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Top Affordable & Cheap Universities in UK

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A Complete Guide To

Top Affordable & Cheap Universities in UK

Chapter 1


The tuition fee is the first big concern for individuals considering studying in the United Kingdom for undergraduate or postgraduate degrees. British universities are well-known for being among the most expensive institutions to attend. That is just partially correct. The reason why British education appears to be so expensive is because of the living expenditures, not the college fees. For international students, London is the costliest student city on earth. In this article, we will discuss the top 10 affordable universities in the United Kingdom.

Why Study in The UK?

Growing Destination

Overseas students were always a significant presence in the United Kingdom, and their numbers have gradually increased over time. The UK is ranked #2 as the most favourable destination for international students after USA which is ranked #1. The United Kingdom has worked hard to take advantage of the increased demand for English language training in the United States, as well as the post-9/11 immigration restrictions. The following are the top 10 nations that send students to the United Kingdom:

  1. China
  2. Malaysia
  3. USA
  4. India
  5. Hong Kong
  6. Germany
  7. Nigeria
  8. France
  9. Italy
  10.  Ireland

Worldwide Recognition

UK higher education degrees and certificates are recognised around the world as high quality and top class. Some of the old universities with well-known names, such as Oxford and Cambridge, set the bar for quality, but the tradition is carried on by numerous universities and colleges around the UK. This can be a huge selling point for international students in the future while searching for employment.

Education Costs are Lower

You can save expenses compared to a US institution because your degree will take a shorter time to finish in the UK than in other countries. Despite the fact that four-year programmes are becoming more popular, most degree programmes in the UK are 3 years long, while masters programmes are normally one to two years long.

Although foreign students can budget for their education in the UK, UK officials are concerned about an alarming rise in the expense of education for non-EU students. With rising exchange rates, life in the United Kingdom can become prohibitively expensive. Furthermore, unlike in many other EU nations, non-EU students are charged higher fees than EU students.

Work Opportunities

An foreign student in the United Kingdom is normally permitted to work up to 20 hours per week during the academic year and up to full-time during the summer. Before beginning any job, verify with your school’s foreign advisor; you don’t want to be in breach of your visa, and restrictions change frequently. Remember that finding a job is not always easy, so counting on work income to pay for your entire education is not a good option. Unless you have a job lined up through your university before you attend, you should budget for the first year of your study to be funded entirely by yourself.

Scholarships/ Loans

It can be tough to pay for a foreign education. The optimal technique entails a great deal of planning, a thorough examination of your finances, and a lot of time spent researching and seeking for scholarships. Students who desire to study in the United Kingdom can apply for a variety of scholarships and loans.

Gateway to Europe

Thanks to the Channel Tunnel and low-cost flights, Europe is now more accessible than ever. Most parts of Europe are only a few hours away by train or straight flight from the United Kingdom. If you’re a student in London looking for a weekend getaway in Italy, you can travel straight to Rome, Genoa, Milan, Pisa, Venice, or any of the other Italian cities. The direct flight takes about two hours, and the cost varies based on when you travel and when you plan.

Multicultural Country

The United Kingdom is known for its multicultural society, which embraces nearly all religions and sects. With its diverse racial, cultural, and religious makeup, the United Kingdom is particularly open to different customs and cultures, which is wonderful for international students.

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Chapter 2

Top 10 Affordable Universities in The UK

Most institutions charge overseas students a higher tuition cost than British or European residents. International students are on the search for universities in the United Kingdom with inexpensive tuition rates. There are still a few colleges that are less expensive than others. Also, keep in mind that just because these universities have a low tuition rate does not mean they are any less challenging. The colleges listed below offer the cheapest tuition and are also quite popular. Take a look at the low-cost universities in the United Kingdom.

1. Staffordshire University

Global ranking: 1001 (Times Higher education)

Location: Stoke-on-Trent, England

The university is known for its research departments, with several of them ranking in the top ten in the United Kingdom. The University intends to be an ethical and values-driven organisation that operates in a responsible and sustainable manner, according to its plans. For many years, it has been listed among the top 100 universities in the United Kingdom.

Tuition Fees:

Computer Science BSc (Hons) £14,000
MSc Computer Science £14,500
Master of Business Administration (MBA) £15,500
International Business Management MSc £14,500


Which course is Staffordshire University known for?

This university is known for its science departments, especially for Molecular Biochemistry and Biosciences. These courses were given excellent grades by the Quality assurance Agency for Higher education.

Is Staffordshire University good for international students?

This university has world-class education with ample facilities. It has a very friendly vibe and you will have a good student experience here. It also has good international student education support.

Does Staffordshire University have good rankings?

Yes, this university has been rated with 4.2 stars in the student portal by the students. It also has the 94th rank in the UK.

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2. Teesside University

Global ranking: 801(Times Higher education)

Location: Middlesbrough, England

According to the International Student Barometer 2008-12, Teesside University consistently ranks in the top 10 in the United Kingdom for total average foreign student satisfaction. It is also the first modern university to be honored University of the Year by the Times Higher Education. The university has a long history of excellent teaching. A year-long international scholarship of £1,500 is available.

Tuition Fees:

Full-time undergraduate course £13,000 (per year)
Full-time postgraduate diploma course £12,400
Two Year Master’s degree £15,000 (£7,500 per year)
Full-time research degree (standard tier) £11,750 (per year)
Full-time research degree (enhanced tier) £14,500 (per year)
Doctorate in Health & Social Care £13,000 (per year)


Why is Teesside University the best?

When it comes to the employment opportunities, cost of accommodation, catering and student facilities this university ranks 42 in the participating universities. The career services provided here was ranked second globally and highest in the UK

Is it difficult to get into Teesside University?

The acceptance rate in this University is 31%. Hence the admissions here are tough

Is Teesside University good for Indian students?

There have been over 2200 students from South Asia in the past three academic years of this university. It also has a strong Indian Alumni Association.

3. Leeds Beckett University

Global ranking: 801(Times Higher education)

Location: Leeds, England

Leeds Beckett University provides high-quality education and training at a reasonable cost. The institution has formed partnerships with a variety of businesses and organisations to ensure that students have the finest job opportunities after completing their studies. It has one of the cheapest tuition fees in the United Kingdom.

Tuition Fees:

Foundation £11,000
Undergraduate (most courses) £12,000
Postgraduate (most courses) £13,000 to £14,000
Research £14,000


Is Leeds Beckett University good?

Yes, this university is good and it has been rated as 4.1 stars according to the student reviews. It is even ranked higher for its employment opportunities, teaching and being inclusive.

Is Leeds Beckett university easier to get in?

The admission and selection process in this university is not as rigid as the other universities. 

What to study at Beckett University?

There is a range of courses to study at this university. They offer graduate and postgraduate courses. Economics, Tourism, media, MBA are some of the popular courses here.

4. Leeds Trinity University

Global ranking: 108

Location: Leeds, England

Leeds Trinity University was ranked in the top 10% for academic excellence in the Sunday Times 2013 University Guide. Recent grads have given 100 percent satisfaction to one-fifth of undergraduate programs. As per the Complete Institution Guide 2013, it is the safest college in Leeds.

Tuition Fees:

Three-year undergraduate degree course £12,000 (per year)
Two-year undergraduate degree course £12,000 (per year)
MA Childhood and Education £11,500
MA Creative Writing £11,500
MA Family Support     £11,500
MA International Business      £12,500
MA Journalism            £12,500
MBA    £12,500
PhD, MPhil or MbR £12,500
MSc Psychology  £12,500
MA Victorian Studies £11,500
PGCE £12,500


Is Leeds University the same as Leeds Trinity?

Leeds University was called Leeds Trinity and All saints previously. Later 

this institution became a university.

Is Leeds University good?

This university has been ranked in the top 15 universities in the UK for its teaching. The graduates from here get good employment opportunities and excellent student experience.

Is Leeds University hard to get in?

This is the most applied to the university by the students. The courses here are highly competitive.

5. University of Cumbria

Global ranking: 98

Location: Carlisle, England

The university was founded in 2007. It is based on the concept of a flexible study network, with teaching taking place both on campus and at distant colleges throughout Cumbria. The University of Cumbria has a long history of multidisciplinary research that attracts students from all around the world. To improve students’ skills and knowledge, the university established an innovative Institute for Leadership and Stability at their Ambleside site in 2012.

Tuition Fees:

Bachelor’s degree (BA, BSc, LLB) £12,800
BA (Hons) Social Work £15,500
Postgraduate Courses £12,800
MBA £14,500


Is the University of Cumbria recognised?

Yes, this university is recognised by the British government and it is also on the list of the UK’s awarding institutions.

What does the University of Cumbria specialize in?

They specialize in the field of Arts, Law, education, Medical imaging, Mental Health and other courses. 

Is the University of Cumbria good?

This university has been given 4.4 stars from the student review portal. 

6. London Metropolitan University

Global ranking: 801 (QS world university ranking)

Location: London, England

The university’s courses offer real workplace skills and chances for professional growth at an accessible price, and it includes one of Europe’s largest educational labs, as well as specialised art and design facilities. The university’s Moorgate Business School just underwent a £1 million renovation.

Tuition Fees:

Full-time honours degree (BA or BSc) 13,200
Masters degree (Data Analytics – MSc) 13,750
MBA 13,250


Is London Metropolitan University good?

Yes, this university has been given 4.1 stars from the student portal. It also ranks sixth in its quality of education and education.

Is London Metropolitan University expensive to study?

The fee for the bachelor’s program here is $11,000 per year. Totally for a year, it might cost you $14,000. You can even use the scholarships for the coverage of tuition fees.

Does the London Metropolitan University accept international students?

Yes, they do accept international students. you have an international student experience and students from over 140 countries come here to study.

7. The University of Bolton

Global ranking: 2100

Location: Bolton, England

Special Effects and Visual Effects for Film and TV are two distinct degrees offered by the University of Bolton. Along with regular academic courses, it also provides a wide choice of vocational courses. There are 14,000 students and 700 academic and professional faculty across all campuses and programs.

Tuition Fees:

International Foundation Semester £4250
International Foundation Year £8500
Pre-Masters Semester £4250
Postgraduate Certificate (60 credits) £3750
Undergraduate courses £11250 (Per Annum)
Postgraduate (excluding MBA) £11250
MBA £12500
MPhil, Phd £10170
Phd by publication £12715


Is Bolton University good?

This university provides good education and friendly staff. This is one of the top universities in the UK according to the Sunday Times Good University Guide.

What is this university known for?

They provide a range of courses which includes even Business and Media courses. The teaching here is excellent and has been ranked in the 5th position for this. 

What is the undergraduate fee?

The undergraduate fee ranges from $11,000

8. Buckinghamshire New University

Global ranking: 2727

Location: Wycombe, England

Buckinghamshire New University is one of the nation’s safest university districts, ranking in the top 10. The Outstanding Estates Team category of the 2012 Times Higher Education Leadership and Management Award (THELMA) was nominated. Bucks New University is a leading talented and creative force in higher education, transforming it for the benefit of both students and staff.

Tuition Fees:

Full-time Undergraduate LLB (Hons), (BA/BSc (Hons), BEng, FDSC, FDA) £9,500
Full-time Postgraduate courses (MEng, MA/MSc, LLM) £9,400
Full-time International MBA 180 credits £10,600
Full-time International MBA 120 credits £7,200
Full-time International MBA 60 credits £3,600
Full-time Postgraduate Diploma Business Management £7,200
Full-time MA Advertising £11,800
Full-time Foundation Studies Art and Design £6,300
Full-time International Foundation Programme £8,000


Is Buckinghamshire New University good?

It is not as good as the other universities in the UK except for some courses.

Is Buckinghamshire New University accredited?

This is a well established published university. It also has accreditation.

What is Buckinghamshire New University famous for?

This university offers a range of courses and it is especially known for Policing, commercial pilot license training

9. Coventry University

Global ranking: 601 (The Times Higher Education)

Location: Coventry, England

It is the largest university in Warwick, with over 27000 students studying on two campuses. It was founded in 1992. The institution’s research in numerous essential topics such as Computer Science and Informatics, Allied Health Professions and Studies, and Electrical and Electronic Engineering was classified as World Class by the Research Assessment Exercise in 2008. It was voted the 25th finest university in the UK by The Guardian.

Tuition Fees:

Accounting and Finance for International Business (Top Up) BA £11,250
LONU004 Global Business (Top Up) BA £11,250
Global Business Management BA £11,250
Global Marketing (Top Up) BA £11,250
International Finance and Accounting BA £11,250
International Hospitality and Tourism Management (Top Up) BA £11,250
Global Business MBA £15,000
Global Financial Services MBA £15,000
International Fashion Management MBA £15,000
International Marketing MBA £15,000
Oil and Gas Management MBA £15,000
Global Financial Trading MS £12,800
International Fashion Marketing MSC £12,800


Is Coventry University prestigious?

Yes, this is one of the best universities in the UK.

Is it easy to get into Coventry University?

Yes, the admission process is easy and hassle-free. Usually, you will get your response within a week.

What course is Coventry University known for?

This university is known for its health, agroecology and peacebuilding courses.

10. York St John University

Global ranking: 91 ( Guardian University Guide)

Location: York, England

Students at York St John University have access to cutting-edge infrastructure. Six months after graduation, 93 percent of graduates are employed or enrolled in full-time education. A £2.5 million Arts Centre, which includes acoustic performance and exhibition venues as well as a new media studio, was recently built.

Tuition Fees:

PostGraduate Research £9,500
PostGraduate Taught MA/MSc £10,000
UG & PG Health Programmes £11,500
MBA Masters in Business Administration £13,000
MSC (Pre-Registration) Physiotherapy £17,250


Is this university working?

Yes, this university is working and they do distance education.

Will the University provide an extension or suspension of the program?

You can submit a request for extension or suspension of the program to your supervisor.

Where is this university located?

This university is located in York, England.

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Cheap University list for MBA

  1. University of East London
  2. Teesside University
  3. London Metropolitan University
  4. University of the west of Scotland
  5. Buckinghamshire New University
  6. Staffordshire University
  7. University of Chester
  8. University of Central Lancashire
  9. University of Sunderland
  10. York St John University

Cheap University list for Data Science

  1. University of East London
  2. Teesside University
  3. Coventry University
  4. University of Greenwich
  5. University of Hertfordshire
  6. University of Manchester
  7. University of Leeds
  8. University of Birmingham
  9. University of Warwick
  10. University College London

Cheap University list for Marketing

  1. University of East London
  2. Coventry University
  3. University of Greenwich
  4. Teesside University
  5. University of Manchester
  6. University of Hertfordshire
  7. University of Leeds
  8. University of Warwick
  9. University of West London
  10. University of Glasgow

Cheap University list for Engineering

  1. Coventry University
  2. University of Greenwich
  3. University of Oxford
  4. University of Manchester
  5. University of Leeds
  6. King’s College London
  7. University of Birmingham
  8. University of Warwick
  9. University of Cambridge
  10. University College London

Scholarships for studying in the UK

Studying in the United Kingdom is a dream for many of us but due to financial constraints we may not go for it. To make this process easy there are several scholarships available for undergraduate and postgraduate courses. Some of them are listed here.

UK Government Scholarships

  1. Chevening Scholarship
  2. Scotland Saltire Scholarship
  3. Commonwealth Masters Scholarship

UK University Scholarships

  1. Gates Cambridge Scholarships
  2. Clarendon Scholarships at University of Oxford
  3. Edinburgh Global Research Scholarships
  1. University of Sussex Chancellor’s International Scholarship
  2. Bristol University Thing Big Scholarships
  3. Sheffield Hallam University Transform Together Scholarships

Country Specific Scholarships

  1. Young Cell Scheme
  2. Marshall Scholarship
  3. Charles Wallace Pakistan Trust Scholarships

Science and research scholarships

  1. Royal Society Grants
  2. Marshall Sherfield Fellowships
  3. Newton Fund PhD Call – India

Cost of Living in The UK

The table below provides an estimate of the minimal monthly living expenses in the United Kingdom. These costs are for a single person, thus students with children or dependents should factor this into their budgeting.


Approximate price


£400 - £600 per month

Private Accommodation

£320 - £530 per month


£40 - £50 per month

Food / Housekeeping

£160 - £200 per month

TV Licence 

£12.56 per month

Mobile phone

£15 - £50 per month

Clothes / Shoes

£25 per month

Leisure / Sport

£10 - £20 per month

Books / Stationery

£21 per month

Socialising / Going out

£120 per month

Travel / Transport

£32 per month


£656 per month

Cost of Living City Ranking in The UK



Price Index





Brighton and Hove



























With approximately 485,000 foreign students, the United Kingdom remains one of the most popular educational destinations in the world. However, considering the great quality of British education, the strong demand is unsurprising. It also has a multi-cultural atmosphere with affordable living and health-care prices.

We hope that you found this article helpful and stay tuned for more articles/blogs on studying abroad.

Written by Saahil R Bhatt.

Guided by Pavitra Srinivasan and the Galvanize In-house Experts

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