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Part Time Jobs in UK | Study in UK Guide

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A Complete Guide To

Part Time Jobs in UK

Chapter 1


As an international student, it is beneficial if you work for a part-time job. This will help you not just to pay your student loans but also interact with a lot of new people and build new skills. All these skills can be added to your resume which can improve your job opportunities. Moreover, you can also manage your living expenses while working part-time. 

As an international student, you can earn an average of £112.20 per week and the top 15% of students earn an average of £200 per week.

London has the best part-time job opportunities for students in the United Kingdom and it is also the home for the top 19 universities of the UK. There are several part-time jobs for international students in various fields. 

Students have the opportunity to work inside their campus and this is called: On-campus part-time jobs. This is favorable for the students who live inside the campus. Their work areas can be the library, computer labs, receptions, gyms, cafeteria and other places. 

If you don’t get the On-campus part-time jobs you can apply for jobs outside the campus from being a waiter to so many other jobs. We have listed them for you.

Rules and policies

  • As an international student who wants to work part-time in the United Kingdom, you should apply for a National Insurance Number (NINO) once you get employed in a part-time job
  • After completing graduation the student can stay in the United Kingdom for two years to look for work. This applies to the graduates of all education providers who have been recognized as “Licensed Visa Sponsors”
  • You can also apply for a post-work visa after graduation
  • Students who are pursuing their bachelor, masters and PhD degrees can work part-time in the United Kingdom 
  • If you have a partner they are allowed to work in the UK if they have a visa that allows them to work. 

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How many hours can you work for?

  • As an international student, you can work up to 20 hours per week if you are pursuing a bachelors, masters or PhD degree. 
  • If you are studying a language course you can work up to 10 hours per week.
  • After the completion of your course, you can work up to 40 hours per week.
  • Your student visa should be valid for your course
  • During vacations, you can work full time.
  • Payment is calculated based on the number of hours you worked.

What are the jobs you cannot work for?

  • If you’re a student who is studying a part-time course in the UK you are not allowed to work.
  • Working as a freelancer, self-employment is not allowed
  • Being employed as an entertainer, a sports coach, engaging in your business activity is not allowed
  • If you’re a dentist or a doctor in training you cannot work

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Where can you find jobs for international students in the UK?

You can always get a job which is inside the campus. But if you do not get it there are ample opportunities outside the campus especially in cities like London, Uk. Good communication and skill are all that is necessary. The student must submit a CV which has their educational qualifications, work experience if any and appropriate skills. A decent CV will get you a part-time job in the United Kingdom.

  • You can search for part-time jobs online and browse through the job portals
  • Look for job openings which are published in the local newspapers
  • You can even take help from the career guidance team in the university and find jobs in or near your area.
  • Search for part-time job opportunities inside the campus.

Work-life balance:

It is important to have a good work-life balance as a student. Meeting the deadlines at work and while having time for yourself is necessary. As an international student, you will face many pressures academically and in your work environment. Hence that is why a set of hours is given for you to work in a particular week. It is also necessary that you pick a job that enables you to focus on your academic needs.

Chapter 2

Part-time Jobs

Call Center

You can work in a call center if you have good communication skills. You are responsible to handle the inbound and outbound calls. You will receive complaint calls, support complaints, queries and more. You are in charge of delivering solutions, processing orders, applications, identifying problematic issues, recording complaints and other issues. It has flexible work hours.

£11.13 per hour


You can work in an office environment as an administrator. Here you should handle taking phone calls, greeting visitors, sending emails, filing documents and managing diaries. Here time management, written and verbal communication skills are required.

£9.97 per hour


You can work as a Housekeeper if you have the skill of keeping things clean and organized.

This job requires you to physically work more. You would need to sweep, vacuum, clean bath areas, wash and fold iron clothes, change bed linens, clean interior windows and more. You can work in hotels as well.

£9.42 per hour

Private Tutor:

Being a private tutor is one of the well paid part-time jobs in the United Kingdom for international students. If you are an expert in a particular subject and have the skill to teach then you can be a tutor. You are required to be organized and help the student understand concepts better. Even if you want to be a teacher then this can be one of the best jobs for you.

£21.28 per hour

Warehouse Operative

You can work as a warehouse operator if you prefer to do physical work. Here you will be responsible for picking and packing stock for delivery, loading products to vehicles and keeping count of the stock levels.

$10.08 per hour


 This is for the students who love coffee and are experts in making one. This is a great place to not only work but you can also learn more about coffee. You will be responsible for making hot and cold drinks, cleaning utensils, serving customers and taking orders.

£9.47 per hour

Library Assistant:

This job will be available inside the campus. This job is available outside the campus as well.In this job you will be responsible for shelving books, helping students find books,  other resources, materials and recommend books. You should also provide administrative support to the librarians and help organize any event at the library during events.

£9.94 per hour


It is clear that there’s plenty of well paid part time jobs available in the UK for international students. I recommend you research about Part time time in the city and the university locality for more clarity!

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