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Average Salaries & Job Opportunities in Canada

Average Salaries and Job Opportunities in Canada
Chapter 1


By 2021 and 2023, Canada is expected to have welcomed over 1.2 million immigrants, making it the country of choice for many people looking for a place to live and work. Working in Canada may be a rewarding and opportunity-rich experience that can change your life. In this post, you will read why you should work in Canada, average salaries, and job opportunities.

Why Work in Canada?

Here’s why you should work in Canada:


In comparison to other developed nations, Canada has a remarkably low unemployment rate thanks to the tens of thousands of positions it creates each month. Canada is the best location for IT experts and computer scientists because of its excellent current technology rankings and rapid technological advancement. In many Canadian cities, the top industries include telecommunications, pharmaceuticals, aerospace, and engineering.

Your partner or common-law partner may work in Canada if you have a legitimate work permit. They will need to have their own work permits, but they are not required to have a job offer and can take any job offered to them in Canada.

Working Benefits

Canada provides government-funded healthcare for inhabitants and businesses provide reasonably priced health-care plans for employees, in contrast to most other countries where healthcare is either extremely expensive or provided for free to the underprivileged.

Women who are expecting, have already given birth, or have adopted a child can benefit. Women who are pregnant can benefit from counselling on nutrition, fitness, and other topics.

The Prenatal Nutrition Program in Canada was developed for expectant moms who are dealing with difficult situations. The programme offers nutritional advice, instruction in food preparation, prenatal vitamin supplementation, information on breastfeeding, and lifestyle counselling for mothers.

Cost of Living

Canada has one of the lowest costs of livings among developed nations. Depending on where you choose to live, housing is reasonable. Gas, food, and even automobiles are less expensive than in other developed nations. The nation is among the safest locations in the world to live due to its low crime rate.


Numerous people from other countries have moved to Canada over the years, and as a result of this rise in diversity, many companies and organizations have taken this into account and made steps to ensure that their workplace cultures reflect the diverse Canadian community.

One of The Best Countries 

Canada is one of the world’s best countries. The nation is ranked sixth in the world according to the Human Development Index, a gauge of general well-being and standard of living. Canada is one of the most emancipated nations due to its outstanding educational system and extended life expectancy. It has a robust system with several immigration schemes and visas. Canada is the best place to work and live in due to the climate and way of life.

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Chapter 2

Top Paying Jobs in Canada :

Here are the top paying jobs in Canada:


Canada is rated as one of the best countries in the world for its strong healthcare systems and industry. According to the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development, Canada is 24th out of 30 nations with 3 doctors per 1000 people. Since this is one of the high-paying careers in Canada, there are a lot of open or empty medical positions in the nation. 

Average Annual Salary: 340,000 CAD


A doctor who focuses on the treatment of mental diseases is known as a psychiatrist. In Canada, 48,500 people were employed in this sector in 2017. From 2019 to 2028, this is predicted to rise by 32,500. This anticipated objective will include about 22% of graduates from outside Canada, as per Jobs Bank Canada.

Average Annual Salary: 293,000 CAD


Becoming a dentist is one of the most respected and well-paid professions in Canada. It is a field of medicine that specialises in teeth problems. By 2028, Job Banks of Canada estimates that 12,200 new dental job openings will be created in Canada, and more than 7,000 new job applicants will enter this field of study. International students have a great chance to take advantage of this supply and demand imbalance and make good money in Canada’s high-paying work market. Students must complete a 4-year master’s degree in dentistry in addition to a bachelor’s degree in order to practise dentistry in Canada.

Average Annual Salary: 233,000 CAD

Utility Manager

Utility managers are in control of services like water, electricity, gas, and so on. They plan, coordinate, manage, oversee, and evaluate the facilities that supply these utilities to people via distribution networks. This profession is on the list due to its high demand in its field. 

Average Annual Salary: 233,000 CAD

Engineer Managers

As the word indicates, an engineering manager has the responsibility of overseeing engineering teams and directing them toward project completion. By 2028, 17,900 recent graduates are anticipated to enter the labour force, and an estimated 15,200 new jobs are expected to be produced in the sector, according to Labor Banks Canada. Therefore, the competition is fierce.

Average Annual Salary: 203,000 CAD


Commercial pilot is one of the highest paying professions in Canada. The pilot is in charge of making sure that everyone flies safely. According to Jobs Bank Canada, the number of fresh pilots entering the profession is equal to the number of new job openings created, indicating that the employment market in this industry is stable.

Average Annual Salary: 180,000 CAD


Attorneys or lawyers provide legal advice and handle the many legal responsibilities of their clients. A study showed that over 106,000 people were employed in 2018. The number of fresh LLM graduates hitting the market will be almost equaled by the 46,000 new posts that will be created for attorneys, judges, and Quebec notaries by the year 2028. 

Average Annual Salary: 140,000 CAD

IT Manager

The duties of an IT manager include creating an information technology plan, looking for solutions, and overseeing staff. Even though the salary is less than a doctor or lawyer, it is quite easier to become an IT manager in Canada. A bachelor’s or master’s degree in information technology, computer science, or a closely related field is all that is required. A CS master’s degree holder in Canada makes 29% more money than a bachelor’s degree holder.

Average Annual Salary: 90,000 CAD

Salaries in Canada Province-wise :

Regions in Canada have different average salaries. The amount of wage or income you will get relies on the cost of living there as well as other things. Check out the table below to learn about the different salary structures for different states:


Hourly Salary (in CAD)

Weekly Salary (in CAD)

Yearly Salary (in CAD)









British Columbia












Nova Scotia




Industries With Job Vacancies in Canada :

Here is a list of jobs that are high in demand in Canada:

Key Account Manager

Key account managers serve as strategic partners for their company, assisting in client retention through sales and customer service activities. People in this position are required to assist firms in thriving in a post-pandemic economy.

Average hourly wage: $50.00


As organisations continue to rely on technological solutions, developers are still in high demand. Due to the high demand, individuals with experience in these fields of work also have a variety of Provincial Nominee Program (PNP) possibilities.

Average hourly wage: $38.46

Marketing Manager

By 2028, it’s anticipated that over 19,000 new positions for marketing, PR, and advertising managers would be available. Managers of marketing assist companies in putting online and offline marketing plans into action. States like Ontario frequently accept Marketing Managers straight from the Express Entry program to fill the requirement for this profession.

Average hourly wage: $ 43.27

Registered Nurse

All around Canada, there is a demand for jobs in the healthcare industry. Nurses have been getting an increasing amount of bonuses and benefits due to a worker shortage during the pandemic.

Due to the great demand for nurses, candidates from outside the country who have nursing expertise also have a variety of immigration alternatives at their disposal.

Average hourly wage: $ 40.00


In Canada, demand for drivers is rising as the economy recovers from the pandemic.

In the Canadian labour market, drivers who handle regional deliveries or drive huge commercial vehicles will be at a significant advantage.

Average hourly wage: $ 19.50

Customer Service Representatives

Customer service representatives (CSR) assist consumers in problem-solving situations by phone, in-person, virtual chat, via email, etc.

In Canada’s post-pandemic market, CSRs are still in great demand.

Average hourly wage: $ 19.00


In Canada, engineers of all fields are in high demand, whether they deal with physical or digital infrastructure.

Employers look to foreign applicants to fill holes in the labour market as Canada struggles with a scarcity of engineers.

Average hourly wage: $~44.00


A strong company’s operations depend heavily on its accountants. In the post-pandemic economy, as businesses expand, controlling funds plays a bigger role in ensuring continued success.

In the coming years, accountants can anticipate career possibilities around the nation with potential growth.

Average hourly wage: $ 35.75

Top Employers and Companies in Canada :

Here is a list of the top employers/companies in Canada:

  • 3M Canada Company
  • ABB Canada
  • Accenture Inc.
  • Adobe Systems Canada Inc.
  • ArcelorMittal Dofasco G.P.
  • Bank of Canada
  • BASF Canada Inc.
  • BC Public Service
  • BDO Canada LLP
  • Bell Canada
  • Best Buy Canada Ltd.
  • Boston Consulting Group Canada ULC
  • Business Development Bank of Canada
  • Canada Energy Regulator
  • Canada Life Assurance Company, The
  • Canada Revenue Agency / CRA
  • Canadian National Railway
  • Cascades
  • CIBC
  • Cisco Systems Canada Co.
  • Citi Canada
  • Clio
  • Creative Options Regina, Inc.
  • Danone Canada
  • Desjardins Group / Mouvement Desjardins
  • Diamond Schmitt Architects Inc.
  • Digital Extremes Ltd.
  • Emera Inc.
  • Employment and Social Development Canada
  • Enbridge Inc.
  • Export Development Canada
  • Fidelity Canada
  • Ford Motor Company of Canada, Limited
  • Freshbooks
  • GlaxoSmithKline Inc. / GSK
  • Greater Vancouver Food Bank
  • GSoft
  • Hatch Ltd.
  • Health Canada / Santé Canada
  • Hershey Canada Inc.
  • Hospital for Sick Children, The
  • IG Wealth Management
  • Imperial Oil Limited
  • Irving Oil
  • Kellogg Canada Inc.
  • Keurig Canada Inc.
  • Kinaxis Inc.
  • Labatt Brewing Company Limited
  • Loblaw Companies Limited
  • L’Oréal Canada Inc.
  • Manulife
  • McCarthy Tétrault LLP
  • Medavie Inc.
  • Medtronic Canada ULC
  • Mondelēz International
  • Mott MacDonald Canada Limited
  • Nutrien Inc.
  • Oppenheimer Group
  • PCL Construction
  • Pembina Pipeline Corporation
  • Penguin Random House Canada Ltd.
  • PepsiCo Canada
  • Pfizer Canada ULC
  • Pomerleau Inc.
  • Princess Margaret Cancer Foundation, The
  • Procter & Gamble Inc.
  • ResMed Halifax ULC
  • Rio Tinto
  • Rogers Communications Inc.
  • Royal Bank of Canada
  • Salesforce
  • Samsung Electronics Canada Inc.
  • SAP Canada Inc.
  • SaskTel
  • Schneider Electric Canada Inc.
  • Shopify Inc.
  • Simon Fraser University
  • Stryker Canada ULC
  • Suncor Energy Inc.
  • TD Bank Group
  • Teck Resources Limited
  • TELUS Communications Inc.
  • Thomson Reuters Canada Limited
  • Toyota Motor Manufacturing Canada Inc. / TMMC
  • Université de Montréal
  • University of New Brunswick / UNB
  • University of Toronto
  • Vancouver Coastal Health
  • Verafin Inc.
  • Western Financial Group Inc.
  • West Fraser Timber Co. Ltd.
  • Yukon, Government of
  • Zymeworks Inc.

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Conclusion :

Canada is a fantastic country where you can work and raise a family. The country provides excellent job possibilities, a system of high-quality education for students of all ages, a system of public health care, and a high standard of living. So, do you want to work in this amazing country? Click here to get assistance.

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