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Sailesh Dhulipala, Chennai India

GRE Score- 312 Verbal- 147 Quant- 165

Score Improvement- 25

SRM University, Kattankulathur

They were very good and the material was almost of the same standard as the GRE exam both for Quant and Verbal. The lectures were also very good. For Quant they are of even higher standard, which is actually useful. The online platform is so flexible and I was able to use it whenever I was free. The data analytics report that comes after each test is actually the best part which I found so useful during the last few days before the exam. The Course Managers were very good to me, actually very patient with me because I have been asking a lot of doubts from the beginning. Sometimes I raised my doubts even at odd hours, but even then they responded quickly. They were highly attentive. If I had a series of doubts regarding anything, they immediately called me.

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