with my answers. My case was a little tricky as it was my second masters, etc and I was expecting many tricky questions to be coming my way and Raghuvir sir literally prepared me for every tricky question possible. And the next day, my visa interview was a cake walk as I was prepared for every situation possible. I don’t think I would have been able to crack my VISA interview without Raghuvir sir’s help. Tons of thanks to the incredible Galvanize team for helping us achieve our dreams


Ahmed, Hyderabad

Name: Ahmed, Hyderabad

Received Admits from: UTA, UNT, UMassD, UHCL,NJIT

Major: Computer Science

THE BEST! Correction: admission counselor, not admission counselors. My admissions counsellor, Ragu, has been helping me out for almost a year as I originally planned for Fall 2021 intake but later changed to Spring 2022. He was there to clarify my doubts and address all my queries. Didn’t matter if it was a week-off or any festival, Ragu would make sure my queries were addressed properly. He was more like a big brother than some typical admissions counsellor. I’ve worked with 5-6 admissions counselors (outside Galvanize) for the past year and I can confidently say that Ragu is more competent, more understanding and friendly than any of them. He is a gem.

Yash Amitabh, Patna

Received Admits from : University of Houston, University of Colorado Denver, California

Major: Masters in Business Analytics and Intelligence

My admission counselor in particular was brilliant. He did more for me than I or anyone could imagine and was always 24 hours round the clock available for any query I had.

My visa assistance process was outstanding. I already knew all the questions they could ask me and the answers to it. My paperwork was also on point, thanks to my counselor.

Varsha.R , Bangalore

Received Admits from : UT Dallas, University of Houston college station,Texas tech , Illinois Institute of technology.

MS in Computer and system engineering (ECE)

The support from the Galvanize Admission Counselors was amazing. They are well organised and they always kept track of my progress and told me the tasks to be done.

I had their  support in everything and they were very informative and resolved all my queries.

The inputs for LOR’s were easy to give because I had to just fill in  the document that they provided,which had all the necessary questions that had to be filled in ,through which they generate a LOR.I liked the idea because it makes one’s task easier and it is less time consuming.I was happy with the way the editors worked on it. I was handed over the final, precise LOR. 

Coming to Resumé, the editors are very much aware about the format ,and I just had to give the inputs and my Resume was shaped accordingly.

 Unlike other consultancies, Galvanize work on your SOP,LOR’S personally,which is great. Though it is an online consultancy, you’ll never feel that you are off the track or lost because the team is always there to eye on your progress.I would definitely recommend Galvanize over other consultancies .

Naga Prasath, Calicut | Galvanize Student Testimonial

My name is Naga Prasath and I Graduated from from NIT Calicut. I received admits from UT Dallas, Illinois Tech, University of Cincinnati, Florida State University. But I choose Illinois Tech for my MS in Information Technology and Management

Shortlisting the Universities is no doubt a difficult step and it required a lot of discussions and opinions. However once I was done with selecting universities ,I moved to the next step that was drafting my SOP’s. This was again a big task as I also needed University specific SOP. Thanks to the team for making it a smooth process by guiding at each step. With respect to LOR’s, the  documents were reviewed multiple times before they were finalized. 

It is a very helpful service for students with limited knowledge on the Admission process. The support was great and I got my queries answered. Not to forget I also got assistance for my VISA where I was provided with a mock interview by my counselor.

Rithika, Banglore | Galvanize Student Testimonial

This is Rithika from Bengaluru. I graduated from Acharya Institute of Technology in Information Science and Engineering(ISE). I wanted to pursue my masters abroad. While looking for assistance I came across Galvanize through one of my friend. My journey with Galvanize was good. I would recommend Galvanize to all those who are looking for assistance because the SOP Process was really amazing as the team helped me accordingly at the right time. Also my counselor helped me for my VISA process.

Kokapranitha Harani | Galvanize Student Testimonial

Hello this is Pranitha from Hyderabad. I graduated from MVSR College in ECE. Now I will be doing my masters in Computer engineering from SJSU. I have received admission forms sjsu, asu, gmu, uh.

I initially came to know about Galvanize through their Youtube channel. And then after I checked their reviews which were impressive I enrolled with them for my admissions process. The shortlisting of universities was little tough because I had all expensive universities in my mind later with the help of counselor i applied to universities with Practical , ambitious and safe format. Post which the SOP and LOR process was great as it was quick ,simple and as per my feedback and conversation with the editor. I must say that the counselor is good as she guided me throughout the process and helped me whenever there was a rough patch.

The best part of my journey was the VISA as my counselor helped me a lot. Overall  the experience was Helpful and friendly and I would truly recommend Galvanize for your admissions process.

Madhuli suvarnakar

Initially when I was looking for assistance for my GRE prep I got a call from one of the counselors from Galvanize. After understanding the whole course and how it will help me I chose Galvanize for my test prep as well as admissions journey. Also, everything was online and made it easier for me to work on my applications while sitting at home. Right from the university shortlisting to the Visa and US cards. So we started with shortlisting universities which went quite smoothly, The counselor assigned to me shortlisted universities for me as per my requirements.
Talking about SOP, This was so helpful for a person like me. I was doing a job and handling these documents on my own would have been quite tiring. But thanks to galvanize, with my given inputs they framed a nice SOP for me. For my LOR I had given three google forms and after filling those simple forms the galvanize team started drafting my LOR. The framing of all my inputs in a nice essay was done by galvanize. For sure this task was not my cup of tea!
My Counselor Aarthi Rajesh was so helpful. She was so patient with me all the time. Always helped me with my queries. She always scheduled the google meets with me, to help me with the overall application process. I had already recommended Galvanize to two of my friends. One of them is still in the process and the other girl got her visa and is admitted to a desired university. I told them about the online service galvanize offered, the iterative approach to the documents. Also I had told them about exam preparation help provided by galvanize. I am so satisfied with the services galvanize provided. Made this journey a lot easier than I thought. 

Ruchit Kumar

My name is P Sai Ruchit Kumar and I am studying 4th year computer science in VITAP University in vijayawada and my hometown is visakhapatnam. I would like to do my masters from the USA either MIM or Ms in Computer science. My journey began with Galvanize through an email which I received from them. I really liked the teaching, website interface and their guidance. When I gave my Diagnostic test I got to know that I need to prepare more for the GRE exam. I must say that the software and the study platform is really good and easy to navigate. The personalized study plan with video lectures especially helped me understand the concepts and clear my doubts. Even my mock tests , like I would receive feedback which helped me understand that I am progressing at each stage. I would say that the Mock tests one gives in the Galvanize platform is very close to the actual GRE exam. So I would truly recommend Galvanize to aspirants like me. Last but not least , my parents and myself are really happy with my score and journey with galvanize.

Deepika Gullapalli

My name is Deepika Gullapalli. I graduated from BVRIT Hyderabad College of Engineering for Women. I wanted to pursue my higher education abroad. So I was looking for some assistance. I came across Galvanize through their Vocabulary app. Soon I received a call from their counselor who explained to me the whole process. My journey with Galvanize has been really good. Especially my councilor arathi was really helpful. We did the University Shortlisting by discussing a lot of factors. I must say that the team is very cooperative and quick as they helped me with drafting my sop, resume and lors. I would like to thank the team for guiding me throughout the process. Very happy to share that I received admits from California State University – East Bay, San Diego State University, San Francisco State University, University of California – Riverside, Arizona State University. And I will be going to San Diego State University

 and will be doing my Management Information Systems

Nikitha Agnew, Banglore

My name is Nikitha Agnew and I am from Bangalore. I did my graduation from MVIT in ECE branch. I have received admits from SUNY buffalo, UIC, Stevens, NJIT, UTD, NORTHEASTERN University and I choose to do my masters in management information systems from SUNY buffalo.

Initially while I was searching for test prep services on google I came across Galvanize Global Education. Then I checked on quora and saw many positive reviews from students ,because of which I enrolled with Galvanize for my GRE TOEFL and Admissions Process and i must say that they have a very well structured plan.

I am really happy with the university selecting process as my counselor gave me a great list of universities and was always there for me when I needed her. She was also very understanding and helpful. Even with the SOP part was good. The editor was very supportive and understanding of my needs.

Later we started with the VISA process. My counselor explained the process and gave me all the useful links. She was quick to assist me whenever I faced any issue. It was a wonderful experience.

I would suggest aspirants to not waste time, be focused and get help whenever you’re stuck and don’t hesitate. I would definitely recommend and tell them to go ahead with it and not think twice.

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