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Galvanize test prep is a GAME CHANGER. I made the right choice and it is a MUST for every GRE test taker...

Sahitya Sridhar

Shyam Ravishankar, Chennai India

Galvanize Test Prep Review - Shyam Ravishankar

GRE Score- 332 Verbal- 165 Quant- 167

Score Improvement- 26

Sri Venkateswara College of Engineering

I want to say a big thank you to Galvanize for my GRE Prep! The Personalized Study Plan and top notch study material helped me understand and focus on my strengths and weaknesses. I was able to achieve my dream score of 330+ thanks to your fantastic GRE Course! I want to say a big thank you to Galvanize for my GRE Prep! “I was able to achieve my dream score of 330+ thanks to your fantastic GRE Course!”

Amit Somani, Ahmedabad India

Galvanize Test Prep Review -Amit Somani

GRE Score- 330 Verbal- 160 Quant- 170

Score Improvement- 15

IIT Patna

ezDI, Inc

I am Amit Somani, alumnus of IIT – Patna. One of my friends introduced me to Galvanize and their instructors made a study plan based on the diagnostic test with an emphasis on my weak areas. The question bank mimics exactly the type of question there are on actual GRE . One of the things that I like the most about Galvanize is that instructors are amicable and they cared as much as I cared about my score.By religiously following Galvanize’s GRE one month study plan, I increased my score by 19 points within a month and got 330/340. Thank you Team Galvanize!

Shyam Sundhar R, Kanpur

GRE Score- 330 Verbal- 160 Quant- 170

IIT Kanpur, India

Galvanize coaching has a pretty decent online program. They cover all the question types in the Verbal section thoroughly and provide with proper tips and techniques. I used to have a notion that the Verbal section is purely based on vocabulary and not much thinking goes into it. They helped me change that notion and made me attack each question in a logical and iterative manner. Their exercises and tests helped me a lot.

Also, they had a decent amount of practice for the AWA section, in which I was least confident. Their exercises and tests made me improve a lot. And their personalized feedback regarding the AWA part in the third mock test was helpful.

The Mock tests were very useful and were fairly accurate in predicting your actual GRE score. In every mock test, AWA was graded which helped me a lot in understanding where I stand.

The Galvanize preparation was sufficient but in the end, it all comes down to how well you understood the concepts you’re learning.

Zihad Azad, Bangladesh

Galvanize Test Prep Review - zihad azad

GRE Score- 336 Verbal- 169 Quant- 167

Bangladesh University of engineering and technology

I’m a recent graduate of Electronic Engineering from Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology. I recently took the GRE exam and scored a 336 in total (169 in Verbal & 167 in Quant). I was looking for quality GRE vocab apps when I came across the Galvanize vocab app and I really liked it. I then did some research and found their free GRE diagnostic test on their website. I took the test and I really loved it. That’s why I chose to sign up for their services. One of the things I really loved about Galvanize is that they give you a fixed study schedule based on your performance in the diagnostic test. It was amazing because it gave me daily activities for each of the 45 days that I’d signed up for. My experience was very intensive.

This I felt was in sharp contrast to other GRE prep service providers who only give you access to the question pool and leave you to it.  The Quant questions were constantly being updated and I thought they were really good. There is a very interactive discussion section where you can discuss and get your doubts cleared by the Verbal & Quant expert. I really liked the practice tests and the mock tests as well. I took 5 mock tests which were amazing because they really did simulate the real GRE test. They’ve done a really good job of having their mock tests be as close as possible to the real GRE. They also assign a personal coach (“course manager”) to every student. My course manager followed up with me every few days to ensure I was on track. This interactive experience I had was amazing. I do not know which other service providers can claim to provide such a level of personalization. I highly recommend Galvanize to anybody looking for that personalized touch to their GRE preparation.

Did you know?

Sriram Venkatraman, Your Learning Architect
B.Tech., IIT Madras

Neelmani Garg, India

student testimonials Neelmani Garg

Admit from  SUNY Buffalo, New York

My Name is Neelmani Garg. I plan to pursue my masters in Industrial Engineering and I have also received an admit from SUNY Buffalo University at New York. I am sharing my experience with Galvanize Test prep, which was instrumental in helping me procure the aforementioned admit.

I got to know about Galvanize from a friend. Later, I spoke to one of the counselors at Galvanize Test prep and enrolled for their admissions service.

The shortlisting process went well. My counselor’s name was Padma and she was quite genuine. After carefully considering my major and budget, she shortlisted prospective  universities for me.

I filled out the forms for the SOP and LOR and got the drafts. It took a lot of time to receive those drafts, but they were extremely helpful. The kind of support that I received from the Admissions counsellors was excellent. 

I also took the GRE preparation platform. The math portion in Galvanise’s platform is quite good.

One tip I would like to give to the aspirants is that it requires a lot of practice before attempting to take the GRE. So, one must practice thoroughly and review their mistakes as well. 

My parents feel great about my journey. They understand that it will help in my career growth immensely.

Akhil Patnam, Chennai, India

Fall 2020

University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign, USA

New York University, USA

Northeastern University, USA

University of Houston, USA

IIIT-D&M, Kancheepuram

Galvanize AC team has helped me during every phase of the application process. They’ve carefully evaluated my profile and suggested to me with a list of universities to apply for and I received admits from most of the universities in the list.

Though the drafting of SOP was a tedious process, they had been very patient and helpful. They showed the same dedication and patience throughout the process.
With the help of the Galvanize AC team, I could finish the application process much before the deadlines. They constantly reminded me of the upcoming application deadlines.

I am very thankful to Galvanize for helping me in getting an admits from reputed universities like the University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign, New York University, Northeastern University and the University of Houston.

Deepika Gullapalli

My name is Deepika Gullapalli. I graduated from BVRIT Hyderabad College of Engineering for Women. I wanted to pursue my higher education abroad. So I was looking for some assistance. I came across Galvanize through their Vocabulary app. Soon I received a call from their counselor who explained to me the whole process. My journey with Galvanize has been really good. Especially my councilor arathi was really helpful. We did the University Shortlisting by discussing a lot of factors. I must say that the team is very cooperative and quick as they helped me with drafting my sop, resume and lors. I would like to thank the team for guiding me throughout the process. Very happy to share that I received admits from California State University – East Bay, San Diego State University, San Francisco State University, University of California – Riverside, Arizona State University. And I will be going to San Diego State University

 and will be doing my Management Information Systems

Varsha.R , Bangalore

Received Admits from : UT Dallas, University of Houston college station,Texas tech , Illinois Institute of technology.

MS in Computer and system engineering (ECE)

The support from the Galvanize Admission Counselors was amazing. They are well organised and they always kept track of my progress and told me the tasks to be done.

I had their  support in everything and they were very informative and resolved all my queries.

The inputs for LOR’s were easy to give because I had to just fill in  the document that they provided,which had all the necessary questions that had to be filled in ,through which they generate a LOR.I liked the idea because it makes one’s task easier and it is less time consuming.I was happy with the way the editors worked on it. I was handed over the final, precise LOR. 

Coming to Resumé, the editors are very much aware about the format ,and I just had to give the inputs and my Resume was shaped accordingly.

 Unlike other consultancies, Galvanize work on your SOP,LOR’S personally,which is great. Though it is an online consultancy, you’ll never feel that you are off the track or lost because the team is always there to eye on your progress.I would definitely recommend Galvanize over other consultancies .

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