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Biomedical Engineering are
the Doctors of the Future!

Stanford Alumna Pavithra Srinivasan outlines the exciting potential career opportunities available after a graduate degree in Biomedical Engineering from a good university abroad. She also talks about the key aspects that students need to think through while choosing their universities and specializations.

Did You Know?

Biomedical Engineering is an emerging and rapidly expanding field from the past few years. In this Bio medical Engineering Ebook we cover about this field in detail

  • Globally, the healthcare market is projected to reach a staggering $10 trillion by 2022
  • Jobs in Biomedical Engineering can span from designing devices, developing software or AI-powered platforms, nanotechnology, bioinformatics, research and much more.
  • Since the Biomedical field is vast, different schools have various majors or combinations of Masters and PhD programs available.
  • BME engineers at TOP companies are pioneers in developing advanced medical technology. Take GE’s latest award-winning technology, AIR as an example.

For more in-depth insights download the Bio Medical Engineering eBook now.

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About the Author

Pavithra has graduated from Stanford University with a 100% Fellowship Scholarship in Electrical Engineering. She worked at various hi-tech companies in the Silicon Valley and Kaplan in the U.S.

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