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Student VISA Requirements for New Zealand

student visa requirements for new zealand


The connotation associated with VISAs typically take the minds of Indian Students to countries such as the UK and the USA. However, the past decade has witnessed a steady influx of students across the world (including Indian students) migrating to countries such as Canada, Australia, European Nations such as Germany, France etc., and New Zealand. The economies, job markets, and educational opportunities offered in these countries, are becoming more and more appealing as the years go by. One such nation, which can be found in the list above, is New Zealand. 

There are plenty of reasons why New Zealand should be on your study-abroad destination list: 

  • World-class Education System which is globally recognised and based on the British Education System. New Zealand Universities are among the top 5 percent of the best universities in the world. Some of the best courses to study in New Zealand include Business studies, Engineering, Medicine, Animation, IT, Tourism and Hospitality, and Agriculture.  
  • Plenty of job opportunities in the economy – New Zealand economy is a free-market, and a highly developed one at that. Its economy greatly depends on international trade, particularly with countries such as Australia, EU, Japan, Korea, USA, and Singapore. Main industries include finance, tourism, machinery, textiles, food processing, etc. The IT sector also continues to grow rapidly. The industries of the aforementioned courses that New Zealand Universities are known for, also offer plenty of employment.  
  • A post-study work VISA in New Zealand allows for students with job offers to work in the country for up to 2-3 years, and those without job offers to stay for 1 year to find jobs. During your studies, you are also allowed to work for up to 20-hours part time, and full-time during semester breaks.
  • Highly Multi-cultural and Peaceful Society – NZ is often ranked as the second most peaceful nation on the Global Peace Index, and New Zealanders are friendly, open and welcoming. 
  • Education is more affordable than a lot of countries – Despite different fee structures in the top universities of NZ, the average fees is roughly 30,000 New Zealand Dollars or ~17lakhs INR. There are also plenty of scholarship opportunities available for international students. 

Let us now look at the key requirements needed for a student VISA in New Zealand. 

Student VISA Requirements in New Zealand

The most common type of VISA that is required for international students in New Zealand, is the Fee-Paying Student VISA. Other types include ‘Exchange Student VISA’ and ‘Foreign Government Supported Student VISA’. The Fee-Paying Student VISA, signifies your reasons for coming to NZ. 

Student VISA Applications are usually applied online through the New Zealand Immigration Website. You are allowed to apply up to 120 days before your program or course begins. The application cost for an NZ Student VISA is around INR 24,000, which is around 530 NZD. 

Conditions and Documents required for a student VISA in New Zealand: 

    • Your Passport – The validity of your passport needs to last for 3 months more than the end of your stay at New Zealand. 
    • English Language Requirements – IELTS scores with a minimum of 5.5 or 6 in each module. The primary language of communication in NZ in English, which why the IELTS in required, so that you may prove your English Language Proficiency. 
  • Academic documents – Transcripts, Degrees, Certificates. 
    • A letter of acceptance from a New Zealand University which is approved by the New Zealand Qualifications Authority. The letter must state the duration of the course and total tuition fees. 
  • Tuition Fee Receipt from the University. 
  • Passport-sized photographs, student VISA application form, and payment for the VISA application. 
  • Complete Medical Examination and Certification. 
  • Police Reports. 
  • Proof of Scholarship offered (if any).
  • Finally, Bank Statements, which show that you have enough funds to cover your expenses during your stay in New Zealand. Typically, you will need to show that you have 15,000 NZD or ~INR 8.07 lakhs per year, for the student VISA. 

So, there we have it! These are the requirements for international students for obtaining a student VISA in New Zealand. To schedule a free counselling session with us, click here

Cheers and Best Wishes from Galvanize. 

Written by Saahil R Bhatt.

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