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TOEFL Validity: How Long does TOEFL Expire?

TOEFL Validity

According to the Educational Testing Service (ETS), Test of English as a Foreign Language, TOEFL validity is two years from the test date on which the candidate appeared. It means if you give your TOEFL exam on March 30 2024 your TOEFL result score will be valid until March 30, 2026. 

But what happens if you don’t use your TOEFL test score or you’re not satisfied with the marks, and what happens with your TOEFL score after 2-years or its validity period? 

In this blog, you’ll find answers to all of your queries related to TOEFL score validity. 

How long is the TOEFL result valid? 

As mentioned above, the TOEFL score is valid for two years for candidates. With a valid TOEFL score, students can be admitted to short-term, non-degree, and degree colleges. 

In addition, they can plan migration for employment opportunities to an English-speaking country. 

You must know the TOEFL result is available for you after the 6 days of your test day and its validity counts the day you appeared for the test, not from the result publishing date. 

If you have requested the paper result of the TOEFL test, it’ll get delivered to you within 11 days from your test day. 

What happens If you don’t use your TOEFL result? 

If within two years you don’t use your TOEFL score it expires and it becomes useless for further admission process or any purpose in upcoming months or years. 

Let’s get back to our old example if you appeared for the TOEFL test on March 30 2024. Due to some reason, you couldn’t get admission after the test and extended your admission date.  

You can take admission with the same score till 30 March 2026. But couldn’t do the same on 31 March 2026. 

Can You Access TOEFL Score Once it Expires?

Now, when you know, you can’t use your TOEFL score after its validity period. You might wonder whether you can access your TOEFL score or not.

Unfortunately, you can’t access TOEFL exam scores through its official website after two years of test validity. However, you can save TOEFL score reports in PDF format on your personal drive or device memory. 

The pdf for the TOEFL score is available for you 8 days from the test day on the ETS website. 

Moreover, to access your TOEFL score for a lifetime, you can request a Paper score report and keep it with you safely. 

You must know the pdf format or paper is just to view after the TOEFL score validity period. 

What to do If TOEFL Result Validity Ends? 

If the TOEFL exam validity expires, you’ll need to re-appear for the TOEFL test if you want to be admitted to higher studies with it.

ETS conducts the TOEFL exam 50 times a year, you can appear for the exam at any time. However, each time you’ll need to pay the TOEFL registration fee separately.

Here are some tips for you for re-appearing for the TOEFL test

  • English is an ever-evolutionary language, and with time it gets updated. Hence, re-prepare for the exam with the same dedication. 
  • Check the university or college admission date before appearing for the TOEFL exam. 
  • Offer yourself enough time to prepare for the exam before scheduling your test.   
  • Plan the TOEFL exam and admission for higher education proper. To get help in this, you can schedule abroad admission counselling.

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TOEFL Result Validity Rule

#1. You can retake the TOEFL if the score is still valid 

In case you’re not satisfied with your TOEFL test score, you can retake the exam, even if the score has a validity period. The TOEFL exam for reappearing is available after 12 days of your test day. You must know that to reappear for the exam, you need to reregister yourself. 

#2. TOEFL score validity for all formats of test is the same

Whether you appear for TOEFL IBT or TOEFL PBT the score validity will be two years. Moreover, in case you appear for TOEFL ITP, its validity is also two years from the date the test is taken.  

#3. TOEFL exam validity for different countries and universities is the same

TOEFL score within two years is acceptable in all the recognised universities of different countries. It means the TOEFL validity period is 2 years beyond the university or country you’re applying for admission. 

You must know that a university or college can say to not admit you even if the TOEFL scorecard has validity. It can happen if your TOEFL score is less according to the university. 

So, students must stay sincere if they appear for the TOEFL test and plan their studies accordingly. 

TOEFL doesn’t have to fail or pass status, it’s the university that shortlists students on the basis of their TOEFL standard. 


The TOEFL exam pattern is designed to examine the fresh skills of students in reading, listening, speaking, and writing skills. TOEFL score validity helps the university and colleges identify students with proficient English skills. Hence, it expires in 2 years. 

FAQs Related to TOEFL Validity

IS TOEFL Score Valid for 3 Years? 

No, as per the ETS website, TOEFL is valid for only 2 years. It’s so because English is an evolving language and people with good English skills can forget the vocabulary with time.

Can I use expired TOEFL Score?

No, the TOEFL IBT score can’t be used once it expires. As you can’t verify its credibility through its official sites. 

How long is TOEFL exam valid for USA?

In all countries, the validity for TOEFL score is 2 years including the USA. 

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