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Top Universities for Computer Science in the USA

Top Universities in USA for CS
An Ultimate Guide To

The Best Computer Science Universities in the USA

Chapter 1


Why should you study Computer Science in the USA?

Computer science simply can mean studying the workings of a computer. But there is so much more to it. After the 2000s we have witnessed the advancement of computer technology from the invention of the first computer to the possession of smartphones. You can witness how technology has simplified and accelerated human lives. Because computer science is necessary for almost every field of work, job prospects in this field are many. Although Computer Science is one of the most popular subjects to pursue, there isn’t just one stream of study available here. This field encompasses a wide range of requirements and streams. Computer science’s steam can virtually be compared to a vast ocean! Now let’s look at why you would want to pursue a career in computer science in the USA.

  • The USA is home to some of the best computer science universities in the world. Some of them are Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Stanford University, Georgia Tech, Columbia University and many more. These are the most prestigious institutions in the USA. These universities are highly competitive to get in and they provide a good education. If not these universities there are also various other universities that you can get into. You also learn from the best professors in a good environment.
  • The USA offers these courses on a basis of giving a lot of weightage to research. This is one of the important aspects of practical learning and gives a chance for innovation for the students.
  • Every business uses a computer for transactions, order tracking, marketing, and a variety of other purposes. This has made it possible to conduct business efficiently and without errors. Even in the fields of transportation, banking, and healthcare, computer science has played an important role in their advancement. Even if you are not interested in these fields, you can pursue a computer science degree and work in them. Aside from these, we can monitor the weather and be alerted to impending disasters such as tsunamis and earthquakes. Inventions in this field not only make our lives easier, but also help us to be more aware of our surroundings and protect ourselves. These are other options in the field of computer science and studying in the USA gives you a lot of employment opportunities.
  • The education that you receive from the USA is highly prestigious and acknowledged around the world hence getting a job would not be difficult for you.
  • Computer science graduates and professionals are in high demand for a variety of positions around the world. This is a rapidly growing field, and you are required to keep up with new trends, courses, and news in this industry, just like you must with any other employment, in order to advance your career. A Software Development director earns an average of $143,000 per year. As a result, you might earn a lot more money here, especially in countries such as the USA.

Top Computer Science specializations in the USA :

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence is a multidisciplinary course that combines human intelligence and reasoning concepts into computing systems. It is a complicated field of work and you. You will be required to deal with logic, probability, and different programming languages. The skills required here are mathematics, algorithms, and predictive modeling. Artificial intelligence is utilized in various fields such as banking, IT, healthcare, stock exchange, e-commerce, and many more.

Work role: AI architect, AI researcher, developer, Machine learning engineer

Average salary: $125,000


Robotics is a branch of engineering that requires computer science as well. The goal of robotics is to develop robots to help mankind in different ways. Most of the robots are utilized for industrial purposes and factories. The functionality of robots has developed and this is a constantly evolving field. This field requires research, design, manufacturing, software development, and much more.

Work role: Software developer, Robotics Technician

Average Salary: $69,000

Machine learning

This is the study of algorithms in a computer and it comes under the field of Artificial Intelligence. Here the software programs accurately predict the outcomes without being unnecessarily programmed. They use historical data and algorithms to predict the outcome values.

Work role: Designing ML systems, Researcher

Average salary: $128,098

Data Science

is an interdisciplinary discipline since it combines three separate branches of study. Math, statistics, programming, information technology, and domain enterprise are among the disciplines covered. To gain insights from the data, all of these topics are merged. Individuals having expertise in computer science, as well as information visualisation, data integration, sonification, graphic design, communication, complex systems, and business, work in this industry.

Work role: Data Scientist, Data Analyst, Data Architect

Average salary: $103,226

 Software Engineering

This field not only includes engineering graduates but the students of computer science can also work here. You will be required to design, maintain, and evaluate the software programs and products that are all connected to computer applications and computer systems.

Work role: Software Engineer, Analyst, Developer

Average Salary: $125,141

Cyber Security

Our internet passwords and transactions have the potential to be stolen, abused, and data breached. We need cyber security expertise to solve these issues. In recent years, there has been an increase in the demand for cybersecurity personnel. You must also have certain abilities, such as networking, operating system expertise, and cloud security, which will benefit your development as a cybersecurity specialist.

Work role: Security Specialist, Cryptographer, Security Analyst

Average Salary: $117,000

Computer-Human Interface

Previously this was known as man-machine interaction. It is like research on the usage of computers and their technology by humans. These researchers observe how humans interact with technology and how useful technology can be to humankind. The goal of this is to provide systems that are safe to use and beneficial to us. Those who studied computer science can do this work as well.

Work role: Front-end designer, Interaction designer, Human Factors Engineer

Average Salary: $109,605 

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Chapter 2

Top Twenty Universities in the USA :

Massachusetts Institute of Technology :

  • This university was established in 1861 and it is known for its contribution to the development of modern technology and the growing scientific field.
  • This is one of the best universities globally and you will have access to the best research labs.
  • You will be surrounded by your peers who have wide knowledge about programming experience. This will help you to push your limits higher and gain more confidence.

Location: This is a private land grant university which is located in Cambridge, Maschasuettes.

QS World Ranking: 11

Acceptance rates: 7%

Fee: $17K (after aid)

Intake: November 30 or December 30


  • A SAT and ACT score is required for the first year and transfer students. However, the writing section of the ACT and the optional essay for SAT is not required.
  • For non-native speakers, any of these tests can be taken : 
  • Cambridge English qualification C1 Advanced or C2 Proficiency 
  • Duolingo English Test DET
  • Pearson Test of English PET
Test Scores required
Cambridge English qualification C1 Advanced or C2 Proficiency 7.5
Duolingo English Test DET 125
Pearson Test of English PET 70
SAT 1600


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Carnegie Mellon School of Computer Science :

  • Carnegie Mellon University is a well-known prestigious university and they have established a separate school for computer science since 1988 it has been consistently ranked as the best school.
  • In the USA this is one of the top three universities.
  • In this university, the core subject is placed as computer science to give an in-depth knowledge of this subject and it combines a minor subject or a second subject from various different fields.


Location: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

QS World Ranking: 3

Acceptance rates: 7%

Fee: $52,320

Intake: September 7 to December 13


  • The GRE requirements vary for programs for the 2022-2024 academic year, although many programs strongly recommend taking them. 
  • If you are not a native English speaker then you are required to submit the English proficiency score report from TOEFL/IELTS/Duolingo
  • Unofficial Transcripts, Résumé/CV, Statement of Purpose, Three Letters of Recommendation, Supplemental Information (If applicable)

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University Website:

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Stanford University :

  • This university is in the leading position for its computer science course and this course was established in 1965. It has been consistently ranked as the best University.
  • In the year 2018-2020 over 307 bachelor’s degrees were given by this university and hence this was ranked the 14th most popular college and university which offers this degree.
  • Apart from good education, the research facilities are excellent here

Location: Stanford, California

QS World Ranking: 3

Acceptance rates: 5.2%

Fee: $55,473


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The University of California :

  • This is a public land grant research university and was established in 1868.
  • This is the first-ever land grant university in the USA
  • They offer more than just computer science and incorporate artificial intelligence, databases, computer graphics, operating systems, scientific computations, and much more
  • They offer graduate, postgraduate, and Ph.D. courses in computer science.

Location: Berkeley, California

QS World Ranking: 31

Acceptance rates: 14.3%

Fee: $41,528


  • A GPA of 3.4 and above is required
  • Mandatory IELTS or TOEFL should be taken
  • SAT scores are required


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Harvard University :

  • This is one of the most prestigious universities in the USA. Computer science is an area of study within the Harvard John A Paulson School of Engineering and applied sciences.
  • Computer science is taught as the core subject with the idea to develop new algorithms and invent new systems and theories.
  • Graduate students can also do research in the field of Artificial Intelligence, computer architecture and many more.

Location: Cambridge, Maschasuettes

QS World Ranking: 5

Acceptance rates: 5%

Fee: $15k


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Princeton University :

  • It is a private ivy league research university established in 1746 and it’s the fourth oldest university in the United States.
  • This university is known for combining research with their education and in computer science, they are one of the best universities to study
  • They incorporate network, architecture, security policy, robotics and other courses.

Location: Princeton, New Jersey

QS World Ranking: 20

Acceptance rates: 6%

Fee: $11k


  • Statement of academic purpose, resume, curriculum vitae, recommendation letters, transcripts, English language test
  • GRE is not accepted and TOEFL is required

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University of Washington :

  • This university was established in 1861 and it is one of the oldest universities
  • The Paul G Allen School of Computer Science and Engineering is a part of Washington University.
  • This university educates the students to create leaders in design and implementation of technology in the field of computer science. They also integrate it with other courses such as robotics, computer security and much more.

Location: Seattle, Washington

QS World Ranking: 23

Acceptance rates: 56%

Fee: $13K


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UCLA Computer Science :

  • The University of California Los Angeles is one of the most prestigious universities in the United States.
  • The department of computer science here has made pioneering contributions and it was established in 1968.
  • They provide computer science courses to research and educate the students in a good academic environment.

Location: Los Angeles, California

QS World Ranking: 31

Acceptance rates: 14%

Fee: $32,858

Intake: November 1-30


  • If you’re applying for a postgraduate course you should have the necessary academic degree to complete a computer science course here.
  • A GRE test score is necessary and you should write TOEFL/ IELTS for English language communication.
  • A GPA of at least 3.5 is required.

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Columbia University :

  • This is a private IVY league university established in 1754 and it is the oldest university in New York.
  • This university has produced numerous successful graduates who get placed in excellent companies.
  • They combine research and education together.

 Location: New York

QS World Ranking: 19

Acceptance rates: 7%

Fee: $23k


Cornell University :

  • This university is based in Ithaca, New York and it is a private ivy league University. 
  • Here you will study computers and information technology which include system design, issue definition, programming, and the modelling, analysis, and evaluation of complex systems, as well as algorithmic methods of thinking.
  • Computer science course is combined with robotics, networks, programming languages and more.

Location: Ithaca, New York

QS World Ranking: 14

Acceptance rates: 11%

Fee: $40k


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University of Minnesota :

  • This university has a department for computer science and engineering with over 2,193 undergraduates and 572 students.
  • This department has been there for the past fifty years and has made tremendous success with vibrant and interdisciplinary departments.
  • They offer bachelor’s, postgraduate and research in computer science.

Location: Minneapolis, Minnesota

QS World Ranking: 156

Acceptance rates: 70%

Fee: $18k

Intake: November to January 31


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The University of Pennsylvania :

  • It is a private ivy league research University and it is ranked as one of the best universities for studying computer science and it is ranked as the second position in Pennsylvania
  • They are the builders of leaders, entrepreneurs, thinkers and innovators in the field of computer science
  • They provide good infrastructure and provide a transformative experience for the students

Location: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

QS World Ranking: 

Acceptance rates: 9%

Fee: $26k



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Stevens Institute of Technology :

  • Seven thousand students study in this campus with over 300 faculty members.
  • Here they aim at providing the opportunity to students to work in interdisciplinary teams. This is done so that the students can innovate new products, solutions and ideas.
  • This university focuses on creating students who can create the future and tackle challenges.

Location: Manhattan

QS World Ranking: 83

Acceptance rates: 53%

Fee: $56,920


  • Your SAT score should be around 1320 or an ACT score of 31

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Arizona State University :

  • It is a public research university in Phoenix and was established in 1885. This university has the largest enrollment of students in the US.
  • The aim of the college is to develop students who can solve technical problems, have critical thinking and construct systems with complexity to provide solutions for a better future.
  • The computer science program here allows the students to choose either software engineering or cyber security along with the computer science requirements.

Location: Tempe Arizona

QS World Ranking: 212

Acceptance rates: 88%

Fee: $12k


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Texas A&M University :

  • This is a public land grant research university that was established in 1876 and also has the largest number of students enrolled here
  • Their mission is to develop the technological resources to meet the challenges in the future
  • They develop computer scientists, engineers and students to be future leaders

Location: College Station, Texas

QS World Ranking: 168

Acceptance rates: 63%

Fee: $19K


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Northeastern University :

  • Offers computer science programs and it is a private research university established in 1898
  • They aim to provide successful and meaningful education related to computer science.
  • Whether you are a generalist or a specialist their program will equip you to handle diverse situations.

Location: Boston, Maschasuettes

QS World Ranking: 342

Acceptance rates: 20%

Fee: $31K


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The University of Illinois :

  • University of Illinois is a public research university in Chicago
  • The computer science course here has world-class faculty, and good mentoring sessions that are required to mould a student are given here
  • They offer masters and doctoral degrees.

Location: Chicago, Illinois

QS World Ranking: 285

Acceptance rates: 73%

Fee: $13K


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The University of Texas at Dallas :

  • The University of Texas at Dallas the largest public research university in Texas and was established in 1961.
  • They offer a master’s degree in computer science.
  • This program is equipped with a wide variety of computer science subfields.

Location: Richardson, Texas

QS World Ranking: 421

Acceptance rates: 79%

Fee: $15K


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University of New Haven :

  • A private university in West Haven
  • That offers a master’s degree in computer science which enables the student to directly work after studying or pursue their PhD
  • They encourage the students to work in several areas such as wireless network, cyber forensic, Android and more.

Location: West Haven, Connecticut

QS World Ranking: 

Acceptance rates: 91%

Fee: $33K


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The University of South Florida :

  • This is an affordable, public research university in Tampa, Florida.
  • They offer masters in computer science and PhD degrees.
  • They integrate other courses with computer science so that it’s easier for the students to work in different fields of work

Location: Florida

QS World Ranking: 581

Acceptance rates: 49%

Fee: $8,335


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