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FREE Full-Length IELTS Mock Test Online

Our practice test is designed to reflect the latest IELTS format,
helping you identify strengths and areas for improvement.

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Why You Should Take IELTS Practice Test Online?

Experience the Original Test

Our online IELTS practice test includes questions, patterns, and structures that resemble the original test. This allows students to take IELTS online at their convenience and prepare effectively for the exam.

Improve Band Score

Taking the IELTS mock test online has been proven to improve the band scores for many students. By taking the practice test, students learn from their mistakes and improve by working on them. 

Receive Instant Feedback 

With our tailored online IELTS practice test, you not only solve questions and receive a score report but also get instant expert feedback. This feedback offers guidance to improve your preparation level. 

Who Can Take This IELTS Practice Test?

Everybody. We offer a FREE IELTS practice test that closely the IELTS Academic test to all prospective test takers.  

What is included in the Galvaniz’s Free IELTS Practice Test?

Galvanize IELTS practice tests are prepared by experts following the Cambridge IELTS format and the test difficulty level.

  • Section-Wise Performance Analysis – Our IELTS practice tests provide analysis for the listening, reading, writing and speaking section
  • Progress Tracking Section – Track your progress by comparing performance on two or more tests in a single place. 
Start Your IELTS Practice Test

What Do You Need to Take this IELTS Practice Test Online?

To start with our IELTS- real test practice, ensure: 

  • You have your system with a working microphone and camera. 
  • The system has a sustainable internet connection. 
  • The volume of the system is good. You can use earphones. 
  • You sit in a locked room or place where you don’t get interrupted.

Tighten your seat-belts and get ready to take your IELTS practice test for FREE

Start Your Practice Test Now!

IELTS Listening Practice Test Section

The IELTS Listening section includes four parts, and you receive 30 minutes to listen and 10 minutes extra to transfer the answer. Required to listen carefully and note the answer on paper. Completing this section on time demands lots of practice. 

IELTS Reading Practice Test Section

The IELTS reading section examines your skill to scan and locate critical information. This section of the test covers an array of topics. Commanding and performing the best in reading tests requires extra practice.    


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