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GRE Exam Fees 2024: Registration, Rescheduling, Service, Cancellation Fees

GRE Exam Fees

The Graduate Record Examination, or GRE, is a vital admission test for graduate and business school programs. It’s conducted by ETS globally. However, its fee varies based on location and type of test for which you appear.

ETS declared the latest fee structure on 1 July, 2023 according to which the GRE exam fees for general is $220 and subject is $150 worldwide except in China, where GRE general fee is $231.30. In India, the GRE general exam fee is ₹22,550 and the GRE subject test fee is ₹14,500.

Here, in this blog, we will reveal all about GRE exam fees, including registration fees, cancellation charges, rescheduling fees, center change costs, subject-changing charges, etc.

Types of GRE Exam Registration Fees

GRE conducts two types of exams – the GRE General Test and the General Subject Test.

The GRE general test is one test for graduate, business, and law school students. It measures students’ verbal reasoning, qualitative reasoning, critical thinking, and analytical writing skills.

GRE subject tests are for students who belong to a specialized field such as Mathematics, Physics, or Psychology and want to add value by doing further graduation or going for any fellowship. The test is the achievement test that measures the student’s knowledge and skill level in a particular field of study.

The registration test fee for both tests differs from each other.

GRE General Test Registration Fee

GRE general test fee in India is ₹ 22,550 whereas in China, GRE fee is approx ₹ 19,000 and other parts of the country is over ₹ 18000.


Location  Fee in USD Fee in INR
India  $270.79 ₹ 22,550
China  $231.30 ₹19261.84
Worldwide $220 ₹ 18320.68

*The conversion between INR amount and USD depends on the INR Forex rate as of the registration date

GRE Subject Test Registration Fee

The general subject fee of the GRE is approx ₹12000 worldwide, whereas the GRE exam fee in India for the GRE subject test is ₹ 14,500.

Location  Fee in USD Fee in INR
India  $174.03 ₹ 14,500
Worldwide $150 ₹ 12491.47

*The conversion between INR amount and USD depends on the INR Forex rate as of the registration date

Apart from registration fees for the GRE, there are additional charges. If you want to reschedule your exam, change your exam center or subject test, get additional score reports, or review your answer sheets. The particular charges depend on your requirements and your location.

GRE Rescheduling Fee 

GRE rescheduling fee can be for three purposes, including rescheduling your test, changing the test center, and changing the test subject. In India, the rescheduling price is ₹ 5000 for each type of change individually.

GRE Rescheduling Fee in India

Reason Fee in INR
Test Rescheduling Fee ₹ 5,000
Changing test center ₹ 5,000
Changing your Subject Test ₹ 5,000


GRE Rescheduling Fee Worldwide

Reason Fee in USD
Rescheduling Fee $50
Changing test center $50
Changing your Subject Test $50


In China, the rescheduling fee for the GRE General test is $53.90. Apart from that, all charges, including test center change, subject change, and GRE subject test fee, are as the worldwide charges.

Additional Service Fee of GRE

The additional fee can be for various purposes, including additional score reports, score review, score reinstatement, and answer review services.

Additional GRE Exam Service in India Fee

Purpose Fee in INR
Additional score report ₹ 2,900
Score review ₹ 5,900
Score reinstatement ₹ 5,000
Returned payment ₹ 2,900


Additional GRE Exam Service in Other Country Fee

Purpose Fee in USD
Additional score report $35
Question-and-Answer review service — Verbal Reasoning & Quantitative Reasoning sections only (New York State residents only) $50
Score Review for Analytical Writing measure $60
Score reinstatement $50


GRE Cancellation Charges 

In case, because of some reason, you want to cancel your GRE registration. You can cancel it through your ETS account. You can get a refund for your canceled GRE registration, i.e., half of the original test fee.

You must cancel your registration with GRE at least 4-days before to get the refund amount.

Unfortunately, if you stay absent from test day, you can’t cancel it and get a refund for the same. However, you can re-register for the test anytime.

Moreover, if you order an additional scorecard, you can’t cancel or receive any refund.

How to Pay GRE Exam or Other Associated Fees in India 

You can pay for the GRE exam registration fee conveniently. There is a dedicated website for Indian students for GRE registration. You can pay through it directly online.

However, before that, you need to register yourself on the GRE website.

Here is the step-by-step guide for you to register and pay for the GRE test fee:

How to Pay GRE Exam or Other Associated Fees in IndiaYou can pay through Global Issued Visa, MasterCard, and American Express credit cards or Indian/ Locally Issued Visa, MasterCard, and Maestro credit and debit cards. Additionally, you can use Rupay credit and debit cards.

Payment through the Dynamic Currency Conversion (DCC) for Visa and MasterCard cards issued outside India is also supported for GRE registration and other product/service payments.

How to Save Money on GRE Exam Fees: GRE Fee Reduction Program

You might find GRE exam fees high and wonder how you can save over it.

ETS, the GRE organizing body, offers the GRE Fee Reduction voucher for individuals who are US citizens or resident aliens requiring financial need, unemployed, and receiving unemployment compensation, and for those who come under national programs that work with underrepresented groups.

The voucher helps you to pay only $100 (~₹ 8328.19) for the GRE general test fee or 50% for the GRE subject fee. Moreover, those eligible for the GRE Fee waiver program can also receive access to GRE practice test materials worth $100 (~₹ 8328.19) for free.

Wondering if you can save money with a GRE fee reduction voucher or not? Or if there is another way to receive discounts on GRE fees, an abroad study preparation and support center, Galvanize, can help you with this.


GRE is a highly recognized exam that you can consider to enroll in your graduate, law, or business program in the US, UK, Canada, or other countries. Galvanize is a test preparation and abroad study support center. It offers courses to prepare for foreign exams, provides personalized counseling for the students, and offers a study-anytime facility.

For your GRE test preparation, you can take classes with Galvanize and prepare well to succeed in this exam.

FAQs related to GRE Exams Fee 

What happens if I need to cancel my GRE exam registration?

Well, you can cancel your GRE exam registration easily anytime. However, if you cancel it at least 4 days before the test day, only you will get the refund amount, i.e., half of the GRE registration fee. In case you’re canceling your registration because of any issue with the test day, center, or subject, you can change it with the applicable rescheduling fee.

Can I get a refund for my GRE exam fee?

Yes, you can get a refund for your exam fee if you cancel it at least 4-days before the test day. However, if you miss your test or cancel it within 4 days, you won’t receive any refund.

How do I apply for a GRE fee reduction or waiver?

If you qualify for the GRE fee waiver or reduction program. In that case, you can apply for it by completing the GRE fee reduction request form available on the GRE website and following the ETS guidelines related to its submission.

What are the payment deadlines for GRE exam fees? 

The GRE exam registration stays on. You can register and pay for the same every month except weekends.

If you still feel the need regarding GRE test preparation and their registration fees, connect with Galvanize and get personalized solutions for your queries.

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