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At Entrayn, I found good opportunities to work on what I like as well as what the company wants, and when these both intersect, the management was ready to let the developer lead the project. This in turn gave me the awesome experience of working on and leading several projects which involved stakeholders from various backgrounds like Product Design, Sales, and Marketing.

UDHAYA KUMARSenior Software Developer

Working at Entrayn has been a fantastic learning experience and I am thankful for the skills I've acquired! I had a great time working with each and everyone. The team was so helpful throughout my project, as a result of which I learnt a lot and I now have the passion and the confidence to build some really cool stuff! ☺

SHAHNAZ SHARIFFSoftware Development Intern

Internships @ Galvanize

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All the mentors were very nice. I used to ask them various doubt others than project too, and they were always able to give me proper direction to look for the solution. It was a very nice learning experience for me at Entrayn.

Nitin Kumar, IIT MadrasB.Tech in Engineering Physics, Software Development Internship

Senior Developers in the company were very helpful and motivating. I learnt the correct way to write and structure code. At Entrayn, an Intern is treated just like an Employee.

Shiv Kumar Tavker, IIT MadrasB.Tech. in Mechanical Engineering, Software Development Internship

Everyone in the organization is very helpful. Weekly/Daily tasks are assigned and discussed, so we make visible progress every single day, which was quite motivating. Every day I learnt something new.

G Krishna Sree, IIITDM KancheepuramInteg.M.Tech Computer Engineering, English Internship

I always wanted to work for a highly progressive startup setting and I couldn't have landed at a better place. The culture set by the company and upper management is highly conducive and encourages developers to take an inquisitive approach.

Deepak Challiyal, IIITDM KurnoolB.Tech Computer Engineering, Software Development Internship

I was very excited to work with alumni from Stanford univ, IITs, etc. The project planning was good. Every week we got clear tasks. They were challenging and we got clear inputs. Very good place to learn new technologies from scratch.

Anuja Reddy Mandla, IIT MadrasDual Degree in Electrical Engineering, Software Development Internship

My expectation was to learn new technology and work in real world projects. Approaching any of the seniors for doubts was very easy.
Every week is productive at Galvanize.

Abdul Hafeez Kozhithodi, IIT MadrasB.Tech. in Computer Science, Software Development Internship

I loved working with the Galvanize team. I learnt new things by working on different projects. I got to developed content of varying difficulties, which shows that Galvanize helps the individual grow step-by-step.

Deepti Gupta, Indira Gandhi Delhi Technical University for WomenB.Tech. in Mechanical Engineering, Math Internship

Key aspects are flexibility, innovation, passion and leadership. The company always valued its employees and interns. The stipend was above the industry standards, compared to competitors.

Vemulapati Sunny Rohit Reddy, IMT GhaziabadB.Tech and MBA, Math Internship

Though I prepared content for Entrayn, I am the who learned during the process. I was introduced to new words and their usages, which helped me a lot! I was very comfortable working with the team assigned.

Merin Joseph, Stella Maris CollegeMasters in English Literature, English Internship

It was a stimulating experience in the beginning of my career. I was amazed at the team's efficiency and their keenness for detail and precision, as well as their dedication to their students.

Anuja Jose Assistant Professor, Stella Maris CollegeMA & M.Phil. in English Literature, English Internship

It's been an out-of-the-world experience for me. I'm now confident to perform and survive in any corporate environment and all the credit goes to Entrayn Education technologies, my first workplace. ! 🙂

Santhosh M.V.S Velammal Engineering CollegeBE (CSE), HR Internship
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