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Why are students choosing Galvanize Test Prep’s Admission Counselling services over our competitors?

By June 11, 2020October 6th, 2020No Comments

“Quality is never an accident; it is always the result of intelligent effort.” – John Ruskin

Social distancing norms in the wake of Covid – 19 are increasingly causing students to turn to online solutions for Admission Counselling. We expect that even after lockdown ends, students and parents will continue to prefer online models over traditional classroom coaching. Why? The reason is simple – it is difficult to social distance in a classroom coaching setting. 

At Galvanize Test Prep, we have been providing remote counselling to students across 100+ locations in India as well as international countries for years. We have also been working with students remotely to ensure high-quality outcomes and have made investments in people, process and technology for the same. 

The results are clear for all to see as students in this time of crisis evaluate companies who can provide them with remote Admission Counselling services. Galvanize Test Prep has seen a 92% increase in our Admissions Counselling enrollments over April & May 2020 compared to the same time period last year.

Below we outline 4 reasons why Galvanize Test Prep is fast becoming the provider of choice for students for Admission Counselling.

1. Strong technology platform coupled with years of experience with remote counselling

Unlike other Admission Counselling providers, we have always adopted a remote counselling approach from Day One. We currently service students from over 100+ locations in India alone, apart from other countries. The reason we are able to efficiently service students from several remote locations is:  

  • We have invested significantly in core technology platforms over the years to facilitate all aspects of remote counselling.  
  • Our counsellors have several years of experience working with students located remotely which ensures high-quality outcomes for students.
Galvanize test prep admission counselling preferred

Traditional Admission Counselling providers who have increasingly depended on a face-to-face approach are struggling to adapt to the needs of an online counselling model. Why is that so? This is because they have never worked with remote counselling models. 

Online Admission counselling requires:

  • A robust technology platform that facilitates the online admission counselling model seamlessly – you cannot build this overnight, and hence, most traditional counselling providers don’t have the necessary platforms to provide this.
  • Your counsellors need to transition from working face to face to providing these services remotely – if they are not experienced in this, they will struggle.

Here’s a look at our online tool, built to take you from start to finish of the application process:

Admission counselling Galvanize test prep online tool

Why this is important for Fall 2021 students :

When you select a company for Admission Counselling services, you want to work with one that is both experienced at delivering admission counselling services at scale, as well as one that has invested significantly in the technology required to facilitate this. 

When you are working on your Admission Counselling process, you do not want to work with companies that have just started remote admission counselling due to the restrictions enforced by Covid – 19. They will not have the platforms required to deliver this service efficiently. Moreover, their counsellors will struggle to deliver value as they are used to a face-to-face AC model.

At Galvanize Test Prep, we have a mature Admission Counselling model that incorporates all three elements – people, process, and technology to deliver an outstanding student experience.

2. Experienced Admission Counselling team with quality international experience to provide the desired edge

Our Admission Counselling team not only has years of experience counselling students but has also worked with top international companies.

As an example, there are 2 Ph.D.’s from the US who received full scholarships, an MS in Computer Engineering from Stanford University (also a full scholarship recipient), and an MBA from the US. One of the Ph.D.’s on our team has also taught in multiple colleges in Michigan post graduation. Most companies do not bring this level of experience to the table. 

This blend is important because they know what it takes to find a job, and can map the degree and university potential to the ultimate goal of getting a job in that field

Meet the Galvanize Admissions Counseling Team

They know admissions because they got into top schools themselves!

Why this is important for Fall 2021 students :

First of all, having counsellors who have graduated from top universities abroad guiding you is essential as they understand what it takes to get into a good university abroad. Having international work experience is also a great asset as they bring that unique perspective to the table when choosing a degree, specialization, and location. This helps maximize potential job opportunities for the student when they graduate.

3. Depth of understanding of degrees and various specializations

Our counsellors not only have knowledge of degrees but also of specializations. This is important as different universities might have different specializations that they may be known for. Why is this important? Based on the research areas of their professors, departments might have better industry connections, more curriculum courses, and potential funding opportunities for certain specializations versus others.

For example, some universities might have more ongoing funded research for Artificial Intelligence under Computer Science compared to others. So their curriculum might be stronger in that specialization as there is a greater focus there. Hence, a prospective student cannot go by department ranking alone and needs to understand the strength of that department in the specialization that he/she is interested in.

Galvanize Test prep Admission counselling : Computer specialization

Why this is important for Fall 2021 students:

To get funding and also avail the best internship/full-time job prospects in a particular area, one requires an understanding at the specialization level. At Galvanize Test Prep, our in-depth knowledge of the various specializations at different universities helps us effectively guide prospective students to help them meet their research and career aspirations. 

We would like students to note here that while departments may be pursuing student-aligned areas of research interest, funding opportunities are tied to a competitive assessment of the student’s profile relative to other candidates eligible for funding. Funding opportunities cannot be taken for a given, but rather a goal for which one should aspire.

4. Smart AI-based analytics to complement the rich experience of our counsellors

At Galvanize Test Prep, we have a solid technology team with graduates from the top institutes in India (IITs and IIITs), as we strongly believe in continuously leveraging data to support the decision-making process. As we have collected a lot of prior data, we have built smart AI-based predictive algorithms that complement our counselling team’s extensive experience in areas like shortlisting.

GRE Quant - Time management

Why this is important for Fall 2021 students :

Most of your traditional counselling companies do not leverage technology and data to make better decisions. At Galvanize Test Prep, you get a unique blend of an outstanding Admission Counselling team that have at their finger-tips cutting edge smart technology tools to support their significant industry experience. This leads to better outcomes for students when they apply to universities selected by our Admission Counselling team.

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