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Ananya Bonjyotsna, Assam

ananya admission counselling testimonals
College: Tezpur University 
Admit to New York University

I am very happy about my journey with Galvanize. I enjoyed my GRE preparation with Galvanise’s applications, modules and tasks which were customized according to my target. The Galvanize support is awesome too. The course fee is also reasonable and convenient to opt for such online courses. I came to know about Galvanize through the Mobile app referred by a friend of mine. And then a person from Galvanise contacted me.

Galvanize really helped me in the shortlisting and also included my preferences for the same. The iteration process was very professional. I was particularly impressed with the preparation involved in the SOP Process. The support was very good from counsellors . I received regular and prompt responses. On whole  it was a very good experience on my part. The GRE preparation module was particularly well designed and one could practice the problems and sums very well according to the module at home. It was as good as face-to-face coaching! Please try to complete the given tasks in the module on time to get the maximum benefit from your preparation. Galvanize syllabus is prepared very well and customized according to one’s unique needs and targets. 

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