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GRE Score Validity for Test Takers in 2024

GRE Score Valid

As per ETS, GRE score validity is 5 years from the test date. GRE 2024 test takers’ scores will be valid till 2029. Afterwards, ETS will delete the score from its server. Schools/colleges won’t accept these scores for admission or other purposes. You’ll need to retake the test after its validity period.

But how these scores validity for GRE gets calculated whether from the registration date, your test date, or result date.

In this blog, we’ll learn all about GRE score validity in detail along with tips to retake GRE if your score has already expired.

How Validity of GRE Test Gets Calculated

Many students get confused from which date they need to calculate the GRE score validity if it’s from registration date, test date, or result date.

ETS, the GRE conducting body says the GRE score is valid for 5 years from your exam date.

For example, If you have registered for the GRE exam on 20 December 2023, appear for the  exam on 15, January 2024, and the result gets declared on 30 January 2024 (15 days from the test date).  Your GRE score validity counting  will start with the test date, i.e 15 January, 2024.

So, your score will be valid till 15 January, 2029.

Why do GRE Score Validity End? 

Now you might be wondering why the ETS-GRE score expires after certain periods of time. ETS, universities and colleges have five reasons to do this.

  • ETS, Universities, Colleges believes that applicants who have appeared in the GRE exam 5 years before might not possess the same skills sets today. For instance, if any one appeared for the GRE in 2017 might not have the same skill to tackle the GRE standard in 2024.
  • The ETS also considers that maybe after 5 years, applicants develop some exceptional skills and can do better than the last time in GRE.
  • If the GRE score will be valid for lifetime, there’s a high chance that the number of candidates with GRE score will only increase each year.
  • If the GRE score doesn’t expire, it will be challenging for ETS to bring changes to GRE exam patterns, GRE syllabus, and improve the quality of ever-changing sections like quantitative and reasoning  of GRE.
  • Another important reason for the expiry of score  is that it keeps the demands for the GRE exam high.

What Happens if GRE Score Expires?

#1. You can’t Use Score

If your GRE score expires. you can’t use it anywhere like in your resume, for college admission, visa, or anything.

#2. You can’t Access GRE Score

After the gre score validity period, you can’t access it through GRE websites. Since, ETS removes it from its server from its expiry. However, if you have saved its pdf or uploaded it on your personal drive, you can access it. But it’ll be of no-use.

GRE Score Already Expired; What’s Next?

Fortunately, the GRE doesn’t limit you from taking the GRE exam again and again. So, if your GRE score has expired and you’re in need of it,  you can attempt the GRE again without quoting any reasons or fulfilling any condition.

Tips to Retake GRE after its Score Validity

      1. Focus on Practise 

Even if you scored well in the GRE exam earlier, you need to put the same effort and practice. Quantitative and reasoning sections require you to prioritize practicing. Solve sample papers, questions related to it in a time bound manner.

      2. Utilize Your Previous Experience 

Since you have already taken the test once, you must have a good experience. Use this knowledge, however, stay flexible for the changes if you’re doing something wrong. 

       3. Give Special Attention to English 

English is an ever-evolving language, it keeps adapting changes. In addition, it may also happen that you don’t remember vocabulary. So, give special attention to it.  

       4. Prepare with New Exam Pattern

If you have given your GRE exam before 2023, you’ll need to prepare for it with its new pattern. Since, ETS has updated the GRE exam pattern on 22 September 2023. Understand the new GRE exam pattern, the number of questions, difficulty level, and allotted time for the exam. 

       5. Stay Confident 

The most important thing is that, don’t lose your confidence, you can score well this time as well just focus on preparation and practice harder.


If your GRE score validity ends you can plan to retake GRE or in case you’re scared of its expiry,  while considering to hold your GRE marks usage plan well. No worries, as the GRE test has a more futuristic approach.

ETS offers a great opportunity for test takers with a long term goal. As, the GRE total marks validity is more than that of IELTS and TOEFL validity.

With the GRE test, applicants can plan to take the exam just after their graduation or post graduation, get some experience before moving abroad, and establish themselves at foreign land.

If you’re planning to take or retake the test, prepare for it through online resources, free youtube classes or enroll yourself with GRE preparation classes.

Galvanize is an abroad study center that helps students prepare for the standard international exams essential to take admission in abroad universities and institutes. We help you gain the highest score in GRE with personalized study plans, expert guidance, and performance analysis.

If you have other queries related to GRE score validity, preparation and requires assistance in understanding GRE or other international examination systems. Connect with us.

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