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Get all your Travel Abroad Assistance from Forex to Insurance under one roof.

It takes experienced individuals, who have made the journey you are about to embark upon, to be able to provide insight into planning for your departure and arrival. We at Galvanize are excited for you to take off to your future. We’ll cover everything from obtaining your air tickets, securing insurance, and other travel arrangements, at the best possible prices. Sit back and relax!

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Take only 2-minutes to complete our profile form with your Forex & Air-Ticketing requirements. Get Started.

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Discuss your travel, forex and insurance needs with our expert. From the comfort of your home!

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Lose the headache of seeking out, getting confused & running after everyone. Let us do the heavy lifting for you.

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Nothing short of liberating- the realization that you’re about to make your dreams come true. Get set fly!

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What are the services offered under this service?

Few services included are Tuition Fees Payment to Overseas University, Foreign Exchange Service for Students, German Blocked Account, Travel Insurance, and SBI GIC Account Opening.

If I am traveling abroad, which is the best way to carry currency?

If you are traveling for a short duration, then a currency note is a great way to carry foreign currency for your everyday needs however if the stay is for a longer duration, its recommended to carry a Prepaid Forex card

What is the maximum limit for carrying foreign currency for purpose of overseas education?

When traveling for education, the regulation says that the students can avail Fx maximum up to USD2,50,000 or up to the amount as mentioned in the University offer letter / I- 20 whichever is less. During initial travel, the students can avail USD 3,000 can be carried per trip as currency notes and the balance has to be carried in the convenient form of Prepaid Forex cards

Who can avail this service?

This service is exclusively available for Indian Students travelling from India to other countries.

Is it important to buy Foreign Exchange from authorized dealers?

YES! It is very important for safety and security sake to buy Foreign exchange from authorized dealers like Banks and authorized RBI approved dealers.

Should one opt for Forex prepaid cards while traveling abroad?

Forex prepaid cards are the NEW AGE product developed for the frequent travelers which combines Safety, security through pin protection as well as convenience while traveling overseas.

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    Note: This service is only available for Indian students travelling from India.

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