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Best countries to migrate for Indians

Best Countries to migrate for Indians
A Complete Guide To

Best Countries To Migrate From India

Chapter 1


Why migrate abroad?

There are a host of reasons for someone to move to another country. It can be for better education, a satisfactory lifestyle or good job opportunities. Moving abroad is as if you are  opening a new chapter in life and with that there comes a lot of changes for good and bad. You can learn new skills, be independent, and even reinvent yourself. We have listed some of the reasons for you to move abroad

Five reasons to move abroad

Financially better off

Moving abroad not only gives you plenty of good job opportunities but also a good pay. You can work even for part time and earn well enough. All jobs are respected abroad and you can start a new lifestyle. This effort will be all worth it but the change to this can be a little difficult

Family advantages 

Your family will thank you for being abroad. With you, your kids can grow up there and your family members can also visit you, get inspired and even move abroad. There are many good education systems and you can choose as per your suitability for your children. 


Being abroad can give you a lot of freedom to explore without much judgement. You can be independent as you can work there. You can explore various other cultures learn them and

even implement it in your lifestyle. Moving abroad can be lonely but after some months you can start finding new friends from different backgrounds and learn many things.

Learn a new language

You don’t need to move abroad just to learn a new language. But learning these foreign languages in your homeland and going abroad, practising it will be a feather to your cap. Some countries like Japan, Germany, etc do require you to learn their languages in order to live and work there. Learning their language can also increase your job opportunities and provide you with an increased salary. There are also exceptions but learning a new language can be challenging and fun

Change in lifestyle

Moving from your home country to a new country can give you a culture shock. As there will be a new lifestyle, language and people. You have to have an open mind to embrace this change. Some countries abroad have a good lifestyle and are closer to nature. Such places can make you mentally and physically at peace. 

Six factors to consider while choosing a country abroad :

PR possibility

Permanent residence in any country abroad is a good opportunity and it opens the door for a wide range of opportunities. Different countries have different benefits, some examples are you can extend your visa to stay, free healthcare and education, you can bring your family along, get social benefits, freedom to start a business and more. These advantages of a PR differ from country to country. But in the end getting a PR is the road to getting a permanent citizenship in countries abroad.

Cost of living

The cost of living depends on the country and the city you move to. Some countries have higher cost of living and to balance that you will get a good income. Some countries have lower cost of living and have their own benefits and disadvantages. Having an idea of the cost of living before going abroad is essential. Even if a country is expensive to move in you can choose the cities in that country which are cheaper to live in. Again these cities will have their own pros and cons. But some things like people, culture, sunset, beaches, etc are things money can’t buy but you can experience them abroad and enjoy it.

Happiness index

Being happy is the most important emotion required to be peaceful and healthy in our bodies. What is the point in life if you just work all day and get no happiness and the world around is just filled with concrete buildings? Sometimes a good lifestyle that is close to nature is essential for your happiness index. At present Finland is the happiest country in the world. To analyse this researchers look at the GDP, social support, healthy life expectancy, freedom to make life choices and more. Hence it would be better if you know which position your country that you want to move abroad is.

Employment rates and salary

Different countries cater to different job opportunities and the countries that generally pay high are Switzerland, Norway, Denmark and Japan. The salary you receive is dependent on your job and the countries you live in. Generally UK, US, German currencies are higher when compared to the Indian currency. Hence you can save a lot and invest in India or do other options with it. Usually people move abroad for good pay and education.

Education standards

Many students move abroad for their higher education. This is because they can immediately get employed there and have a good lifestyle which pays well. Some of the world’s best universities are abroad and the competition to get into them is also higher. Getting a degree from these renowned institutions is globally valued hence students can avail job opportunities easily. Some even go for research as the research based universities are plenty abroad. Studying abroad not only gives you a good education but also a chance to explore the various cultural activities and the languages spoken there.

Other reasons

Some move for other reasons which can be for health, change in lifestyle, new experiences and more. Whatever may be the reason, the chance of going abroad can be exciting but the changes can be difficult initially. Eventually you will be rewarded with good job, lifestyle and financial opportunities.

Chapter 2

Top 15 countries for you to immigrate :

We have listed the top 15 countries for you to immigrate. Read more

Switzerland :

Switzerland is ranked as the best country in Europe which has a good quality of life and education. This country is adorned with mountains and it is famous for its small yet spectacular ski towns. It has a high quality of life index and one can never forget about the chocolate there. Many international students come here to study and settle since the immigration process is relatively easier when compared to the other countries. You can download the application from the Swiss diplomatic and this process will take from six to eight weeks. You can also apply for a visa online. The citizenship process is also easier for entrepreneurs. This country has a skilled labour force and low unemployment rates and has the strongest economies all over the world.

Permanent residence:

Citizens from the European Union or the European free trade association can get citizenship easily with less restrictions here. Citizens outside these countries should apply for a Swiss long stay national Visa.Through this they can enter the country and apply for a Permanent residence which is the Swiss Residence Permit. Only if you stay for ten years can you get a PR. 

Cost of living: $1,491

Happiness index:

Employment rates: 67.4%

Average salary: CHF 6538

Top universities: University of Zurich, University of Bern

Singapore :

Singapore is a young island country which became independent in 1965 and it is  known for its welcoming nature. In the past couple of decades this country has become a global hub for several businesses. It is also called the global financial centre of Asia. This country is open to investments and inclusivity in cultures, which is easier for anyone to mingle with. This country has less than six billion people with a high quality living. This country ranks the fifth position in the human development index. It also has world renowned private and public universities. This country is known exclusively for its industry oriented programs. Immigration process begins with you securing an employment permit and it takes ten years to become a Singapore citizen. If you want to establish a startup you can obtain an entry pass and start from there.

Permanent residence:

If you are a professional/ technical worker you need to obtain the PTS scheme to get a PR in Singapore. As an investor if you invest 2.5 million you can proceed for PR. Generally it takes six months for your application to get processed.

Cost of living: $1400

Happiness index: 27

Employment rates: 65.1%

Average salary: S$8,450

Top universities: National University of Singapore, James Cook University

Canada :

Canada is the second largest country in the world and it is the most popular destination for students and others to migrate. They offer high quality education at an affordable cost and their degrees are globally recognised. International students can easily get into Canada through Express entry system, provincial nomination and other immigration services. It is the friendliest and easiest country to immigrate to which is safe. They offer good medical services as well. Cities such as Toronto, Vancouver and Calgary are given the title as the most liveable cities in the world. This country is an immigrant friendly country that has many flexible visas, study and work permits and post graduation work permits. These visas are ideal for the several international students who want to study and settle in Canada. Canada is planning to increase its migrant population to one million by 2022 as there is a shortage of skilled workers.

Permanent residence: 

You can apply for a permanent residence in Canada online. You should have stayed at least for 730 days in the past five years in Canada.

Cost of living: $2,730

Happiness index: 15

Employment rates: 61.6%

Average salary: $54,630

Top universities: University of Toronto, McGill University

New Zealand :

The original name of New Zealand is Aotearoa which means the land of clouds. It was colonised by the Britishers and they called it New Zealand. This is a beautiful country and it is filled with the culture of the native tribes who are in sync with nature. Unfortunately due to the colonization most are outcast. The government here is progressive and there are two islands – north and south which have quaint towns and beautiful scenery. It is easier to do business here and the country has a good medical system which is funded. They offer a range of visas for work, study, live or invest. All your documents need to be submitted to get your visa.

Permanent residence: 

If you have a New Zealand residence visa and have been living in New Zealand for two years or more you can avail a permanent residence visa. With this Visa you can include your partner and children. This Visa takes upto five months to process. There are visas to study, work and to invest in a business.

Cost of living: 1,400 NZD per month

Happiness index: 10

Employment rates: 63%

Average salary: NZD$ 56,160

Top universities: The University of Auckland, University of Canterbury 

Finland :

Everyone knows that Finland is the happiest country in the world and with no doubt most of us would love to visit there and start a new happy chapter in your life. There is a collectivist culture and it is a nordic country. Here they value equality more and hence it is prioritized over the gross domestic product. It has a strong social network, free Healthcare and good work life balance. The sense of  community makes these citizens of Finland to help each other. More than half of the population donated to the needs of others and a lot of people volunteer for charity. This refreshing approach in building society keeps them in the top position.

Permanent residence:

To get a permanent residence you should have lived in Finland on a continuous residence permit which is the ‘A permit’ for four years. If you have lived for five years or more in this permit then you are eligible for a permanent residence.

Cost of living: EUR 1,580

Happiness index: 1

Employment rates: 73%

Average salary: 2935 EUR

Top universities: University of Helsinki, Aalto University, University of Turku

Australia :

 Australia is the world’s sixth largest country and it is the most popular destination for many tourist people from all over the world. Many international students come here since some of the best universities are present here. There are good work, study and research opportunities here. Many people wish to migrate to this vast island because of its weather, friendly people, good quality of life and chill lifestyle. Perth, Melbourne are the one of the most liveable cities in the world. Australia is also known for its wide open spaces and its coral reef. They also offer excellent work opportunities and health care. This country night is expensive to live in but the salary you get can balance it out.

Permanent residence:

The Permanent residence visa is valid for five years and to apply for citizenship you need to live for four years with your permanent visa. With this you can sponsor for the PR of your relatives, eligible for social benefits and apply for educational loans.

Cost of living: AU$3,691

Happiness index: 7.16

Employment rates: 64%

Average salary: $89,122

Top universities: University of Queensland, University of New South Wales, University of Auckland, University of Technology

Germany :

Germany has the most stable economy with a low level of unemployment rates. This country offers excellent education to the students. Most of the universities give degrees with no fee hence it is most preferred by the international students. This country is also the home to some of the world’s top universities. There are so many cities to explore especially Berlin, Munich and Hamburg. This country has beautiful scenery, places to trek, good lifestyle, work life balance and fairy tale castles. Sundays are off for everyone here. Many people migrate here and  only approved visas can do business investment, education, work and more. There are a wide range of opportunities and visas for job seekers, EU blue cards, resident permits for employees, investors and more. It is better to learn German to get visas and pursue education or work here.

Permanent residence:

The German permanent residence is also called a Settlement permit. In German it is called 

Niederlassungserlaubnis, which is issued only if one works and lives there for five years. You are also required to learn and speak German upto a specific level. This permanent residence is given only if you have temporary residence and EU blue card for a few years.

Cost of living: 861 euros

Happiness index: 14

Employment rates: 70%

Average salary: 47.700 euros

Top universities: Technische Universität München,Humboldt University of Berlin

Sweden :

This country is known as the highly chosen destination for immigration. Many workers and students choose this country. Sweden is known as one of the best countries in the Nordic region which has over ten billion inhabitants. The immigration process includes visas for workers, students, investors, business people and families. If you want to work, study, or hire workers here then you should apply online. Some of the places that are incredible in this country include beautiful bridges, islands, palaces and interesting museums. For non European citizens it is difficult to get Permanent residence. But to apply you require a work permit with a job offer in hand. A study conducted by the USA says that Sweden is the best place to migrate followed by Australia and other countries. One important thing is that English is not the official language of Sweden. Swedish is the official language here.

Permanent residence:

To get a permanent residence in Sweden you should have lived in Sweden for continuous years. If you live outside Sweden for six continuous months then you are not eligible for permanent residence. This permanent residence is valid for five years. A residence permit for three years is required before you apply for a PR.

Cost of living: SEK 8,649

Happiness index: 7

Employment rates: 66%

Average salary: SEK 32,800

Top universities: Lund University, Stockholm University

Denmark :

Denmark is also one of the happiest countries in the world. It has a high standard of living where there is economic and gender equality. They have a developed welfare system. The population of immigrants in this country is approximately 476059 which excludes the Danish born citizens. There is a study increase in the immigration population in the past 30 years. Mostly people from Western countries migrate here. To apply for a visa you need to check their website for a Danish visa.  For US citizens you can stay in Denmark for ninety days without a Visa.

Permanent residence:

The temporary residence is valid for five years with which you are allowed to work and have access to education and healthcare. For a permanent residence you should have lived in Denmark for eight years and this Visa costs DKK 3,000.

Cost of living: DKK 7409

Happiness index: 2

Employment rates: 65%

Average salary: DKK 44,514

Top universities: Copenhagen University, Aarhus University

United States of America :

The USA has a strong economy and it attracts a lot of immigrants around the world. This country is the home to some of the world’s best universities. It is a great country to migrate to but however to get the green Card it can take a longer time. Through a green Card you can get  residence easily. This country is beautiful with huge parks, interesting museums and multi-culture. More than 1 million immigrants come to this country every year.  To immigrate here someone should sponsor or file an immigrant petition for you. Then apply for the immigration visa, get medical checks and interviews done.

Permanent residence: The Permanent residence is called the green Card here. You should check if you are eligible and apply for it with the necessary documents and fees. This Green Card is valid for ten years.

Cost of living: $1,000

Happiness index: 19

Employment rates: 59%

Average salary: $94,700

Top universities: Massachusetts institute of technology, University of Michigan

These are some of the best countries to migrate for Indians.

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