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Madhurima Chatterjee, India

Admit from : Northeastern University
Graduation :  Amrita University

Hello this is Madhurima Chatterjee, Since I used to work full-time, I barely had time to prepare for my GRE exams, let alone do my research on universities I would like to apply to.
I was left with about 3 months before my GRE exam and had not been studying quite seriously until then. It was when I was looking for mobile apps to help me with my quants and verbal that I stumbled upon the free Galvanize App. Soon after registering myself on that app, I received a call from someone at Galvanize asking me about my future plans and so on. Upon a good long discussion with them, I decided to move ahead with the Galvanize test prep service.

There was a very long and detailed questionnaire provided to us on Google Forms which took into consideration almost everything that should matter when considering universities. I remember taking 40-45 mins to finally finish it. The process was quite long, however I did not let my laziness get the best of me and answered each question with due diligence. 

After about 7-10 days, I received an update from the Team and was quite satisfied with my university list as it had most of the universities that I actually wanted to apply for.

The efforts that the writing team had put into each of my applications to handcraft them differently according to the university and its specialization was not something I would have had the skills or the motivation to do on my own. Due to their vast experience and insight from working with previous applicants, they have a very clear idea of what the universities are looking out for in particular.

The counselling team was very patient in dealing with my queries and had adequate knowledge on the required domains to provide me with support and advice. 

I had a great experience in working with the entire team and I am glad that I went ahead with Galvanize for my admissions process. It was one of the smartest and most economic decisions I ever made!

The GRE test prep provided was very useful, the UI for the same is super intuitive and the periodic mock tests really keep you on your toes. The intensity of the mocks is at par with the GRE exam level.

 Have trust in the process. Provide your information to Galvanise, be open and honest. Definitely  practice a lot. : )

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