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Parshi Srinidhi, Hyderabad India

GRE Score- 319 Verbal- 158 Quant- 161

Score Improvement- 24

Mahindra École Centrale

As my college is situated at the edge of the city, I couldn’t take part in a coaching regimen where my physical presence was required. As such, I turned to internet-based coaching centers. I think Galvanize is perfect for anyone wishing for a personalised coaching that is flexible to their schedule.Oftentimes, my schedule changed sporadically and with Galvanize, I had the flexibility of adjusting my preparations for GRE.I found it a very helpful and useful tool that also has great feedback insights.The lessons included made the concepts clear and the mock tests helped polish my preparation. I certainly would recommend it to anyone having difficulty adjusting their schedule and preparing for GRE. Galvanize is perfect for it.

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