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Ramoji Lingamaneni, Telangana India

GRE Score- 311 Verbal- 154 Quant- 157

Score Improvement- 16


Heplina Technologies

I had tried all the available free resources and even one from The Economist. Fortunately, my search ended with a call from the Galvanize team.The learning experience was great. I could zero-in on the areas in which I wasn’t performing up to the mark and put in more efforts on that part. On top of that, I got the help of the tutors who clearly explained the approach and solution to problems I had doubts in.The platform experience was great. I was amazed to find the analytic breakdown of scores and timing after every test I took.The timing charts helped me in managing time in the real exam and it felt like any mock test I had taken on the Galvanize platform. It drives away the fear factor during the actual exam.

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