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MS in Australia | Universities, Programs, Requirements and VISA

A Complete Guide To

MS in Australia

Chapter 1

MS in Australia Overview

Why Study MS in Australia?

The pandemic has halted a lot of our plans and dreams, leaving behind a taste of bitterness and heaps of uncertainty. However, to those of us who are privileged enough to have sustained housing, food and opportunities, a little gratitude never goes amiss. Students in particular, have come to dread those countless hours spent staring at the screen to learn ‘online’ and are languishing due to the pandemic. Here’s where Australia comes in as a potential game-changer. 

For starters, Australia has, to its credit, handled the pandemic exceedingly well along with its neighbour, New Zealand. Strict and early lockdowns, testing and hospital facilities have allowed the island country to bounce back from the pandemic in quite a remarkable fashion. Masks are few, the economy is good and Australians enjoy the outdoors as per usual. In a pandemic-affected world, this sounds almost too good to be true. Well, start believing! 

Australia is steadily competing against the likes of the UK and the USA for sought-after study destinations. It hosts around 43 universities and 700,000 international students with over 22,000 courses up for choosing. English is the primary language of communication is this beautiful, culturally diverse country. Out of the 43 universities, 6 rank among the top 100 universities in the world. Australian universities offer a plethora of majors and degrees to choose from, ranging from computer science and medicine, to arts subjects like English. Assess your career path and shortlist universities accordingly. 

There are a lot of internships and work opportunities available, along with student and work visas. We will be covering the eligibility criteria and requirements as we go further. 

Living in Australia

If this wasn’t enough, it pays to know that Australia has beautiful geographical terrains ranging from the Great Barrier Reef to Uluru. It’s vividly appealing cities and country-side towns are charming and full of wildlife. Australia definitely sounds and feels like a place to study, work and live! Perhaps you might consider Brisbane, Sydney, Adelaide or Melbourne and be entranced. If that doesn’t do it, the minimum hourly working wage of 44 AUD certainly should. 😛

Australia’s immigration policies are very friendly and attract thousands of international students every year, who look to pursue myriad career paths. Post the completion of an MS in Australia, the post-study work visas come forth as an added advantage. 

There are excellent student accommodations ranging from university-managed hostels on-campus to homestays with Australian families. There are always renting options available as well. 7 Australian cities, including the ones mentioned above, rank under the Best Student Cities worldwide. 

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Cost of MS in Australia and Return on Investment

cost of studying MS in australia

Depending on the University and the chosen program, the cost of an MS in Australia ranges between 10 lakhs INR to 25 lakhs INR (~20,000 AUD to 50,000 AUD). To put things into perspective, an MS in Australia offers a high Return on Investment, with an average annual salary package of 91,000 AUD or ~51 lakhs INR, post your MS. The cost of the MS is far lesser than MS Programs in the USA and UK. The average salary packages vary on the higher side between certain cities, and certain programs.  

Also, keep in mind that this doesn’t cover your cost of living. If you are serious about pursuing your Master’s in Australia, then keep in mind that you will be allowed a 1-year post-study work visa in most cases. You may have to work after college to manage your expenses as well (most students do this and it is definitely possible). If you love your program and can visualize a future in the country, go ahead and apply for Permanent Residency as well! 

Note: An MS in Australia comes in both versions: Research program and professional Master’s program. It generally lasts for 1-2 years. Students generally opt for Management, Engineering and IT courses for their Master’s. 

Ms in Australia – Intake

MS in australia intakes

Australian universities offer 2 intakes: 

  • Intake 1 – Starts from July/August to November (deadline – April/May)
  • Intake 2 – Starts from February/March to May/June (deadline – October/November)

Consider your shortlisted universities, your preferred programmes, your entrance test scores and college scorecards along with job opportunities and pick 1 intake. Most Indian students pick Intake 1, but you can choose what’s best for you. 

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Is an MS in Australia good for Indian Students?

Definitely. Provided you are serious about your Master’s ; ). Universities in Australia produce World Class research and have an excellent Education system. Degrees from Australian Universities are globally recognized and the immigration policies are friendly. Your Return of Investment will be good and the multi-cultural environment will certainly help you grow as a person (the latter is true for most globally recognized and acclaimed universities). For more, read the Cost of MS in Australia Section above! 

How does an MS in Australia fare against an MS from the USA or Canada?

Australia vs USA: 

  • Tougher work visa rules and an even tougher chance of citizenship in the USA. 
  • More job opportunities in the USA but that is shifting now due to the USA’s politically polarized world. Australian graduates are in increasingly high demand compared to earlier years.  
  • More economic cost of education in Australia. 

Canada vs Australia 

This comparison won’t be as very clear. It depends on what your preferred program is, whether that program has better career options in Canada or Australia, and whether you like the culture and climate. Canada has wonderful opportunities in store. Do check them out here. 

The above can be said while comparing the USA and Australia as well. Essentially, it is subjective. Aim high and aim for the best universities wherever you choose. The minimum wage rates and ease of obtaining permanent residence is easier in Australia and Canada compared to the USA though. 

Chapter 2

MS in Australia Eligibility Criteria and Requirements

Right off the bat, it should be obvious that different programs and universities have different eligibility criteria. However, there are certain common requirements and eligibility criteria that are native to Australia, and it is important that you know them first. 

English language requirements:

Seeing as the primary language for communication in Australia is English, it makes sense that you must prove your proficiency in English. Generally, an IELTS score of 6.5 or above / TOEFL score 80 or above is preferable. A Pearson’s Test of English or PTE can also be taken (depends on the university though), with a score of 58 or above being ideal. 

Academic requirements: 

  1. A relevant UG Degree. 
  2. Entrance Test Scores – If you are opting for Management Courses, the GMAT is usually required. If you are going after Engineering or other IT Courses, the GRE is required. These scores are imperative if you are to secure a seat in a top university. 
  3. Letters of Recommendation (at least 2) and references. 
  4. Work experience and Qualifications – Professional Master’s Degrees are particular about this. 
  5. Statement of Purpose.
  6. Research Proposals – If you are applying to Master’s Programs which are Research-oriented. 
  7. Relevant documents – X, XII and UG Marksheets, Proof of identity etc. 
  • Health coverage – There is a system in purpose for overseas students to obtain health coverage. You must select a provider and acquire this coverage. 
  • VISA Requirements – Read about VISA Requirements in detail here. 

Do your research thoroughly and make sure you have everything you need! : ) 

Now, we will be looking at the Top Universities in Australia and some of the most popular programs in this country. 

MS in australia requirements
Chapter 3

MS in Australia – Popular Programs

Every country is known for a particular program or career and Australia is no different. Let us explore some of the most popular MS programs in Australia, along with relevant information such as Top Universities offering these programs, salary estimates and so forth. 

Most of the MS Programs in Australia last for 2 years, same as the rest of the world, with a few programs lasting for 1.5 years. We’ve compiled all of the information in a table, so that you may peruse it as per your convenience.

MS Program

Top Universities 

Fees (AUD)

Average Salary Estimates (AUD)


Adelaide Business School 

45k to 95k



University of Sydney - Business School


Monash University 


Griffith Business School 


Melbourne Business School 


MS in Computer Science and IT

University of Melbourne 

40k to 90k



University of New South Wales 


Monash University 


University of Sydney 


University of Queensland


MS in Biomedical Engineering

University of South Wales 

20k to 50k



University of Technology - Sydney 


University of Melbourne 


University of Sydney 


Masters in Architecture 

University of Newcastle

40 to 135k



University of Sydney 


University of Canberra


Deakin University 


MS in Finance 

University of Sydney

70k to 107k



University of Melbourne 


University of New South Wales 


University of Technology - Sydney 


MS in Data Sciences 

Australian National University 

35k to 90k



University of Melbourne 


University of Sydney 


University of New South Wales 


MS in Hospitality Management 

University of Queensland 

25 - 85k



Edith Cowan University 


Murdoch University 


Bond University 


We can see from the table above that a lot of universities’ names keep recurring for these top and popular MS programs in Australia. The aforementioned programs come with world-class facilities, research and faculties. There is a huge market for these jobs in Australia, and a post-study work visa is definitely advisable. We will be listing down the Top Universities to study as we proceed further. 

Chapter 4

MS in Australia – Top Universities

Here is a list of the some the top universities in Australia for MS from Rank 1 to 10 (National Australian Rank)

  • University of Melbourne 
  • University of Sydney 
  • Australian National University 
  • University of Queensland 
  • Monash University 
  • University of New South Wales 
  • University Adelaide 
  • University of Western Australia 
  • University of Technology – Sydney 
  • University of Canberra 

Refer to the popular MS Programs in Australia section and correlate them with the top Universities of Australia. 

Other Notable Universities include: 

  • RMIT University 
  • University of South Australia 
  • University of Newcastle 

The above Universities have outstanding international reputations, world-class teaching and research, and provide the student with real-time skills that are invaluable in the real world. A scholarship would sound pretty good right about now, right? 😛

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Chapter 5

MS in Australia – Scholarships

Scholarships in australia

There are a number of scholarships offered and funded by the Australian Government, Universities and other organization’s both private and public. For International Students, this can mean a chance to lessen the cost of their education and streamline their career paths. Let’s look at some of the scholarships offered. 

  • Australia Awards – This one is offered by the Department of Foreign Affairs. Within these Awards, we have 
  • ACIAR Fellowships 
  • Australia Award Scholarship
  • Australia Award Pacific Scholarship 
  • Destination Australia – This scholarship is part of the government’s initiative to increase mobility of study for both international and domestic students. There are around 1000 scholarships available within this category. 
  • Australian Government Research Training Program
  • Provider Scholarships – Based on your Academic Merit, Australian Universities and Education Providers can offer scholarships. You will need to contact the admissions team at the university for further information and do your research thoroughly. 
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Chapter 6

VISA Requirements for Australia

Study VISA’s and Post Study Permit details about Australia and alot of other important study abroad destinations are covered in this blog : Student VISAs abroad and Post Study Permit

Chapter 7

How to apply for MS in Australia

Essentially, your application for an MS in Australia will cover both VISA applications and academic applications. We’ve covered the VISA applications part in detail up above, so do check that out! 

In this section, we will be looking at university and program applications for your MS in Australia. If you’ve perused the ‘requirements’ section, you will know that those documents are vital for your applications. 

  • Select a particular program and your preferred University. You can make your decision based on our top programs and universities section, and also through your own research. Choose wisely! 
  • Send your inquiries and request the application forms from the university’s web portal. 
  • Fill in your application forms by paying close attention to and satisfying the requirements of your chosen program or university. 
  • After applying, begin securing some funds for your education and living. Now is also a good time to start applying for scholarships (if you aren’t required to apply beforehand that is). 
  • Acceptance! – This is definitely a sweet stage for applicants, for obvious reasons. Post this, you will need to pay your fees, arrange or apply for accommodation and get your Student Heath Cover. 
  • You will also need to apply for a Student VISA subclass 500. 

For further details about intakes, VISA requirements and Australian Universities’ Eligibility Criteria, refer to the relevant sections up above. We hope you find it useful! 

We like to keep saying, “Do your research, stay focused, be smart, and have faith”. All the very best for your applications and dreams. 

Hope this blog helped you! Written by Saahil R Bhatt.

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