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Our Mission

To provide high quality, personalized learning experiences at scale

Our Story

When we were young kids just starting out at school, didn’t we have fun learning? When a young teacher embarks on their career, don’t they feel a sense of joyful purpose? But somewhere down the line, this fun and joy fades… for both the learner and the teacher. Why does it have to end up this way? WHY, indeed?!

At Tejate Education, under the brand identity Galvanize Global Education, we believe that it doesn’t have to “end up that way”! We believe that Learning can be fun, and Teaching can be a joy. In short, we believe the “education system” can be changed for the better, that Tejate can be the architect of this change, and that we can build a successful business around this core belief.

Our Focus

Under the brand name, Galvanize Global Education, we focus on delivering the world’s best learning solutions for Standardized tests and Competitive exams, as well as Global Admissions Counselling. These are some of the least understood and least transparent aspects of education, and we see this as an opportunity.

We’re excited to simplify education for everyone through our software, education, and community.

Our Uniqueness

While every student is different, they share the same goal: to improve their lives and the lives of others, through education. Since acing standardized tests & competitive exams is how students unlock better opportunities, Test Prep (or “Competitive Exam Coaching”) is a rite of passage for most school students, college students and young adults today. However, existing products tend to be ineffective, expensive, or a combination of these.

So how do we make learning effective & scalable, while keeping costs affordable for students? That’s our specialty. And that’s what makes Galvanize different from everybody else.

Our Impact

Students from 40+ countries have enrolled for our paid online courses for English Fundas, GRE Prep & Admission Counselling. Our FREE Android apps for English Vocabulary (4.7/5 stars), GRE Prep (4.6/5 stars) & SAT Prep (4.5/5 stars) are consistently ranked among the highest-rated worldwide in their respective categories.

Our Global Presence

Thousands of students from 190+ countries, each with their own unique story, learn with Galvanize every single day.

Core Values

Focus on doing right by the Customer; everything else will follow automatically.

Take pride not in effort, but in results.

Strive for high quality in everything you do.

Understand the problem statement & priority at any given time.

Reason logically, based on meaningful data.

Speak your mind with clarity.

Welcome opposing points of view

Progress as a team – for only a team can be perfect, not any one individual.

Never stop learning.


We’re proud of our products and of the people who make them.

Pavithra Srinivasan

Founder & Product Director, M.S., Stanford University

Ram Srinivasan

CEO, M.B.A., IIM Ahmedabad

R. Kumar

Advisor, OMP (Owner Management Program), Harvard Business School

Rohini Venkatesh

Head, Customer Delight, M.B.A., University of North Texas, Dallas

Sriram Venkatraman

Learning Architect B.Tech., IIT Madras

Sowmya Subramaniam

Content Manager, Mathematics; M.S., San Jose State University; M.Sc., IIT Madras

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