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By religiously following Galvanize's study plan, I increased my score by 19 points within a month and got 330/340.

Amit Somani

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What students love about Galvanize

Surbhi Srivastava,
GRE Score: 330

Between Magoosh and Galvanize, I felt Galvanize was more suited for me….

Harsh Gondaliya,
GRE Score: 330

“Ultimately, I scored a 330 so I’m very happy and would definitely recommend Galvanize to…”

Indranil Chakraborty,
GRE Score: 332

“Galvanize test prep course, I think , is a very comprehensive one- stop solution.”

Hritiz Gogoi,
GRE Score: 325

“Galvanize Mock Tests emulates the GRE exam environment. That was extremely helpful.”

Shyam Ravishankar,
GRE Score: 332

“I want to say a big thank you to Galvanize for my GRE Prep! I was able to achieve my dream score of 330+…”

Priyanka Dani,
GRE Score: 323

“Great Verbal and Quant materials. My progress was continuously monitored.”

Quora Reviews of Galvanize

Alok Pandey

“diagnostic test on their platform was a huge eye-opener for me”

Pushpika Srikanth

“dedicated coaches guiding your progress behind the screens”

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