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Why Should I Take A Practice Test?

Weaknesses? Fix ‘Em!

Find out where (and why!) you lose points with in-depth analytics. Convert weaknesses to strengths.

Know the TOEFL Test

Before you start your TOEFL practice, get familiar with the sections and question types.

Timing Is Everything

A TOEFL sample test helps you train for the strenuous exam ahead of you. Popeye, get your spinach!

Practice, Analyze And Improve.

Taking a TOEFL practice test online before you start preparing puts you miles ahead of your competition. It highlights areas of improvement while giving you the “test day experience.” What more could your heart desire?

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What makes this TOEFL Practice Test Unique?

Shockingly Similar

Galvanize’s TOEFL mock test is the closest you’ll get to the real TOEFL exam. No jokes.

TOEFL Questions

Get first-hand exposure to all the questions you’ll encounter on the real TOEFL test.

Detailed Results

A detailed report for each section is provided to help guide you improve your performance.

Expert Answers

Get detailed and clear explanations for each question when you attempt this TOEFL sample paper.

Time Break-Up

Find out how much time you’ve spent on each question and how you performed!

Competitor Analysis

Find out how you stack up compared to other users who’ve taken this very TOEFL test online.

Who Can Take This Sample Test?

You. Your friends. Your family. Your cat. Anybody with a dream.. and stable internet connection! We made this free TOEFL sample test available to all because we know how handy having a baseline/diagnostic score is. 

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